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Review last updated: August 6, 2018.  First of all, is NOT a home security company.  They are a white label mobile app service FOR home security companies.  This provides the service to turn on and off the alarm system, not monitor it.  Founded in 2000 they were later acquired in 2009 for $27 million by ABS.  They are a ‘turnkey’ solution, great for startup security companies who can’t integrate their own app control with existing security equipment.  Dozens of companies use them with their personal business logo on it.  You may not even know you are using the app!  Before digging deeper into how it works, what you can control lets take a look at the good and bad of 

  • Complete control of home alarm system
  • View live data feed of security cameras
  • White label service
  • Reliable app
  • Integrates with Honeywell or GE security systems




Well-known security companies that use the service include:  Protect America, Frontpoint, Protection One and nearly every small ma n pa alarm company out there.


How does make their money?

Each company or dealer that uses their app as a white label service for their customers to be able to control their alarm system pays a monthly price.  Depending on the use, it can range into the thousands of dollars.  It is a great app and that’s why companies tend to use it over building one for their own.  It also works flawlessly with GE and Honeywell equipment making it ideal for 99% of security systems available in the market. is the symbol of security when it comes to home safety.  Available for download on the Android and Apple app stores, home security control is just an arm’s length away. has gone a step beyond the traditional security systems with their android app. The app is extremely user friendly and has been designed in such a way as to make the navigation easier for the user.

As a consumer you don’t have to worry about this.  Most home security companies include free smartphone control.

System dashboard review – What can be done with mobile app screenshot

Don’t let the power get to your head…

The user-friendly interface allows you to keep an eye out for what is happening around and on the premises of your property (if you ordered a security camera with your security system). You can view who enters or leaves your property, rooms etc. A complete check on the movements within your property is possible with this mobile app. One of the best features of this app is the simplicity of turning the alarm on and off (big green unlock and red lock symbols). This feature allows you to be in an instant touch with the security system with just a single tap, from any location at any time. It saves you a lot of time from typing your code by hand and is convenient for when you have your hands full (with groceries for example) and need to disarm it before coming in the home. 

Here is a screenshot of what the energy management control looks like on a smart phone: energy management

Here are more features that you can integrate: features

Remote Monitoring smarthome technology display allows you to watch live video feed from the security cams installed on your property and monitor every corner without any hassle. It also lets you watch stored video clips that were recorded earlier and to look out for any unusual activity.

You can watch any specific event happening at your property too, even if the event or the activity you want to view is couple of days old. You also get a notification when a video is recorded in any corner of your property. The app is designed to allow you easy access to your home and its systems remotely, which is one of the main ideas behind smart living. With this app, you can tap into your home heating system and remotely set the thermostat to a specific temperature. This feature comes quite handy when you are just 10 minutes away from home and can turn on the heating system for a warm welcome.  As of 2015, this is the latest craze in Home automation to control your thermostat and you can save big bugs on your energy bill.

Lightbulb with circle around it Lighting Control

And then there was light…

Although this doesn’t fall into the ‘security’ realm of your system, more and more companies are offering it as an up-sell (higher monthly rate) feature.  If your company offers it, then can control it.  You can brighten or dim the lights of your property at will from distance. This feature particularly proves to be useful when you are moments away from reaching home and can turn on the lights. It can save you money as well as cut down the energy expenditure. Using the same principle, you can remotely control the locking system of your property. You can lock or unlock the doors and windows as per your needs without having to be physically present on the property. 

Phone Vibrating Notifications


With this smart phone android app, the history of your security system is at your disposal for perusal. You can check the complete log of system and alarm events by all the users with this app. For example, you can see what time doors opened, when an alarm went off, what user turned the alarm on and off and more.  The app also allows you to adjust the settings to receive notifications about any of the systems at your home or workplace right on your mobile phone. Whenever anyone uses, activates or deactivates that particular system, you’ll receive a notification about it on your cell phone.  This provides a safe way to allow other users like a baby sitter or sibling to have access to your alarm system remotely when entering your home when you are away. 

Malfunctioning errors and the updates they have done

Their android platform has proved to be quite a valuable tool for users along with some hiccups on the way.  Users can get to updates when:

  • Your kids reach home
  • Someone arrives or leave the premises of their property
  • Any unusual activity occurs on your property like water leaking through the pipes
  • When any of the corners are left unguarded like the garage or pool door being left open
  • Someone forgets to turn off the lights for longer time duration’s.
  • The most important notification-whenever someone turns off the alarm system- can also be received spontaneously with this android app. It also notifies you about the exact person who disables the alarm system.
  • Finally, if someone approaches sensitive area of home like the medicine cabinet, liquor cabinet or the guns’ storage area.


These notifications can be enabled for getting texts as well as for emails or phone calls or push notifications. With this app, you can also set specific user codes for different family members for instant notification when someone sets foot on or leaves your property. These codes can be changed at any time round the clock.

Throw Away your Keys and Grab your Phone has eliminated the need for having keys to access your home and offices.  This instant alert system has the immense benefit of helping you act quickly in case of any emergencies, for example, if a fire erupts on the property, you can immediately notify the concerned authorities while reaching the spot quickly.  

Our Conclusion app is available on the android apps stores for instant download and can be easily installed in any kind of android smartphone. It is compatible with all android devices with OS 1.6 or later. This app keeps you in close connection with your property while you are away without having to worry about its safety because is the extra pair of eyes that you need for 24/7 monitoring and security of your home or office.  Please note that not all features offers may be available for you depending on what equipment your security company offers. 

Have anything to say that we didn’t cover?  Please leave your feedback below.  

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