House with Christmas lightsHow to Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays

Keep your presents where they belong… Under your Christmas tree

  It’s time for the Holidays which means lots of extra time either at or away from Home.  Spirits are high and the last thing someone needs in their life during this fun and crazy season is a home burglary.  We here at Alarm Reviews decided we would put together some helpful hints on how to make sure that no Grinch sneaks into your home and off with your presents.  As much as it seems that ‘it only happens in the movies’ or to someone else; with the amount of money people spend on gifts and time they are away from home during November and December, it is a perfect time for home break-ins to happen., and yes they do happen.

Tip 1 – Leave your lights on or get automated lights

If you choose a Home Security Company that offers light automation such as Vivint; then you can control this from your phone and not need to worry.  You can also go to a local hardware store and purchase a decent light module to be timed.  Either way, don’t make it too obvious that you have packed up and left for the Holidays.  Let the neighbors know you will be going out of town and have the lights turn on (inside and outside) during the night.

Tip 2 – Don’t put out all of your Christmas presents until you will be home each night

This one requires a little more explaining.  Let’s say like most people, you buy a large amount of gifts on Black Friday and then put them all under your tree.  Then, you leave for 5-10 days in December with all your presents bunched up together.  We recommend waiting to put all your presents under the tree until you are for sure going to be home each night.  Also, very high items such as jewelry we recommend keeping in a safe or separate place until the day of giving the gift.  The last thing you want is little Timmy picking up that small box and putting it somewhere not to be found.

Last tip – Double check your cameras and prepare for the worst

It never hurts to prepare a little early.  If you already have a home alarm system in place then double check its functionality.  You may not have a false alarm in months; set it off on purpose just to make sure your monitoring station calls you immediately.  Call your company (here is a list of all home alarm companies) and make sure all connections are safe and readable from their end.  Test the doors, windows and motion sensors before heading out.  If you have camera’s and home automation; do a test away from your house to ensure your wireless connection and passwords are all right for the Holidays.  Treat your house like there is a burglar out to get you and you will be glad you were safer than sorry.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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