How Smart Really is this New Home Security System?

If there was a way to do an IQ test on the iSmartAlarm what would they get?  100.  Average.  This company has an overall great alarm system but also very average when comparing to other companies.  They have an A-la-carte approach where you can buy each security device as needed.Their alarm system consists of basic sensors and does not have much in the way of smart home automation, which makes us question the name of their brand.  If you want energy savings, thermostat controls etc. we suggest you check out ADT’s monthly cost who can get you setup with a very advanced system at a low monthly price.

Here is a glance at the good and bad of iSmartAlarm:


  • Easy to add on other gadgets later on
  • Available nationwide
  • Available for renters and home owners alike
  • Short or no monitoring contract
  • No moving or termination fees
  • Smooth automation technology on smart devices (controlling the system)
  • B+ BBB rating



  • Hires out their monitoring to a third party service
  • Poor customer service
  • Do it yourself setup with no live customer support line
  • High starting costs
  • Finally, low quality security equipment



How much will iSmartAlarm Cost?

You pay per device wanted.  Expect your first purchase to get everything needed to be around $400-700 depending on what you want.  This offers flexibility for you but also more out of pocket then a company who gives you a free security system in exchange for signing a 36 month agreement.

Their alarm system is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) setup.  You will get shipped the equipment and simply peel and stick the equipment where you want.  For example, the motion detector will have a 2 sided sticker on the back.  Remove the film and stick it in the corner of a room.  If you want a DIY alarm system that is monitored as well, check out Frontpoint Security and the Protect America alarm.  For their security camera you can set it up (and move around later) in any room and connect to the video feed through the iSmartAlarm app using the internet.  This is a nice option to look on the kids when out on a date, on the home on vacation or see what your favorite pet is up too.

Here is a list of the equipment and costs associated with each.  We provided links for the best deals on each product if interested in purchasing the iSmartAlarm today.


iSmartAlarm security equipment

There is the overview of all the equipment they offer currently as of 2016.

For the best deal on their starting package click here.


CubeOne – This is what you would compare to the control panel of other security systems.  What’s nice about this is it doesn’t take up room on your wall in the kitchen or entry way and can be moved around easily.  It has a built-in siren which will scare the crap out of any burglar when it goes off.  It is the ‘brain’ of the system and does need to be plugged into an outlet.  The CubeOne looks so nice and sleek you can almost use it as part of your entertainment system setup.

iSmartAlarm mobile app

iSmartAlarm App – This is a good very intuitive and simple app made for users to work the alarm system.  Before buying you can download this for free on iOS or Android and mess around with it some.  It’s very easy to arm and disarm the alarm but it does lack features like light controls, thermostat controls and more.  If you want those, check out our top 25 security companies who offer a more advanced setup.

contact sensor

Contact Sensors – These are your typical door and window sensors.  Easy to apply to the area needed.  Then when a bad guy crashes through the door or slides the window open, this will sound off the siren and send an alert to your phone.

You can buy 2 Contact sensors for $59 and Free Shipping Here

Motion sensor

iMotion Sensor – Your standard motion sensor.  Nothing extra smart about this either but it does work well.  It is infrared so it picks up large heat waves (people’s bodies).  That does mean it will pick up on your pet most of the time as well if they are over 30lbs.  This has a 30 foot range recommended for hallways, kitchen and living room areas.

Get this Motion sensor for $35 by clicking here

iCamera keep

iCamera Keep – This is their pride and glory and what they advertise the most.  If you are going to get iSmartAlarm security system and pass up on this it is like passing up on the rides at a carnival.  What does it do? It has 1280 x 720 HD resolution along with night vision.  You can connect to it anywhere with Wifi for easy viewing.  But honestly more than anything else, this security camera comes down to looks.  Better looking than any other companies camera out there, not something your ashamed to have in the corner of your room.

Get a Discount on this camera here!

Remote tag

Remote Control – Beep beep!  Better looking then the typical GE black key fobs but does the same thing.  4 buttons to arm, disarm, set ‘stay mode’ and a panic button.  If you like all White gadgets then you’ll want to add a couple of these to your setup.

Get it for under $20 by clicking here

What makes them unique

What makes them different or ‘smarter’ then the rest?

Their cube equipment sets them apart from other equipment and their equipment is proprietary whereas majority of companies use Honeywell or GE branded equipment for their systems.  Their hub is also much different from the standard touchscreen or keypad control panel.

They really don’t have any groundbreaking technology that is smarter or better then the rest.  Their security cameras which we will review below are a notch above the others and we recommend them over choosing a Nest security camera.

History of Company

Not that long ago… 

Founded:  2012 in Silicon Valley, California.  Fairly new to the security market like AT&T Digital Life and Xfinity Security which hasn’t been good news for those companies.  But 4 years is long enough for a good proven track record which iSmartAlarm has and are upholding a good reputation for the reliability of their equipment.

Not much else to say here so let’s move onto what you came here for, a in-depth summary of their equipment and prices.

Closing summary

So there you have it, all of iSmartAlarm’s equipment reviewed along with prices and our opinions.  This company does a good job to add a sleekness and modern design to the typical alarm system that we have seen around for years.  As mentioned, they don’t add too many ‘smart’ gadgets to their setup even though their name indicates but you will definitely be happy with their basic setup and security cameras.

Finally, if you have any experience yourself with the iSmartAlarm security system please leave your feedback below.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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