Sleek and Modern Security System any Good?

Last updated: August 2, 2018.  We aren’t sure what sound a Fox makes but this home security system makes a very loud one if you ever set it off.  It’s not smart to make a Scout mad!  This new home security company is turning heads with sleek technology and affordable monitoring.  It may not appeal to everyone, but for Millennials and techie gadget lovers, it is a fresh approach.

Mobile app control shown

A glance at the pros and cons of Scout Alarm

  • Pay upfront for the equipment and easily add to it later.
  • Modern unique security system you may actually find yourself showing off to friends and family.
  • Low monthly monitoring available.
  • Free mobile control app.  Doesn’t share the same negative reviews that it’s competitor Samsung Smartthings does.
  • Future of innovation to look forward too
  • 30 day product  returns


  • Can’t take over existing alarm system or use with GE, Honeywell equipment.
  • With over 100 security companies to choose from, it’s nice to have someone with a track record.
  • Their stickers and sign to put in front of your house cost extra out of pocket money.
  • If you want a DIY company with modern technology check out Frontpoint who has in and outdoor security cameras.


pricing costs

What’s the Scout Alarm going to cost?

Ala-cart option.  Pay upfront for the Scout security system on a as-needed basis. 

Even with better looks it still costs the same or less than other DIY alarm systems.  Buy the equipment needed and add more in future if needed.

Here is their lineup of security products they offer:

security product prices

The door panel is unique to them.  The wrest of the products are similar to most other security companies.   The prices are what you would pay for most any other DIY system.  They don’t have the typical tiered bundled packages such as ‘basic, advanced and home automation’.  Their monitoring stays at one flat fee and equipment costs are up to you.


Let’s go to the drawing board…  Taking an average home of 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, kitchen and 2 hallways here is what it would cost to secure it:

A Scout Hub – $129/ea. 1 is required for every system, it is the ‘brain’ of their system.  Compare it to the control panel of every other company that is touch screen or with a keypad.  The difference with this is it looks good enough you don’t have to try to hide it or drill holes next to your door.  1 x $129 = $129

Access Sensor – $29/ea.  A new name for the generic ‘door and window sensor.’  With our example we need to cover the front and back door, 1 window in each bedroom and 3 windows between the kitchen and living room.  8 x $29 = $232

Motion Sensor $49/ea.  You need one for the hall and one to cover the living room and kitchen area.  They don’t have a glass break sensor as of yet so if you have large pets you may want to try a company like ADT who has more equipment available.  2 x $49 = $98

Accessories $2.50-10/ea.  We aren’t a fan of this.  They charge you for the sign and stickers.  These are things promoting them to your neighbors, should be free!  Since they are needed, lets buy some for this example anyways.  1 yard sign at $10, 4 stickers at $2.50 and 2 key fobs at $5 = $30

Monitoring.  $10+/mo.  Note the * next to ‘starting at $9.99.  The system can be used without monitoring but that defies the point of having a security system.  If you are away from your phone at work or vacation and someone breaks in, a self-monitored system isn’t going to do much.   1 x $10/mo = $10

We  are skipping the door panel ($69/ea.) in this example as it isn’t needed.

Total:  129+232+98+30+10 = $499

One may think we are on ‘Price is Right’ the way that added up!

Security Equipment banner

The Foxxy Security System Lineup

Most custom looks one can get with a security system.  Users can choose their color and how many pieces per they want.

When placing an order online, users choose between 3 different colors – white, black or walnut wood.  This is the only company currently that lets you match equipment to the look and feel of your home.

Scout alarm system white, black and walnut colors

Here is a variety of their equipment with a notification being features on the smart phone:

scout modern security products

And here is some of the equipment we bought in our example.  Be mindful, this would only cover 1 door and 1 living room so this package isn’t too practical.


Here are the features that Scout boasts about.  We aren’t sure if they have been in the industry long enough to claim fewer false alarms but we’ll go with it for now.

scout alarm features

History of Company

Not long ago…

Scout has a short history but is gaining traction fast.

Their name and logo fits them as a company perfectly.  Sleek and fast.  They started as a Kickstarter (funding platform) project.  There was enough demand that they exceeded their goal within 30 days.  Insteon has a similar story along with an ‘all in one’ security camera

Founded in Chicago of 2013.  They did over a half million dollars in sales within 18 months.  At this time we do not have a number amount of customers available and we are unsure how many users decide to monitor or not.

Their niche is for modern homes and anyone who enjoys a sleek, rich feeling design.  Much like what Apple did to the mobile phone.

BBB rating:  Because they are so new there has yet to be a BBB rating attached to their business.

screenshot shown of fundraiser for scout alarm system

Scout crowd sourced its way to success – over 2000 total backers

Our Fox-like conclusion…

Scout is a hands down a cool alarm system.  For being in its infant stages (compared to ADT who has been around over 80 years) the company is on track to do big things and win more market share.  Scout doesn’t fit everyone’s budget to pay $500+ upfront but for those looking for stylish security alternative they have found it.

If you have had any experience with them or use their security system currently, please share your feedback below.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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