The 3 Best Window Alarms Sensors

The 3 Best Window Alarms Sensors

Burglar opens that window and BEEEEP!

Users can get real peace of mind knowing their windows are secured.  In many homes, children's rooms are on separate floors then the parents.  It is much easier for a parent to sleep at night knowing there are sensors on the windows of their child's rooms, also the same can be said for windows in the garage where costly items are held.  For their low cost and maintenance, there is no reason to not have your windows secured.

When reviewing the for the best window alarms, each fits into this criteria:

  • Wireless - Most are peel-and-stick technology.  If it is a professional installation, it may have a small plug that needs to be drilled into the door frame.  This keeps it concealed however and looks better.
  • Simple installation - Each is easy to install yourself or a professional will install them for you.  Either way, no one will be left behind running wires throughout the home.
  • High quality - Sure, Walmart and Home Depot sell some cheap window alarms.  If you just want something that beeps, head over there and grab some.  Those didn't make the list because in a real home invasion or burglary, users need something that gets them alerted and the police.


The 3 Best Window Alarms 

#1 - Protect America window/door sensors

Door & Window Sensor

You can get 12 free window sensors including 24/7 monitoring, a security panel for only $42.99/mo.  These are easy peel-and-stick which means you take off the sticker on the back so you can put it on the window seal and the window frame.  Call Protect America afterward to let them know the correlating sensor number to the window and they will keep that data stored in the system.  Your panel can then say, "Front window open" or "Back door open" each time they are opened.

This is a do-it-yourself installation security kit and a very simple to do, about 3-5 minutes per a door or window needed.

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#2 - Monitored by ADT Window Alarms

ADT's window and door sensors

If installing your own window sensors doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then our number two pick is for you.  Users can rest assured they will be setup right, tested and also monitored by a large professional company.  Anytime the window sensor is tripped (whether it be by accident or a burglar) ADT monitoring will call you and any emergency contacts so we can make sure things are okay.  If you do not answer the phone they will alert dispatch to your location.

These sensors are made by GE or Honeywell, and they are 3" tall and 1" wide.  Users can get alerted about notifications on their phones as well.  Their starting package comes with 4 free window/door sensors and extras can be added on or substituted.

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#3 Link Home Security

For a great deal and great quality, Link Home Security will give you 5 window sensors at their low $29.99/mo monitoring.  Like the #1 pick, it is do-it-yourself installation and may take up to 30 minutes.  The sensors all have ion lithium backup batteries so you have the peace of mind you get what you are paying for.  Glass break sensors are also available.  These are a good alternative if a criminal breaks through a window but doesn't wedge it open and climbs through.

Link Home Security has a great track record of over 50 years in business with an A+ BBB rating.  Customers love them and they are sold in some big box retail stores throughout the nation.

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Tips on what windows to get alarm sensors installed on


  • All ground and basement level windows.  Second floor and above story homes typically don't have window sensors installed as a burglar would have to go in with a ladder.  However, it is users preference, and if it is the matter of sleeping better at night, then buy a few extra.
  • Make sure they are wireless.
  • All window alarms have backup batteries and will notify you by beeping before going dead.
  • These companies will replace any defective sensors in months and years to come
  • Finally, test them after installation to ensure that the alarm system goes off.


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16 User Reviews
  1. Jane Pat
    06/15/2018 at 00:51

    My husband and I just moved into our retirement home to have rest and spend some time away from the business of the city. We took along most of our necessary gadgets, and we wish to stay secure with them. My web surfing led me to your site, and the Protect America Window/Door Sensors caught my attention. Its DIY nature, compatibility, 24/7 monitoring and price fit our need. However, I wish to be clarified on the installation aspect. Is there any particular skill or knowledge required for my Adam to install it? I'd appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

    • 06/25/2018 at 10:04

      Hey Jane. No, it is very simple and they will walk you through it on the phone if needed. Just remove a thin film and stick to place. Perfect for retirement homes and you can relocate the equipment as needed if you move in months or years to come.

  2. John
    04/17/2018 at 15:04

    I'm surprised ADT is not on this list. Do you know if they have a window sensor product of their own? I thought they were the best in the industry... but I am coming to learn that FrontPoint might be taking that role.

  3. Mary Jules
    11/11/2017 at 11:59

    Do these window alarms work on any window even if it's an outdated one? My husband buys investment properties and I would think installing these could speak to buyers in the less affluent areas.

    • 11/14/2017 at 13:57

      Yes since they are wireless or require simple drilling they will work on outdated doors, sliders or anything that opens. Some people use them for safes, garage doors or sheds.

  4. Ralph D.
    05/24/2017 at 16:51

    I gave many places with window security a try before finally going with Link Home and I am very happy with their service. They ended up stopping my home from being robbed not once, but three times! I had the same person try to break into my home 3 times. By the third time I put cameras in and was able to identify him. He was an exes boyfriend. I pressed charges.

    • Charles A.
      06/15/2018 at 01:07

      Hi Raph. Your case is similar to mine. My neighbourhood is notorious for burglary cases. I've had break-ins numerous times, though my dog, Billy, is always nearby to scare the burglar away. I fear the burglar might harm my dog next. I've tried few window sensors and none seem to be working for me. I'm impressed with what I've read about Link Home Security window sensor. You have practical experience of this window sensor. Can you or anyone that use it help me out?

  5. Kenneth
    04/22/2017 at 16:31

    ADT was recommended to me by a friend. I own a large ranch style home so all of out rooms are on the first floor and my wife has been complaining about security since we bought the house in 2014. I went with ADT and have been pleased with their customer service and the pricing. It was a bit higher than others but for solid window security, well worth it.

    • Casey Anne
      04/24/2017 at 17:22

      How is your pricing plan? I have been considering ADT for the same reason. We live in a ranch and whilst it is not big it is in the middle of very open land. Our neighbors are a good 200 feet away on both sides so they can't watch the house too well or vice versa! I want to make sure no one can get in.

      • Gale R.
        05/08/2017 at 17:16

        If you are worried about pricing I would not bother with ADT. They are one of the more expensive companies because their brand has value and recognition. They can get away with it now. I recommend looking at the options locally first and see what the prices are.

  6. Joanna
    01/20/2017 at 19:06

    These are amazing for sleep walkers. I was always worries about my son escaping during the night. These put my mind at ease and alerts me when I can't always be there.

    • Matt
      04/15/2017 at 13:16

      I actually came here looking for a system for my 9 year old son who sleep walks. My wife has been having trouble sleeping since he started sleep walking more and more. She found him outside in the back yard a few times. I am not sure what is going on but we need a system that will keep him indoors or at least notify us when he is trying to get out. I agree with you Joanna. I am going to share the options with my wife soon as she gets home.

  7. Ruth Venegas
    10/18/2016 at 01:49

    Thanks for the detailed Article. I am confused, are these window sensors motion sensors or glass break sensors? I personally prefer Motion sensors to Glass break sensors. I need to be sure so I know which to connect.

    • 10/19/2016 at 13:34

      Hey Ruth, Glass break sensors are seperate from window sensors and motions. If a burglar breaks/shatters the window and comes in through it without actually sliding the window, the window sensor may not go off. However, if there is a glass break sensor or motion detector in range when that happens, the alarm system will still trigger.

  8. Nelda Estabrook
    10/18/2016 at 01:40

    Under recommendation from a family friend, I contacted ProtectAmerica for quotes on setting up window alarms in all windows in my apartment. Set up was easy, It took about 5 minutes each. Now I feel more secure. I definitely would recommend.

  9. Shelby
    10/15/2016 at 01:26

    These really are a lifesaver and puts my mind at ease with my children. My sons a sleep walking and sometimes I'm scared I'm not going to hear him get up. These let me know if he's trying to walk out the door.

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