LifeShield Reviews – Who Is This Home Security Company?

LifeShield Reviews – Who Is This Home Security Company?

Who is Lifeshield Security?  DirecTV, AT&T or All Three?  

LifeShield created the wireless alarm system as we know it.  They had a good track record of 10 years before going through the recent changes.  In 2013 they were acquired by DirecTV to be offered to their current customers as an add-on.  And now in 2016 they have been acquired by AT&T digital life.  All this jumping around has brought about mass confusion to current customers about who their home security provider is.  Just look at this screenshot below showing all 3 brands logos on it:

Lifeshield screenshot

We recommend browsing some other companies first before you dive in this mess.  This review will show you their equipment, history, customer support and what makes them different.  We strongly advise you stay away from them until they have been the same name and business for 3-5 years.

Here's a look at the pros and cons of LifeShield Security

  • Wireless security system
  • Mobile phone control
  • Security cameras available
  • Reasonable prices


  • Confusion over past 3 years over 3 brand changes
  • 60 month long contracts
  • Bad customer service
  • Lack of BBB rating currently
  • No signup promotion


We will still review LifeShield as they have been in the past 10 years.  You may be interested in taking a look at our newly published buyers guides for the diy home alarm systems.

Pricing & Packages

What's this going to cost?

LifeShield is average on prices and for what you get in terms of equipment.   Their monthly price was great until they were bought out by AT&T.

Activation fee:  $129+

Installation fee:  $0

Shipping fee:  $49

Packages:  Uno, dos, tres!  They offer 3 main packages.  

Basic home security package - $37.99/month.  This will come with a couple of window / door sensors, a motion detector and keypad control panel.
Gold Package - $45.99/month.  Better bang for your buck as it adds mobile control feature.  A few extra sensors are included but not cameras.
Platinum Package - $54.99/month.   This is where you can add security cameras and additional home automation features.  

$36 Monthly Costs bar graph42 and 60 Month Contract Bar Graph

 Security Equipment

What security equipment do they offer?

LifeShield was the first company to use and develop wireless equipment.  It is not compatible with existing home security systems which is a problem when it comes time to switch.

The essentials:  Basics include: window, door, motion and glass break sensors.  1 motion detector per large space and hallway is recommended.  If you want the most equipment for the best overall price, check out Protect America

Home automation:  Lifeshield has limited home automation features available.  Smart phone control comes free at the middle package but this is now standard for security companies.  Smart thermostat and control of lights are not available.  Basic security camera streaming through app is available. 

 Installation Process banner

You will be the handyman on this one

It is a DIY installation product.  This means they ship out the equipment to you.  Once received, follow a fairly easy setup guide and call them to activate and test the alarm system.  You save $99-299 by installing it yourself but does carry the burden of going it yourself.  Check out ADT for professional installation. 

Here's how it should go...

    1. Pick and choose:  Decide what package you want.  
    2. Check the mail.  They program the equipment and ship it to you.
    3. Go time.  To install, remove the plastic film and stick it to the area (ie., door sensor on door).  
    4. Need help?  They walk you through the process over the phone if needed.  However, when we did a test install their hours were much more limited than Frontpoint Security and they do not have a dedicated installation support team.  


History of company banner

A look into the past 10 years of LifeShield

They were a solid company until the past few years of change.  We hope that in the next few years they can once again get established and build a customer base.

Outline of Pennsylvania with 2004 in centerFounded:  Cheers to a Decade!  In 2004 by Louis Stilp., originally called InGrid, Inc.

Location:  East Coast.  Pennsylvania, USA.

Innovators:  Holds the title of Inventor of wireless security systems.  All companies today owe LifeShield respect to help them get the industry to where it is today.

Acquired:  Recently.  In summer of 2013, LifeShield was acquired by DirecTV who is marketing home security to their already large base of customers.  And once again in 2016 as already mentioned.

BBB Rating:  3.0.  They had a B BBB rating.  

 What makes Lifeshield security unique banner

What makes this business unique

Below are a few things we found that make LifeShield stand out from other companies.

Lifeshields secondary control base

Base acts as a 2nd Brain to the System

Base:   Their base provides backup in case the control panel is smashed or broken by the burglar.  Often when a crook breaks in they destroy the panel which disarms the system.  If the panel is set off, it acts as a second brain to the system and will immediately alert you and local authorities.

Outdoor security camera:  Most companies only offer indoor cameras.  Finding outdoor surveillance cameras is typically a costly alternative.  Now you can have both and see what is happening from your mobile or tablet device.

Renters allowed:  Home ownership should not stop someone from not being able to protect the things they love the most.  Lifeshield offers their service for renters and owners alike.  You may have to drill some holes depending on control panel given.   Most of the equipment sticks on to the doors and walls there is no need to make a mess.   

Long contracts:  The average across the board is 36 months, with very few companies having smaller agreements than that.  But 60 months is absurd and you should carefully read over the agreement terms before signing anything.

Customer Support Review

Customer support review

Not a support team you want to rely on.  

Before the merge to DirecTV they had good customer service.  Now you are another number and we wouldn't count on them being there when you need them or rely on their monitoring service. 

Chat support:  No

Tech support:  No direct line for install.  Must go through automated machines first to get to someone who can handle your technical inquiry. 

Online videos:  Useful but not viral.  They have several video tutorials but their equipment has changed so much over the past 3 years that you will have a hard time finding the right guide for your needs. 

How-to guides:  Pull out the books.  They have online guides and you will get one in the mail with your equipment.

Support Hours:  Varies by location. 

Photos of LifeShield's security & home automation equipment:

Home Security in red text and Equipment in Grey  Lifeshields proprietary control panel for alarm Lifeshields main package with camera, sensors, panel and motion detector. Proprietary wireless window and door sensorsMotion sensor 40 lbs InfraredWhite glass break sensor Proprietary heat sensor security equipment custom Freeze SensorWhite Wireless flood sensorWhite and gray security remote keyfob. Lifeshields secondary Base that acts as a brain to systemSiren Detector, white wireless security device LifeShield's Home Security Yard Defense signLifeshield Security Sticker decals for windows

Home Automation in red text 'Equipment' in grey  Fingers touching app on a tabletBlack touchscreen tablet to control security systemiPhone displaying Lifeshield mobile control smartphone app iphone displaying camera feed from security cameraWireless outdoor security camera with antennaeWhite Security Camera for Home with antennaeSmall white rectangular box Grid Extender security Equipment

Alarm Reviews conclusion

What was once a great and innovative company has now sold out to two companies and lost their sense of a brand while doing so.  In 2013 they were #3 on our top recommendations and now we do our best to help home owners and those looking to buy a home security system to stay far far away from Lifeshield.  It's gone from a company who truly cares to one who truly cares about the money and mass marketing now.

If you have any experience with this business please leave your feedback below.  Also, we hope we have helped you in the task of finding the right home security company.

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40 User Reviews
  1. Kevin
    01/18/2017 at 20:08

    I agree. If they keep jumping around and can't stay put as one company, here's issue there...even if they can stick 3-5 years,. I think I would still stay away. Their ratings really need to increase for me to even consider using them for my home security needs.

    • Teddy
      05/21/2017 at 15:41

      I had them for 3 years and in the 3 years, it was a nightmare. They kept changing fees, titles, names, ect. and to top it off, it took me an entire year to get out of my contract!! I was even willing to pay the stupid fee. I think they keep losing money and this is the reason their ratings are so bad. I am with ADT now and could not be happier.

  2. Martins
    01/07/2017 at 23:42

    Interesting read! Someone actually recommended LifeShield security system for me and I just wanted to be sure of their service through reading some reviews. This review is helpful, I may possibly not use them. If the customer service is poor, then is of no essence using them. Thanks.

    • Ben
      03/01/2017 at 04:31

      Hi, Martins.. I Currently use LifeShield security system and their customer service is not so poor, perhaps they might have improved before I started using them. You can try using them now. Cheers.

  3. Irene Chadwick
    10/13/2016 at 10:16

    60 months is a long time to be stuck with a service you really do not fancy. I am still skeptical about Lifeshield. I would keep reading reviews while checking out the competition. Thanks for the Review.

    • Kyle Boom
      04/17/2018 at 14:35

      Lifeshield is a hit or miss. You can have an excellent experience or end up ending your contract early. I WOULD STAY AWAY given the uncertainty. Not willing to roll the dice when you have much better security companies to work with.

  4. Chrissy
    10/11/2016 at 01:10

    I'm glad to see that other people are complaining about the customer service of this place too. I've never had such a hard time dealing with a company before. None of my questions were ever answered and I got off the phone even more frustrated than before. I had to my son come over and figure things out for me and to deal with these people.

  5. Charles
    10/08/2016 at 00:09

    60 month contract is too long for me. I'm glad I didn't get stuck in something so long. If I hated it, it would have been miserable!

  6. Paul S.
    07/01/2016 at 17:04

    I unfortantly didn't read this review soon enough. I wanted to thank the author for all the great information here. As it mentions, the customer service is not good. I had to jump through hoops to get refunded and end the service.

  7. James
    01/09/2016 at 05:40

    I’m thinking to install LifeShield for my home security. So I came here to check its review. I think you just saved me from the biggest 5 year headache of my life. Thanks for pros and cons and advice for picking a security company. Going to check out some others and hold off on these guys for now.

    • Shelby
      10/07/2016 at 18:49

      I had did my research but not enough. I like the company and the services, until I lost my job and had to cut corners. It was a nightmare to get out of my contract. I would never sign up for another long term contract again because of this experience.

  8. Jarod Swattz
    11/09/2015 at 11:46

    We LOVED Lifeshield. Then our bill switched to DirecTV and they auto renewed our contract without asking. Things have gotten messy and I am not sure who to call for customer support. I am changing to ADT as soon as I possibly can but I don't want to pay their contract changing fee. Also, their equipment is unique but it's also low quality. I would stick with Honeywell or GE if you are going to get a security system.

  9. Bryan Ludlow
    11/09/2015 at 11:37

    I needed to feel secure while sleeping through the night with my family. I must say the wireless system is amazing being that I am able to see and know what was opened and closed last. The installation tech was knowledgeable and professional, always making sure that safety was top priority.

    • Allison
      11/30/2015 at 22:15

      It's so great to read this summary! I couldn't imagine anything happening to my kids and I'm glad to hear that you feel that your family is safe with this system. Will for sure be looking into using a different company for my security needs more now.

  10. Gloria Duquette
    10/18/2015 at 08:37

    That contract length is a tough one to swallow. The features here are nice and the cost is affordable compared to others, but I am just not liking that contract.

    • 11/05/2015 at 11:23

      Agreed Gloria. It is hard for homeowners to know where they will be in 5 years from the day of signing a home security contract. 36 months is more practical and you can always renew after that but Lifeshield definitely sticks it to people with a 60 month contract for signing up.

  11. willie
    09/11/2015 at 11:27

    I have the lifeshield home security system and I ordered one for my mother. They were easy to deal with and very helpful. They gave me some options which I didn't ask for. With the other people, they're trying to get a product sold and they don't really care so much. It's fairly complicated too install though and I would recommend going with Alarm Reviews #2 pick ADT if you want it done for you without worrying about where or how to put the sensors correctly.

  12. Brandi Singleton
    07/23/2015 at 05:59

    Lifeshield has some of the worst equipment and technology, and the most poor, unresponsive customer service department I have come across. I had multiple issues with faulty equipment which ultimately led to false alarms. Then due to poor technology, I had police dispatched to my hope 6 consecutive times for ONE alarm event, which lead to fines! LIfeshiled then refused to allow me to speak to a manager and told me that they would follow up with me on multiple occasions to no avail. Then they blamed ME for them dispatching to police multiple times for a single alarm and did not even acknowledge or apologize for their lack of assistance and responsiveness from the customer service department. Lucky for them they stick people in 5 year contracts that you can’t get out of without ridiculous amounts of money. If you are looking for a good alarm company that you can count on with good technology who stand by their product, LOOK ELSEWHERE.

    • Jesse P.
      07/01/2016 at 17:28

      While I agree that the equipment is not as good as other companies offer, their customer service never gave me any issues. I am sorry you went through what you did. I had an issue with the alarm going off at random times through out the week for no reason. They ended up fixing it but I opted out soon as I could. I hope their equipment improves.

  13. Jamie
    06/29/2015 at 13:03

    I am not sure why they didn't upgrade the people who said they cared more about new customers. I was upgraded for $50 and it was well worth it. They didn't charge me to install the new equipment either. Maybe it varies by state I don't know but I would have looked into it more. I was with them for 2 years prior to the change.

  14. eric
    06/16/2015 at 14:26

    We had Lifeshield before they merged with DirecTV. Once that happened new deals came out, I saw my friends get better prices and equipment then I had and since I was locked in a contract they wouldn't do anything for me! I cancelled as soon as I could since this company didn't care about their existing customers at all.

    • L. Casey
      06/29/2015 at 11:39

      This happened to us as well. It is a shame that it happened but we had to cancel. I wasn't happy that they didn't upgrade us and if they had, I would have stayed. I ended up moving over to ADT and have been happy since. I recommend them if these guys don't work for anyone.

  15. Mario Geliberte
    06/16/2015 at 14:24

    This company seems all over the place right now. When I called I could tell there wasn't a lot of structure and things seem like a mess. I'm going to pass on Lifeshield for now and maybe go with a different company reviewed on this website.

    • Ken G
      07/23/2015 at 06:01

      Yes, I have had this system for over three years. I have NEVER had an issue with any of the equipment, customer service, nor any part of my time with them. They even reimbursed me the 100.00 dollar fine that we had to pay for not registering with the correct “city”. They face is the wrong information initially as our zip code can be one of two cities. An error that is made frequently per then police dept here. They wrere dispatched when alarm went off from an actual issue and it scarred person away but we were charged because of no registration. Lifeshield immediatley rectified the situation and sent a check the same day. They handled all of the necessary paper work and wham.. handled! I have had a great experience and plan on using them for a long time. Not sure of the problems stated here below… user error???

  16. Eric
    06/05/2015 at 01:18

    This is the third security system that I have used and it’s the best. Easy install and operation. Like the fact that it can’t be disabled from the outside by cutting a phone line or cable. Can also monitor my home temp. while I’m gone for the winter. Add a couple of drop cams and you have it all!

  17. Lucas P.
    06/04/2015 at 10:24

    On one hand, LifeShield is of course legit and has contributed a lot to the home security industry with the invention of wireless alarm system. Their plans are also full on VFM and getting a free homescreen touchpad with gold and platinum plans is both rare and sweet. Their equipment and customer service seems nice too from the reviews. That being said, my only little grouse with them is when the industry norm for contracts is 36 months, then why do they want to keep pressing the 60 months thing. I have no doubt they are good, but that's a little on the higher side.

  18. Megan Jaze
    02/05/2015 at 04:07

    Lifeshield seems to still be in the transition phase that a company takes when merged with another. A lot of new people to hire, positions to teach and learn and old customers to explain what has happened. I would recommend holding off til at least the end of this transition phase (2015) before buying their alarm system.

    • Cathie
      11/12/2016 at 02:36

      I agree with you on this. But its better to stick with a proven Alarm provider that has lasted for a long time than one that it isn't certain how long they would be around for.

  19. Lorel
    01/15/2015 at 07:07

    Great options and things like that, but what turned my off was that the company was picked up by DirectTV to offer as an add-on. I have had such problems with cable and satellite companies with their add-ons I am just going to turn away from this one right away.

    • Dave S.
      07/11/2015 at 18:44

      I didn't know this about this company so I am glad I read about it on here. I used to have Direct TV and they hiked up their prices without me knowing which over-drew my bank account and I have hated them since. Because of it being with them, I am staying away.

    • Leigh Jones
      10/18/2015 at 08:44

      I feel the same way. Any time a company does this, I am turned off by it. I am going to keep moving and look at other options.

      • Maggie S.
        11/06/2016 at 02:44

        Thanks for pointing this out. 5 years is a long time to be stuck with a security system without full satisfaction.

  20. Jessie Flemming
    12/15/2014 at 01:04

    I don't have commitment issues but 60 month contracts!? They really want to keep their customers! I hear about them being worse then getting out of a cellphone contract. I won't do a rental contract for home for more than 2 years let alone a security system. I even have 6 month cable contracts set up. I need to keep my options open. You never know if something may happen.

  21. Jim D.
    12/03/2014 at 22:35

    Although the contract is long, I think that the services provided are worth the long contract. It seems very affordable and innovative, both of which are important to me. I like that they have an app since I basically live on my smart phone. If I could pick any company to use it would be between these guys or ADT.

    • Sam Trenton
      03/22/2015 at 20:18

      I agree, Jim. ADT has some great options. It looks like LifeShield offers great customer service so that's something to consider when making a choice.

  22. Sasha Jones
    10/20/2014 at 13:10

    I've heard a lot of great things when it comes to Lifeshield and what it offers. I have been interested in checking it out for some time now, but I'm not super sold on it just yet. The review showed me a lot of things I didn't know so this has been a very useful review to me, thank you!

    10/09/2014 at 10:16

    Thank you for the auspicious writeup. I didn't realize Lifeshield goes out of their way to create their own equipment. Why don't they just use the equipment that Honeywell, GE, Bose and other brands have made? I guess it does intrigue me to try them out but seems like a negative at the same time because what happens if you need to replace it?

  24. Hannah K
    10/09/2014 at 08:32

    The only thing that gives me pause about this one is the longer contract. With my current job situation, there's no guarantee whatsoever that I'm going to stay someplace 60 months. But this is one to keep an eye on if I do end up getting a job I feel I can stay at for awhile.

    • Quinn
      07/11/2015 at 19:53

      Very good review. This has helped me narrow down my decision to three companies. I am going to do a bit more reading an contact a LifeShield agent soon. I didn't know that they offered half of this which is making me lean toward them..

  25. Vincent
    08/29/2014 at 15:52

    The free activation, along with many of the other great features provided, is what had me sold. LifeShield is definitely a cut above the rest. Any single time I've needed support, they have been there. They also feature the latest technology, including smartphone apps. The longer contract deal is a bit of a pain, but I don't plan on switching anytime soon anyway so It's fine.

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