Are their Security Services Reliable? 

If you live in Arizona or plan moving there, you probably have heard of Safeguard security, Arizona’s top home security provider. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Safeguard Security has been around for the greater half of a century. Boasting of innovative and quality Alarm system from Honeywell systems, service and favorable customer rating, they could be seen as Arizona’s topmost local home security providers.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of getting Safeguard security to protect your home.


As a company that knows what it provides, Safeguard security offers a list of reason why you should pick them to protect your home, here is what they have say:

  • In-house, 24/7/365 Monitoring Center
  • Locally-operated security provider
  • 50+ years of experience – protecting Arizona since 1961
  • No phone line required – wireless is more secure & saves money
  • In-house Design & Engineering Team for custom projects
  • Operate one of Arizona’s largest Mobile Patrol Fleets
  • Patrol Officer Alarm Response – eliminates false alarm fines & provides a quicker response
  • Can monitor most existing systems
  • Require drug & polygraph tests before/throughout employment of workers.
  • One-stop provider for all security & technology needs – no subcontractors
  • Commercial Rental Program – minimizes the upfront investment while providing extensive warranty coverage
  • Web-based services provide easy, anytime access to critical information


  • 3-5 years of contract
  • Only available in Arizona
  • Absence of wired connection ( if you still makes use of it)


Quick Facts

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A look into their pricing model

Start up costs:  $199-999 (depending if you choose to finance the equipment or not).

Installation:  $99+

Activation:  Depends on current promotions

Like Ackerman security, they hide their prices and require you contact them to find them out.  We don’t like this sales tactics and recommend some of the top security providers reviewed who openly show the costs of their security system.  Safeguard security offers a flexible package for its customers and they offer a personalized system where consumers can pay some funds upfront to reduce their monthly charge. This is not available on most other home security providers, but users should expect a hefty $500-1200 to do this.

The average contract duration by Safeguard security distributors is 3-5 years.


Security Equipment review

They make use of Honeywell security equipment. They also offer a wide range of advanced security equipment which are Z wave compatible and great in home automation.

Essentials: What you get in a basic package isn’t much different from other security providers but you have the option to purchase more. Safeguard offers all the essential security gadget you may need such as: window/door sensors, garage door sensor, touch screen keypad, fully wireless equipment, motion detectors, glass break sensors, mini key pad, panic fob, wireless key remotes, mobile control apps and web control. The basic package of Safeguard security contains


Home Automation

Safeguard provides support for mobile and web control via an app that let you control your home thermostats and other lined gadgets. You can turn on and off your alarm and access your camera from this app.

Advanced: Safeguard offers z-wave compatible systems giving consumers the ability to do lots of advanced features with it. They also operate one of Arizona’s largest Mobile Patrol Fleets making for faster response rate and also eliminating the false alarm fine otherwise charged for such errors.

Installation Process

How to get the Safeguard security system up and going

Setting up a Safeguard system is usually hassle free due to its simplicity. They prefer their installations set up by their own certified installers who are properly checked for crime, drugs before being offered employment. Furthermore, the process of getting their system up and running is listed below.

  1. Schedule: Call their customer service pick the system that best suits your need and then make an appointment.
  2. Then, wait for the installer and set up your system. After that, ask to be instructed on how to use it.  Finally, get answers to any question you may have.
  3. Enjoy your home because you are protected.
  4. Support: Call support if you have any problem with the system because they are standing by to help.


What makes them unique

What makes them stand apart from others

This family owned home security provider in Arizona has a lot of uniqueness in its service.  Some include:

  1. 5 decades of experience: with over 50 years of being in the security industry. Safeguard packs a lot of experience on what it takes to protect your home, and this is proven by its high customer ratings and innovations in its service.
  2. Mobile and web control with in-house 24/7 monitoring. Safeguard possess their own in-house monitoring service which means your privacy is assured at all times and also faster response rate. You can also access and control your alarm system and camera from the mobile app and web control.
  3. Mobile patrol fleet. They possess one of the largest mobile patrol fleets in Arizona.  As a result, they can be available much quicker than their competition


History of SLomins

Here is a look at the history of Safeguard

Founded: When?  1961

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

slomins customer support

Here’s a look at how nice they treat their customers

Chat support:   They do not offer a ready chat support interface but you can easily reach them on other support portals

Tech support:   Tech support is always available and can be reached via mobile and email, because our customers are a top priority.

Online videos:  We have a list of videos available at service videos, so your installation goes as smooth as possible.

Support hours: Support hours vary depending on the service required, but they offer a 24 hours support for general inquiries.

Email: These are the various support email address available.

  • Sales Email –
  • Service Email –
  • Customer support Email –
  • General Email –


Our conclusion

Finally, if you are from Arizona, and in need of a good security system, Safeguard is worth looking at.  If you would rather support a local company, Safeguard is your best choice.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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