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Last updated: August 6, 2018.  XFINITY Home Security (from Comcast) has added home security to their bag of tricks to offer to their current customer base.  You have to have other services of theirs to consider going using this business as a home security provider.  We tested XFINITY Home’s new security system versus the top companies in the industry and compiled the data in this report.  

Will you be putting an Xfinity Security sign in front of your residence?

A look into the Good and the Bad of XFINITY Home:


  • TV, security and internet all in one bill.
  • Same company to deal with customer support.
  • Can service most locations in the USA.
  • Good starting prices, can save $200+ versus other companies in the first year.
  • Proprietary equipment with standard touchscreen panel.
  • Certified technicians; but can’t always guarantee a smooth installation.
  • Not the absolute worst.  They win against rival AT&T Digital Life and COX, two other cable companies that added home security.


  • Hard to cancel or switch when combined with other services.
  • High cancellation fee if terminating contract early
  • Price may fluctuate after promotion expires.  What looks good now may hurt the wallet later.
  • Relocation fee.  When moving, users may be faced with a relocation fee or a cancellation charge to get out of contract.  Other companies such as Protect America allow you to move at no cost.
  • You will deal with a lot of automated customer service.
  • Worst rated customer service.
  • Worst rated professional installation
  • Short history in the home security space.  Average years of history of companies reviewed here is 20+ years.

How does Comcast Home Security stack up against the leader of home security; ADT?


XFINITY Home Security vs


Starting Costs:       

 $99+ Installation
$0 Activation

$99 Installation
$0 Activation

Monthly Cost:

 $40+ (Promotional)



Proprietary.  Wireless with Touchscreen control panel.

Pulse automation and Honeywell



Good home automation

Smart home integration

Comcast guarantee to customers

Save on energy bill with lighting control

Trusted name and brand.  

Great history (100+ yrs)

ADT guarantees

Millions of customers

Smooth Pulse home automation


Not a stand-alone security company

New to the market

Promotional pricing (good and bad)

Worst online customer ratings, reviews and experience

Worst customer support

Longest delay between monitoring station and you when testing against other companies

More of a basic system unless you do Pulse

Price may go up after 3 years

BBB Rating:

B and not accredited

A- and Accredited





Fire & C02 Detection:

Smart Control:


Yes, may add extra to monitoring fee

Free app to download, available on iOS & Android



Download free pulse app.  Smooth interface, available on any smart device


Your local dealer

Visit ADT

*If interested in learning more about ADT, Read ADT’s Review.   

Top 5 companies comparison chart, click here.


XFINITY Secure 300 & 350 System Prices

Higher starting costs with average monitoring monthly fees

Prices vary depending on if you plan to bundle with other Comcast services.  The ‘Secure 350’ system they offer starts at $50 a month, which means that after 6-12 months prices could go up as well.  The Secure 350 package is needed for larger homes and those wanting home automation.  There are several better deals available at that price.  The 300 package is more basic and affordable, a better option for the average consumer.

Regardless of what package you choose expect to pay $99 installation fee and a possible $99 activation fee.  Monitoring costs will be between $40-60 depending on their current promotions.  Just remember that after 6-12 months your monthly price will most likely go up.

Comcast home security starting cost bar graph at $199
Xfinity Home 36 Contract Length bar graph icon
Comcast Home Security Equipment

Is XFINITY security system equipment any good?

A look at the user interface of their iOS app

3 star overall rating from 5147 reviews  

Smart phone apps and home automation equipment…

Most of the equipment is wireless.  The control panel, cameras, and smart thermostats will require connecting to a power source and possible drilling holes in the wall to connect wiring.  The security camera they offer is not a pan-tilt camera.  Meaning, users cannot turn it right and left using a smartphone.  Their door sensors and motion sensors have a small red light indicator that will light up if triggered.  The control panel is a touchscreen and functions much like a tablet.  Motion detectors, door and window sensors along with their unique touchscreen control panel (compare it to Vivint sky here).  Must pay out-of-pocket for most advanced equipment (cameras, smart thermostat).

Smart home automation integration:  If you’re looking for companies who can match or do better than Xfinity Home’s automation equipment, check out Frontpoint Security who has a great alarm system at an affordable rate. 

Xfinity Laptop and smartphone showing account center
Xfinity Security camera
Xfinity security door sensor
Xfinity Smart Thermostat

Learn why Xfinity has poor installation service

What it takes to get their security system up and going

Set a date and the van will show up — not a DIY installation

Don’t count on them being on time… 

Schedule: They will set up a 2-hour time frame for installation.

Installation:  This is where they get a lot of bad reputation. Anything from broken door frames to faulty sensors has been reported. Now that they have a few years under their feet things should improve on this end but expect delays or mistakes from the technician.

All Set: All equipment is wireless unless you paid extra for some hard-wired home automation equipment.  The tech will teach you how to use the security system, set up a verbal password, and show you how to control it with your smartphone. Make sure you are present when the technician has completed the job so you can see how to run the alarm system.  

Editors ratings for XFINITY Home

Monthly price – 3/5 stars
Start up costs – 2/5 stars
Security system – 4/5 stars
Home automation – 4/5 stars
Customer support – 1/5 stars
Reputation – 2/5 stars
Customer reviews – 1/5 stars
National availability – 3/5 stars
Overall – 1.5 out of 5 stars
Rate them yourself below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is XFINITY’s customer service available 24 hours, 7 days a week on the clock?

Yes, the customer support department at Xfinity can be contacted from anywhere in the world 24/7. They also offer support forums, a helpful community on Twitter, a subreddit, and the option to contact them on Facebook Messenger if you prefer to do it that way.

What is XFINITY’s phone number?

1-800-XFINITY – as stated on their website. In layman’s terms, the number translates as 1-800-934-6489.

How do I get through to a real person when contacting XFINITY?

The best way to reach an actual XFINITY agent is to call them through the 1-800-934-6489 number that we’ve already listed above. A bot will answer your call, but once it asks you for your query, all you need to do is say “technical support” or “customer service” for the system prompts. From there, you’ll be taken to a waiting cue and you can sit back while you get connected to an actual human.

Otherwise, if you think that the cur is taking too long, you have an alternative option. Get on a live chat with a customer service agent via the XFINITY contact page. From there, you’ll quickly be able to get to the option of contacting a real person.

How do I skip through those annoying menus when dialing the XFINITY phone number?

The process is pretty similar for both iOS and Android. After you enter the general 10-digit number for the call, hold the “*” button on the onscreen keypad. A comma will show up after a second or two. Now, enter the extension of your party. The phone will call your contact, “pausing” for two seconds where you put the comma, and then dialing the extension.

You can do the same thing for a contact’s work number in your address book, too. Enter the number, hold the “+*#” button on the lower left, and choose “Pause” to enter a comma in the number.

Our Comcast Security Conclusion

While they are still getting their business in order, we suggest using a different company.  There are more negative customer reviews in the section below than any other of the 50+ security systems we have reviewed.  While they have good equipment they lack in too many other areas to be a top contender.

Have you had any experience with XFINITY Home Security?  If so, please share below.

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