How ‘Smart’ is it and are What are the ‘Things’?

The name is a little ironic as it is not a smart thing to combine those two words into one.  Aside from that, Samsung has hopped on board the home security train and come out with a wireless DIY installation system.  How it compares to other top alarm systems available, prices and history is what we will cover in this review.

A look at the pros and cons of Samsung SmartThings:

  • Free mobile control ability
  • Basic home automation included
  • Easy self-setup
  • Easy to buy and add-on equipment later
  • Low-cost option


  • Self-monitored.  If you don’t have your phone nearby your security system isn’t doing you any good.
  • New to the market, released in October 2015.
  • Lack of ‘smartness’.  Very basic security system without the option of security cameras.


If you are purchasing a home alarm system it doesn’t make much sense to not have it connected to a monitoring company.  If someone broke in and you weren’t near your phone (vacation or work) then no one knows otherwise, or if you want a DIY alarm system with some cheap monitoring check Protect America.

Now let’s go into detail about this companies prices, history, unique features and security equipment.


How much is this going to cost?

Starter kits available or you can buy the sensors individually.

Installation & activation fee – $0.  Depending on where you buy it there may be a small shipping fee.  Monitoring will be $0 since it is a ‘self-monitored’ alarm system.  So your only real costs are buying it upfront.  We will go over this equipment in more details below but for a quick reference the prices are:

Samsung SmartThings starter kit – $200
Water leak sensor – $40
Multipurpose sensor – $40
Motion detector – $40
Outlet (for light module control) – $50

Overall pretty average pricing.  Expect around $300-400 by the time you get everything a typical home needs.  You can get the new Scout Alarm which has better-looking equipment at the same price.

What makes them unique

What makes this security system so Smart?

Here is a list of 4 things that stood out when researching:

1. Their sensors monitor temperature which can be nice if you are securing your garage or a climate controlled area.
2. They have the big name and brand ‘Samsung’ behind it who produces high-end technology.
3. Motion sensor and an ‘all purpose sensor’ that are unlike most others.
4. Easy to use smartphone app to monitor your home, get alerts and more.

History of Company

Not too long ago… 

Any home security company with under 5 years of experience should be carefully examined before purchasing. 

Founded in 2012 Palo Alto, California.  Another rival, the iSmartAlarm also was founded in 2012 in the same Silicon Valley area.  They offer a quick buy alarm system for consumers looking to protect a smaller sized residences.  Samsung has raised over $15.5 million to ramp up their marketing and technology.  Wiki source  It started out as a Kickstarter fundraiser project.

All of SmartThings security system and features were not rolled out until Oct 2015.  Being so new, many customers have reported glitches with their app control.  It may be smart to give them a year or two to get everything up and working before purchasing it.

Tip – If you want a home security company with a good history check our buyers guide here

security equipment

Let’s take a look at this system… 

Several different basic sensors to choose from.  

SmartThings Starter Kit package

Starter Kit.  This is a great option for renters, college students, mobile homes, 5th wheels and small homes alike.  The SmartThings Starter kit comes with 2 all purpose sensors, motion sensor, light module and the hub (brains of the system).  Great low cost option to get a head start on your security and good for those people who rely on their gun for security as this will at least notify them that there is a person in the home.

Click here for the Best Deal & Free Shipping on the Starter Kit

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor.  Not your typical looking infrared motion sensor and this is one of their limited items that took a lot of money to invent.  The cool thing about this is it will actually turn off your lights that it detects are left on when no one is presently in the room.  This is assuming the lights are hooked up through their module piece.  It is 2″x2″ and will send you alerts when unexpected motions occur within 20′-30′.

You Can get these for $39 a piece by clicking this link

multipurpose sensor

Multipurpose Sensor.  These are a higher quality grade than the ones you see at Walmart in 4 packs for $19.99.  They are connected to your mobile device via SmartThings App and will trigger an alert whenever armed.  They apply easily and worth the costs.  If you get the starter kit make sure to add 3-6 more of these to put on the windows and doors of your place.

Buy them here with Free Shipping

Here is a screenshot of features of some of the benefits regarding their other equipment devices.

SmartThings Features

Alarm Reviews conclusion

We do recommend this to the people who are constantly on the go with their living quarters (college students, 5th wheels etc.)  However, if you are going to secure your full home you will end up spending around $700 with this and for that price, you could get an amazing alarm with ADT Pulse with cameras and the whole 9 yards.  Overall, the quality and pricing of this product is fair, where you can get the starter kit for $250 but we always suggest having your alarm system monitored, otherwise you may have had your home robbed and never been notified about it.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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