Do Fake Security Signs or Stickers Fool Anyone?

Do Fake Security Signs or Stickers Fool Anyone?

Last Updated: January 2nd, 2017.  Home security is a protective factor to save your home or property from a potential intruder or unwanted entry of outsiders by installing safety gadgets.  It applies to any vulnerable and valuable assets such as a person, community, item, nation or organization. Security protection can be accomplished by installing security cameras, security alarms, and security sign stickers or boards.

Home security applies to all, and it involves the hardware in place on a property and systems used to maintain the security services to provide maximum protection. The hardware would be the doors, lock, and alarm system, lighting, security decals that are installed on your property. In a home or office security system, the hardware offers protection by keeping the door and windows locked; security systems activated and ready to give alerts upon sensing any untoward incidents.  The security systems completely take care of the warning systems that are assigned to pre-programmed features to protect your home or property from a possible intrusion.

Security signs/stickers are the symbols to express that your home is under surveillance system, and it provide a clear warning to any potential intruders not to mess up. Burglars to have a tendency to look for an easy target where there is no security and no light ups. They avoid homes that have real security signs such as ADT.

If a security system is not in your budget, you can buy security signs and security decals that show the presence of a system without actually having it. But don’t think that just because you will place security signs and decals in your yard and stickers on the windows that your home is completely secure.

There are many security signs that a home owner can install to check a potential burglar entering their house. Even in many public places, you will also see many security signs that are being posted where surveillance systems are placed. This is to inform individuals that the area is being monitored.  This notice will work as a deterrent and protect your home or property from an intruder.

Tips for Effective use of Security Signs and Security Decals:

If you want burglars to stay away from your home, follow these tips

  1. Don’t use only a yard Security Sign:

If you use only a yard security sign, it might not be noticed in the dark and burglars does not identify the security sign at your yard. So be careful while you have the intention to use yard sign and make sure it is visible even during night time.

  1. Put Security Sticker on windows:

When you use a security decal, put security sign on windows and keep signs which are visible even in the dark. Place the signs near eye level or at down near the bottom of the window; then burglar will see it when they think about trying to get anything.

  1. Don’t buy one that looks obviously a fake:

fake warning security decal

Logo with a small and low resolution which is printed out on a tiny piece of paper will not be noticed as fake, but someone combined several logos together into one image to make it bigger and taped that to their window. It looks obviously a fake and was barely noticeable at night and faded quickly in the sun.  If it was bought from local Wal-mart with a company that is not well known, a smart crook will know this.

  1. Use several yard signs:

Anytime you purchase a security system, ask the company to send you out more than 1 yard sign.  You should keep more sign boards than keeping only one signboard for a better deterrence. You cannot expect the burglar to use only one way to enter you home; there are chances that these smart guys will use the best cheating technique to trespass your area. But using one out front is still important because he may be entering by walking or driving down the street and there is every chance that a burglar may scopes out the neighborhood.

  1. Does security window Stickers really work?

Imagine that a burglar has two attractive equal targets and one has evidence of a security system and other doesn't have, the burglar will choose the one that doesn't have. Thus, we need to think will the security window stickers really work or not.  We can think positively about the outcome of using a security sign along with using a security decal.

  1. Be cautious about bluffing:

If you don’t have a burglar alarm system, then the thief may try to call your bluff. If the burglar senses you might be bluffing he might decide just to test it out if it proves to be fake there may actually be little security there.  So when you are setting it up, use something has a sensible look that can really fool the burglar.

My suggestion is to have a solid security system in the place and use stickers and security signs as a supplemental deterrent.  If you place a Neighborhood Watch program sticker on your window and the criminal is a local, they may know it's a bluff by knowing there is no neighborhood watch in the area.  Try forming one or joining one before placing fake neighborhood watch signs just as a crime deterrant.

By using Fake Security Signs and Security Decals, we have both benefits and risk. I have observed few benefits and risks associated with signs and decals.  There are other ways to 'baffle the burglar'.  We recommend putting yourself in their situation and what they would do.

Benefits of using Fake Security Signs and Security Decals:

To an extent security sign and yard signs can check any potential thieves or intruders entering to your property or home. Instead of installing an expensive security surveillance system, the security decal and security signs allow you to have your property protected easily.

The most visible benefit of using fake security signs and security decals instead of a security system is that it is much cheaper.

  1. By purchasing these security signs and security decals with home security logos will save you about $10, and many most popular security brands and logos can be purchased online.
  2. It only takes a few minutes to slap stickers on your doors and decals on your window and stick a yard sign outside your house.


Risk Behind using Fake Security Signs and Security Decals:

  1. By using fake warning sign it may display brand that looks fake or displays no brand at all.
  2. If a burglar has their eyes on your home, and they really want to know if you have a security system or not, it's easy for them to find out. Nowadays, a burglar can whip out a Smartphone and Google the security system name on your yard sign and know if it's real or not.
  3. There are some possible legal issues for unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.


Alternative to Fake Security Sign and Decal:

While most of the security experts recommend the use of a professionally installed security system, there are additional steps that house owners can tale to protect their property.

Home Security System:

Home Security is one of the best alternatives for Fake Security Sign and Security Decal. The home Security system protects your home and loved ones from break-ins.

Most of the new home security devices have additional features to check, fire, temperature, power outages, and other unexpected emergencies other than routine security alert services.  Compare the top security systems here.


Angry Pitbull Defense Dog

Dogs are the original security systems and man's best friend has been protecting home. Even small dogs can make enough noise to scare the burglar. Not only the dogs are cheaper than the security system, but it also good for your health.  A good dog may even help your wife feel more safe at home.

Dog owners are far less likely to suffer from depression than individuals without pets. Having a dog on your property means, your property is secured like having a fenced yard. A good trained dog can vouch for any untoward incidents and prevent unwanted intruders entering into your property or home.


It may be tampering your security efforts if you plant bushes or shrubs directly below windows. It will give burglar additional places to hide out while casing or evaluating your home. Don’t set yourself up for a security failure and clear out any growth that may offer hiding places for a burglar.

Motion-Detecting Outdoor Lights:

Motion-Detecting outdoor lights are the best alternative. Burglars seldom venture into a well light area. Especially when motion detecting lights are flashed, and alarm sounds are beeped, burglars will never continue with their attempt.

It is best advised to fit motion light sensors and burglar alarms sensor at the entry point of your home and rear side of your home. If the exterior entry is not facing the main street, you must have a special light and burglar alarm sensors fitted to protect your property.

These are the best alternatives than the security signs or sticker and security decal to protect your home from the burglars.

Different types of fake security system which people using:

  1. Bullet cameras: The bullet cameras are the most commonly used fake outdoor cameras widely used by the people nowadays. The camera is named after its shape, and it is tough to differentiate with an original and fake one. The red LED lights flash through the bullet cameras creates a real kind of environment and can confuse the thieves.
  2. Appearance looks authentic: The appearance of the camera plays an important role and the cameras using for fake security system looks like the original one. Even an expert would find it difficult to distinguish the difference.
  3. Dome security cameras: The dome fake security cameras are also known as "nanny cams." They are indoor camera types which are used in garages, casinos, bars, home, offices, etc.; they are often used as the outdoor camera also. Their appearance makes the criminals uneasy, or they found it difficult because it has a wider view. Even they can't be recognizable as fake because the dome which is used to cover the cameras acts as a protection shield against a closer inspection and since it is always placed at a higher angle, it would be difficult to check. There are some few brands which are even being using as a real camera housing to make it outer look more realistic for the people to find whether it is real or fake.


Where can we get fake security signs and cameras?

It is easy to shop for these fake security signs. There are many online stores offering quality fake security signs and cameras. You need to make some good research on the products to make sure of their quality and presentations. These products are not so expensive, but care must be taken to purchase the fake security signs as if it can beat even an original security camera.

If you can make a right decision by appraising the best looking fake security cameras and security signs, then that is certainly a good deal. It can serve the purpose.  Selecting the right product from an ocean of fake security product would be a daunting exercise.  But the selection can be made easy if you study about the product by reading various reviews and product recommendations.


protect by security cameras

Fake security sign or sticker will fool anyone it might be somewhat true but not completely. Because real peace of mind will come with real security measures, only that means installing a better lock, security cameras, motion sensors, etc.  Due to budget concerns, you feel like not having a full real-time security camera system, then as an alternative solution you can settle for a fake warning sign to fool the burglars and save your home.  Something is better than nothing.

  1. Jay A
    12/02/2016 at 11:14

    I would agree that they do help in protecting the home! We don't have our security system actively monitored (bad idea I know,) but we have signs on each window and door. Tips -- Just make sure whatever the decal is looks and is legit. An old company that has gone out of business (like Brinks etc.) isn't going to fool a criminal.

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