The One Home Security Company Customers Boast About…

Last updated:  August 6, 2018.  Customers rave about Frontpoint Security which is rare for a home security company.  Since 2009 they have been a trending home security provider.  FrontPoint has climbed up the ladder in rankings over the past 4 years and is now our overall recommended company.

A look at the basic package lineup for Frontpoint Security

What to Consider When Buying Frontpoint Security System?

  • Excellent customer service: FrontPoint ranks among the highest in customer service, which is an essential requirement for a  professional security monitoring center. The Frontpoint customer service can help you in setting up your new security system or if need to resolve an equipment malfunction.
  • Full cellular monitoring: Frontpoint security systems provide full cellular monitoring. This means your security system is not dependent on an internet/wi-fi connection or phone landline. Frontpoint home security provides free mobile monitoring at every tier as compared to other security brands that charge extra for the service.
  • Control customization and flexibility: Frontpoint security solutions provide flexibility with the placement of devices and wireless sensors needed when setting up the security system. The Frontpoint website has an interactive tool to help customers in helping them to decide where to place the sensors Since it’s a DIY system, you have full control in setting your Frontpoint security equipment.
  • Portability:  Frontpoint’s equipment is portable. You can remove, pack it up and use in your next property.
  • All-inclusive monitoring: The Frontpoint security system services include carbon monoxide and flooding alerts in the security package, while other brands require an extra charge for the services. But you have to take not, while these monitoring services are included, you still need to buy the appropriate device.
  • Security alerts:  Frontpoint offers to push message alerts through email and text while you’re away. This feature is available in the two higher tiers.
  • Crash and smash protection: With Frontpoint’s crash and smash feature, once a sensor has been tripped, broken, shattered or a door forcibly opened, the monitoring center will receive a pending alarm from the security system. If the security system hasn’t been disabled or disarmed in a specified time, then the monitoring station knows the property has been compromised
  • Z-wave compatibility: The Frontpoint control panels use the industry standard Z-wave technology which is available in the highest tier plan. This feature allows you to automate specific functions in your home.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you’re not happy with the risk-free trial, you can return it within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Here’s a quick look into the good and the bad:


  • Lowest home automation prices
  • Smash and crash technology, which stops burglars from quickly disabling the control panel
  • Wireless equipment with backup batteries
  • Apple watch integration & notifications
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Superb customer reviews
  • Free mobile app with security camera integration & more
  • Great support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free self-setup
  • Upgraded equipment in 2015
  • C02 and flood monitoring included at basic package


  • Touchscreen panel advertised doesn’t come standard, only on upper tier packages
  • Relatively new to the industry compared to other companies
  • Still using a Simon XT keypad panel for 4 out of 5 of their base packages

With those advantages and disadvantages shown, below we dig deeper into Frontpoint Home Security.  

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Quick Facts

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Basic, Gold and Fees for FrontPoint Security

Frontpoint Security Cost

Affordable monthly rates with 3 main packages.  Expect $99+ in total starting costs. 

Installation:  Free self-setup.  The equipment you need gets shipped to you and it easily sticks to the areas you need.  30-60 mins on average. Great guides and support to help you activate the unit. If this doesn’t sound like something you don’t want to take on yourself then check out an ADT alarm or Vivint system.

Activation fee:  No activation fee.

Equipment fee:  Frontpoint security cost packages starting at $99.95 to cover the whole home.  Based on your home’s needs there are 5 packages to now choose from as of April 2018.  They are pretty generic packages, each higher tier offering more or better equipment (such as security cameras and smart z-wave light bulbs).  You can save up to $300 on equipment.

Monitoring prices:  They have three different monitoring plans:

Protection – $34.99/mo.

Interactive plan – $45/mo. which includes smart phone control, alerts, light control and 24/7 live support and monitoring.

Ultimate – $49/mo.  This is the Frontpoint security price ‘all hands on deck’ package and has full home automation features.  This package costs $70-90/mo with many other companies.

Frontpoint plans and pricing

Agreement Length

Frontpoint’s contract length is 36 months which is standard in the industry.  Other companies like Vivint & AMP require 42 to 60 months. With Frontpoint; renters are allowed to have the contract in their own name but can only sign a 1-year agreement.  Renters can move the equipment with them for no cost once during their terms of service.

 Wireless GE Equipment

Security System Review

It is composed of all wireless white sensors that look nice in all residences.  It has a very clean and modern style to it.  In 2015 they introduced their own touchscreen panel. 

All control panels come with ‘Smash and Crash’ protection.  Thus a burglar cannot disable the alarm system by breaking the control panel. 

Essentials:  Bundle and save up to 60% OFF the equipment prices when you choose one of their 5 security plans on a 3-year agreement plan. The rest can be purchased at the following price point via ala carte at any time:

Pick and choose equipment available via ala carte.  Pricing table shown.

Touchscreen control panel – One that looks good enough that you don’t have to hide it in the closet.

Door and window sensors – Don’t have to drill any holes to install.  Just peel and stick where needed.

Motion sensor – Constantly scans an area out to 40′ using infrared technology.  If a bad guy comes in the home, this picks up their heatwave and triggers the alarm.

Smart Video Doorbell – New in 2017 to the lineup is the video doorbell camera.  See who comes to your door or within a certain perimeter of your front door with a slick piece of equipment.  Easy to view from the Frontpoint app on any smart device. You can also communicate with the person at the door through the app via the two-way audio feature.  The only other company to have this as part of the integration is Vivint and more expensive niche shops.

doorbell security camera device
The new Frontpoint doorbell camera shown

Glass break sensor – Motion sensor alternative if you have big pets.

Smoke detector – A fire is good while camping but not in the house.  This one is actually connected to your local fire department so if you are gone they will be called before there is no remainder of the home.

Panic pendant – Great medical alert alternative for those who are elderly or physically disabled.

Key Remote – Add this to your keychain for quick keychain remote access.  Using the mobile app has made this even easier.

Garage door sensors – Surprisingly most companies don’t offer these.  Made to withstand the thermal ups and downs that a garage has.

Advanced features:  

Is the Frontpoint mobile app easy to use? Frontpoint has the best smart home alarm technology when it comes to a self-setup security system.  It is easy to stream the live video feed from the smartphone app via the security cameras, control lights, thermostats and more.

Home automation: They have the best-priced home automation services we have found.  Starting at $42.99 you can have the luxuries of light control, mobile alerts, and Z-wave.   For $7 more you can get security cameras, smart thermostats and more.

                 shlage automated keylock   

Security Cameras:  One of the few companies that offer separate indoor and outdoor security cameras.  Why can’t you use the same one for both?  Due to temperature and weathering the outdoor security camera is more durable and higher quality (and costs).  Cameras offer a new level of peace of mind making it so while you are gone you can see a live feed from your house (ie. Babysitter) via mobile device or on a computer.

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Automated lifestyle – Want door locks and thermostat control?  They offer that as well. Convert your home to a smart home with many accessory sensors to choose from.  *Note, these will be additional out of pocket expenses. Speak to a representative to customize your own package.


Environmental A company whose primary color is Green ought to have something like this right?  Not as popular but shouldn’t be overlooked are devices that keep your home safe from floods, freezing pipes along with carbon monoxide recognition.

 Hammer and Wrench Security Install

How to get the Frontpoint alarm system up and running

It is a self-setup system.  It is surprisingly easy to do with plenty of support provided. 

Users are shipped out a security system – Unboxing shown

Here’s how…

  1. Talk it out – Call 855-861-8730 or Visit Site
  2. Decision time – Choose a package (Basic, Control or Home Automation).
  3. Check the mail – They will program the equipment and ship it to you.
  4. Setup time – They have a setup wizard that no other company offers.  This makes it a cinch to complete. Peel and stick the sensors where you want them to go, takes 30-60 mins.
  5. Need help? –  If you want they will walk you through the process over the phone.  Frontpoint has videos demonstrating the install and an easy to follow guide.  Don’t worry, it’s not some IKEA project!

Buyers save $100-300 by avoiding an installation fee.

 What makes them unique banner

What makes Frontpoint different?

Here is what this company stand out from others:

30-day money back guarantees:  They are the only alarm company to offer a money back guarantee that we have found.  You always have a 3 day right of cancellation with any alarm service but the 30-day trial period is one of a kind.

Outside wireless security camera:  Most other companies only offer indoor cameras.  Frontpoint has a very high-quality outdoor subservience camera available.  The video stream can be seen through the smartphone app.

Take it with you:  The equipment is yours to keep after the 36-month agreement.  When you move it is simple to pack up and install at your next place.  This is normally a $99-199 fee to have the company re-install a new alarm.

Renters:  Renting shouldn’t mean you don’t care about your family or belongings.  Frontpoint is a perfect option for renters out there who still want to protect their belongings and have peace of mind.  Because drilling holes to install is not required, nearly all landlords approve the use of their alarm system.

 Time capsule history review

Every Company Starts Somewhere

FrontPoint is closing in on 10 years with a solid track record.  With their customers actively promoting them to friends and family, they will be around for a long time to come.

Virginia 2007

Founded:  In 2007 in Virginia.  They offer service to all 50 USA states.  They currently have an A+ BBB rating.

Partners:   A good company partners with others, here are a few names they can drop.


  1. Alarm.Com.   This is the free app you use on any tablet or mobile device to easily turn on and off the alarm.
  2. GE Security.  The name speaks for itself.  Reliable and safe, they have been in the home security industry for decades.
  3. ESA (Electronic Security Association).  A national group that promotes professionalism in all aspects of the home security industry.

Best Place to Work in Virginia in 2012:  PR-Web recognized FrontPoint’s headquarters as the best place to work in Virginia of 2012.

Hello, is anyone there?

FrontPoint is with you step by step and will not drop you after you’ve signed up.  Not a ‘pump and dump’ company. 

Chat support:  Yep, click here to chat with them.

Tech support:  They have their own line available for setup support.

Online videos:  They have several tutorial videos on equipment placing etc.

How-to guides:  Are you someone that learns with a guide?  They have you covered here as well.

Support hours:  Their hours are 8 am – 11 pm M-F and 10 am – 7 pm Sat & Sun. Yes, their support is open 7 days a week.

Final Thoughts on the Frontpoint Security Reviews 

Frontpoint has the right things going for them from pricing to customer ratings.  When testing their security system we continually received monitoring responses in under 30 seconds.  The more we used their system the more we understood why their customers are fanatics. The downsides were hard to find with them with 7-day support and great looking equipment.  One does not have to worry about being ripped off or signing an agreement they later regret with Frontpoint.

Want to see Frontpoint compared to other top companies?  If so, check out other Frontpoint security system reviews by clicking these links Frontpoint versus ADT or Frontpoint vs Protect America or compare to the top 10 here.

Have you had any experience with Frontpoint Security?  If so, please leave your experience below.

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