Old and Gone away but They Had a Good Run

Succession history of Brinks to Broadview to ADTFounded in 1983 by Pitston Company Brinks grew in numbers.  With a solid name in security since 1859 when Perry Brink used horse ‘n buggy to deliver safe goods from one place to another.

Brinks Home Security (BHS) continued to grow in numbers and popularity with their burglar and fire alarm services.  At last in 2008, BHS became a separate alarm service entity only to be bought out and become Broadview 1 year later in 2009.  Then for the price of $2 billion, ADT (Tyco International) bought and merged Broadview.

 With these rapid and large changes in Home Security many customers have been confused as to who is their service provider.  If you were originally a Brinks or Broadview customer, we recommend calling ADT and asking for current signs as criminals know those two companies no longer exist (and may decide to break in your home.)

With Brinks and ADT having such a solid and lengthy history in security, choosing an Authorized ADT Dealer is a great choice.  You can read our in-depth review of ADT or visit the website to learn more.


– All large, trusted names in home security.

– Brinks had happy customers but stood their ground in transport securities and sold their company to Broadview which is now ADT.

– All settled and under the largest name in Home Security now, ADT LLC.


 – Confusion.  We have spoken with dozens of Brinks old customers who thought they were still a customer of BHS.  With all the merging that took place within such a short time frame (2 new names in 2 years) it left customers in a daze.  Many do not know who to pay or who is monitoring their alarm.

– Lack of support. A new yard sign was supposed to be sent out on each new merge.  Thousands of customers did not get the new signs and therefore show proof of old signs in yards.  Tyco International did their best to keep customers aware of the changes.  However, with millions of customers and two big changes, mass confusion is bound to happen.

The end of the line

If you still have an old brinks security sign out in their front yard; it is time to remove it.  Criminals know they are no longer a company.  If you did not get a new sign sent to you and; you are still paying a monthly bill contact ADT for a new sign.  They white and blue sign was trusted by thousands but is no longer available.  They still deliver money safely between businesses and banks but no longer offer residential alarm systems.  Better luck with some of the other companies reviewed here at Alarm Reviews!

Brinks was a great brand of home security and will continue to exist in money movement for large corporate banks and more.  [frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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