What you need to know before choosing Time Warner Security

Last updated: August 6, 2018. Time Warner Cable has been in the telecommunications industry for years. It is the second largest cable company in the US. Now, this multi-functional business provides consumers with home security systems. You can select from a variety of smart security packages.  Note – Time Warner is only available for a limited number of states.  Upon signing up and moving to location not serviced by Time Warner you will pay a hefty cancellation fee. 

If you are not interested in one of the five packages they offer, you can choose equipment to customize a security package that serves the needs of you and your family. The reviews for Time Warner home security are mixed, composed mostly of negative experiences. After reading the information below, you can decide for yourself if this alarm company can give you what you want.

Here is a quick look at the pros and cons of Time Warner Intelligent security

  • Customers like the fact that they can choose what they want to protect specific areas of their homes.
  • Basic to advanced home automation services although not recommended with them.
  • Five-diamond rated monitoring center that delivers professional and courteous monitoring of your property.
  • Smart device control where you can monitor your residence from your personal electronic devices.
  • For customers that already use Time Warner for their cable service, you can add the home security option right on as a bundle package.


Tip:  If you are not a current Time Warner customer, you may want to decide if bundling up your service with this home security business is worth the money, or if you should go with a separate provider.

They have also been around longer than other TV/cable companies that now provide home security options such as AT&T home security, DirecTV security system, and Xfinity Home security.  However, like these cable/home security mix companies, you must be a customer of their other services and are not a standalone security company such as ADT security.


Some customers have complained that the information on the various bundle packages can be ambiguous. Time Warner offers home security at a reasonable monthly price. Nonetheless, you will be locked into a contract for 36+ months, along with signing up for Time Warner security service. Other difficulties Time Warner home security customers have experienced include:

  • Cancelling a contract: expensive and problematic
  • Slow internet speed for required service
  • Promotional pricing
  • Not available nationwide (problematic if moving out of state arises)
  • Faulty equipment
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Intelligent Home not functioning as advertised




Intelligent security prices

Starting costs:  $99-249.  For installation, activation and any other fee they can come up with, expect to pay $99-249 in starting costs.  Depending on promotions certain things may be ‘free’, just make sure you know the contract terms you are agreeing too.  If getting a ‘free installation’ you can expect a activation charge instead.  The Protect America alarm system is the only one that has truly no hidden starting fees.

Monitoring fee:  $39.99-79.99.  Expect to pay around $49+/mo for the average package with mobile control and enough security system equipment to cover the average home.   Their pricing may be promotional as well so keep a careful eye on your bank account if doing automatic draft to catch rising prices.

Intelligent home security system overview



They have a wide array of equipment offered. You can start out with a basic and add more equipment on later with their a la carte approach.  You can buy this equipment directly from their site at the following prices:

Security system equipment

Second siren (not needed) – $99/ea

Key remote – $39/ea

Extra keypad  – $79/ea

Window / door sensor – $69/ea (pricey compared to Scout)

Motion detector – $99/ea

Glass break detector – $99/ea

Smoke detector – $99/ea

CO2 – $99/ea

Flood / water sensors – $59/ea

Intelligent home equipment

Thermostat – $125/ea

Lamp adapter – $49/ea

Appliance adapter – $49/ea

Indoor or outdoor security camera – $149/ea

History of Company

Time Warner has a rich history in the TV and cable industry and they are pushing for the same now with home security.  We typically don’t recommend companies who haven’t been around longer than 5 years, which their home security division hasn’t but as a company they have been around for over 40 years.

They are an accredited BBB company but lack a rating.  Not a good sign, usually means the typical had to pull the score out and pay for accreditation.

Time Warner was founded in 1964 with their headquarters in Austin Texas.

Our conclusion

If you are a current Time Warner customer, then it makes sense to just add a home security package to your cable service. However, it does come with a costly price tag. The fact is that the equipment and services offered by Time Warner is in the same price range as most other security systems.

Moreover, some of these companies don’t require such a lengthy contract; a few don’t require a contract at all. If you desire a professionally-installed home security system, Time Warner is a feasible option. On the other hand, if you want an economical home security system, you might want to consider one of the many DIY, wireless home security systems in the market today.

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