What is this European ‘All in One’ Home Security Device?

This all-in-one security camera became available in March 2016.  However, since it raised over $250,000 on a funding platform we wanted to be a step ahead and show you what it’s all about.  Obviously there is more than a want in the marketplace for a device like this.  If you are looking for a similar product, the Canary all in one security camera has already been out since early 2015.  We will do a summary of what Cocoon security is and intends to be and you can decide if you want to spend $399 on the smart camera with ‘SUBSOUND’ technology.

A glance into the pros and cons of Cocoon home security camera:

  • Good intentions to be a good product
  • Founders with history in industry
  • Substitute to condense other sensors


  • New to market.  This will mean you are the test rats when you buy the product.
  • ‘Learns your patterns’.  What if you decide to do something out of the ordinary, throw a party, have a guest over etc.  A number of ways you could trigger a false alarm.
  • Need multiple (3-6) for average home.  At $399 a pop and no monitoring included, the standard alarm company would be a better choice at $35/month.
  • 5 co-founders.  Seriously, could none of these guys just claim the real founder status?
  • High price tag of $399
  • App bugs and fixes reported
  • Very few customer reviews available
  • No BBB rating
  • Currently out of stock


If you are just looking for all around good looking security equipment read our scout alarm review who offers DIY and ale cart options without ridiculous pricing.

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What exactly is the Cocoon security camera?

Cocoon home security device

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…EVERYTHING?!

The Cocoon home security device has been built to be the following:

  • Camera
  • Motion Detector
  • Sound detector with new technology.  They say this is what will replace door and window sensors.
  • Siren
  • Connects to smart phone with smart app
  • Records video and stores to cloud
  • Not a automation or thermostat
  • Not a monitoring security company



Cocoon device features


Cocoon App on Smart phone

(Screenshot of the Cocoon App – Available for any smart device).

You can buy the Cocoon Security Device Here 

History of Company

Back to the Future…

Co-founded by the British man John Berthels who has a great accent and is the commentary on their video.

It is going to be Nationwide in 2016.  Backed by Indiegogo, a platform for tech startups.

What makes them unique

What’s so Special about Them?

In a ‘smart automation’ era where there is iSmartAlarm, ADT Pulse and a handful of other great companies and alarm systems what makes these guys stand out?  It is because they claim to have an all in one device that can detect activity through floors using ‘SUBSOUND’ technology.  It learns (we aren’t sure exactly how and sure this is where they will have problems) what is ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ in your home.

Having only one device in your home can save you money and a headache of setting up a full system… That is, if it works how it’s supposed too.

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We suggest you wait it out for 1-2 years while they fix glitches in their app, learning mode and others.  If you want something that is very similar (DIY installation and self monitoring) check out the Samsung Smartthings who has already updated and fixed many bugs in smart detection.  And if you want a monitoring company to rely on other then yourself for getting the police called and still want to save on installation fees, use Frontpoint for the best deals.

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