Old fashioned website with newer equipment but is it good?

First off, this company needs a new website.  Looks like it was built in 1995 and never redone.  However, because most of their alarm equipment is sold through a distributor most customers never visit their site before getting a Skylink security system installed in their house.  This company out of Canada has proprietary equipment with a track record tot prove their company and equipment.  Our concern for them is, can they keep up with all of the  innovation and companies competing in the same market?

Here’s the good and bad of a Skylink security system:

  • Offices in Canada, Ontario, California and South America
  • Staying relevant to the market needs
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Basic alarm system that can be good for renters
  • Other security products available


  • Equipment manufactured in China
  • Outsources their monitoring
  • Works through dealers so doesn’t provide good customer support


security equipment review

What you get when buying their wireless security system

SK-200 automation system

(Picture of their Full alarm system)

They offer a simple setup DIY alarm system that comes with:

  • Two window/door sensors
  • Key fob
  • Motion detector
  • Easy set control panel


This is a fairly good deal, only $149 and free shipping for everything.  Compare that to the Insteon’s or Canary’s price and you have yourself a great deal.  This package has great customer reviews and you can control it using the Skylink app on any smartphone.  You can also easily add on extra pieces of equipment that you may need for $19.99 a piece, or a camera for $89.99.

Skylink garage door opener

The Famous Skylink Garage Door Opener

This has an astonishing 1500 positive reviews and is unique to Skylink.  Because garage’s get so hot during summer the typical motion detector offered by companies won’t work.  They are infrared and the extra heat can set off false alarms and ruin the equipment.

Here is a list of the features it currently offers:

garage door kit features

This is a great idea as many people will put sensors on their whole house but not the garage door.  It only takes up to 100 lbs of pressure to manually lift a garage door for a burglar to get in.  Oftentimes the items inside of your garage are worth more then possessions inside your home.

For $29 you can get this with Free shipping by clicking here and not have to worry about someone breaking in your garage anymore.

History of Company

Way back when…

Founded in 1990 they manufacture a variety of alarm systems, sirens and sensors.  This equipment is all made in China, 50 miles from Hong Kong.  They have a distribution center in Ontario, California.

Just to be clear this company is not a monitoring company.  They have DIY wireless equipment you can purchase and setup for yourself and other then that they are a distributor only.  If you are looking for a all-in-one company check out our top 25 in the USA.

Our final verdict on Skylink

They will remain primarily as a distributor for home security companies.  We like that they have items that others don’t such as their highly rated garage door sensor.  You can trust this company who has been in business nearly 30 years and has patented security equipment.  We don’t think they will be able to keep up with the times but for now you can connect to their alarm system through your smartphone.

Please leave any stories, opinions or questions you may have about Skylink below.

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