CPI Security Reviews

CPI Security Reviews

They're working hard to appeal to today's audience but is it paying off?

Last updated: August 4, 2018.  With a revamped website and marketing campaign, CPI is making a bigger headway into the home security industry.  We still think their logo could use some work however, looks like the 1990's.  The first thing you should know is they are not a national company like the top security systems are.  They are in 20 states total, primarily in the South East, USA.  Like Central Group they are a larger scale ma & pa company.

Install van parked outside the CPI headquarters shown

Before we go more in-depth on CPI here is a look at some of the good and bad things:


  • Over 20 years of history in the business.
  • Kept up with market trends and offer good equipment.
  • Grown slow and steadily.
  • Newer website
  • A+ BBB rating
  • 24/7 Monitoring (that is not outsourced)



  • Hide their prices on website
  • Long contracts where you pay 75% of contract value to get out of
  • Higher starting costs (expect $149-199)
  • Limited availability.  So if you ever move out of the South East you can't move it with you like other national companies.
  • Hard to contact customer service.
  • App has had several bug issues over the years


Package Costs

How much will this be costing me?

CPI is very tricky on their site and do not disclose any prices.  They make sure that you want to call in and talk to a sales rep in order to find that information.  Luckily we dug up the dirt on them and here is what we found.

Basic - Wireless setup with $99+ installation starting at $29.99 a month.  Should you expect to get this rate?  No.  By the time you get off the phone they will have you sold up to at least the standard or professional packages which are around $45-75/month.

Activation Fee $99+...  You get a free installation fee! (Woohoo!... well, sort of).  Instead of paying for installation you pay for 'activation'.  Same thing in our books, the only company that you truly get $0 in starting costs is Protect America.

security equipment

The Basics

CPI offers a variety of equipment.  Lots of smaller companies use Honeywell and GE equipment only.  These guys have their own app, a Yale keypad door lock, 2gig control panel and some proprietary self-made equipment such as their smoke alarm and other standard sensors.

They have some cool security cameras but beware, this will make your price (out of pocket and monthly) go up.  You may want to use them as a standard company and then add a Canary or Nest security camera on top of that.  For the best deals with security cameras read about Frontpoint.

CPI Intouch

What is this all-in-one thing?

Intouch Control systemThe CPI Intouch Control is their app and dashboard (for website) control system for your alarm.  We like that they made one their selves (similar to ADT Pulse technology) and didn't just use Alarm.com's app like most other companies do.  You can experience full home control with In-touch, get notifications for when your door is unlocked and locked, any alarm sets-off, control your thermostat and get other various updates.  They did and continue to put a lot of money into this software development which is impressive for a company that is not on a national level.


Here is a video explaining more about the features of Intouch.


How do they stack up against the big dogs?

Here is what differentiates ADT and CPI Security:

  • ADT is offered nationally, CPI only in South East
  • History differences - ADT has been in business longer with a better BBB rating.
  • ADT uses GE and Honeywell equipment.  CPI has various other equipment as mentioned above.
  • Pricewise they are about the same with CPI having slightly higher starting costs.
  • They both use professional installation which we recommend (beats trying to do it yourself!)
  • Their logos are very similar except for color.  ADT is Blue and White octagon sign and CPI's is Red and White, same sign shape.



CPI technician

Alarm Reviews Conclusion

If you live in South Carolina or Georgia then they are a company worth looking into.  Not on our top list or anything too special about them but nothing too negative about them either.  Their contract is longer than the average company but not as long as Vivint's 60 month contact.

We hope you liked our review and please share any experience you have had with CPI home security below!

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  1. Dave
    03/29/2019 at 09:02

    We have had the system now for over a year and cannot wait for the contract period to end so we can get rid of them. they are the WORST! First off, they installed an old style (UGLY) control panel in spite of our protesting that we wanted the newer style (which my daughter had installed at the same time as we had ours installed). In spite of repeated request to replace it we have always been refused until today when they said it would be an additional $300! Second, we have had a continuous problem with sensors going bad, malfunctioning and going off in the middle of the night for no reason. Techs have been to our home a half dozen times over the past year replacing them. Third, we have a ;Smart Home; and CPI's system is NOT Smart Home friendly unless you buy all their equipment which costs thousands. I wish I had never heard of them and the end of the contract period cannot come soon enough for me. YOU SHOULD NOT BUY their service IMO.

  2. Jeff F
    07/02/2018 at 14:33

    I disagree with several of your reviews. I did extensive research on alarm companies for my new home. I had a list of things i wanted in a home security system and only CPI fit the bill. I agree it was expensive upfront. I had specific things I wanted, glass break sensors for a sun room full of windows, window break sensors in on room because of my gun safe, live video feed without a bulky hard drive with the capability of reviewing past video. When i ran this by the sales person on the phone they hid nothing from me. I put out a thousand dollars for the equipment but the monthly fee was comparable to other systems without the video feed. The installer was great and did an a 1 job, He was there for over 7 hrs. Great system and great installation. now I get text messages whenever anyone goes near my house. The front door is motion sensor and the rest of the video is live feed. Try to find that with any other system, Most are only motion activated. Very happy with CPI

    • 07/09/2018 at 14:31

      Good to hear Jeff! Congrats on your new system and hope it's good for years to come. Thanks for feedback.

  3. Jacqueline Wade
    02/02/2018 at 10:39

    I was a loyal customer of CPI for years. They are shady, my system started not acting right, going off in the middle of the night and police rushing out for no reason. I complained...asked to cancel and was deferred day after day. Finally was told you're in the middle of billing ...payment can't be stopped. My payment w asnt due for another 4 days...I was told I had to give 5 days notice. Then told...you have to give 60 day notice.

    • SAM
      05/18/2018 at 05:45

      I have found CPI service calls are fast and free. Never had a problem getting help when I needed it. Most of my neighborhood has CPI and loves them. I would recommend.

  4. Steven Rosso
    10/28/2017 at 13:08

    I just relocated from Chicago to Greenville, SC. In my opinion, most of the comments in this thread are nonsense. I contacted CPI and they were straightforward about their equipment and pricing. I was using FrontPoint in Chicago (also a very good service) but was persuaded that CPI was local to the South. Their equipment and software app are excellent, and in all of my interactions with them I have found them to be highly professional and responsiveness. And this across a number of different individuals. Also, their installer (Adam) was awesome, installation was smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CPI. Stop whining!

    • Steve McMahel
      05/18/2018 at 05:37

      Great insight and thank you

  5. Lakefastongirl
    07/15/2017 at 18:20

    Worst experience of my life. I sold the house where service was there over 6 months ago and they still continue to bill me and harass me. Get another service company for your alarm

  6. Bethany Peters
    05/27/2017 at 00:14

    If you like using an app on the go, don't go with CPI. I have the Galaxy s7 with Verizion. No issues with connection ever and my phone is perfectly fine BUT no matter what, this app always crashes! I am over it. I feel like this is something they need to get fixed because most people rely on mobile perks these days!!

  7. Sean Prax
    05/25/2017 at 17:38

    CPI is very fishy. I checked all over online and everyone was quoting different numbers almost as if they charge a person based on how much they can get out of them which is not right! I was a bit mad when I spoke to a rep on the phone who told me 3 different prices as well. I do not recommend them.

    • Phil Frankfort
      05/30/2017 at 17:25

      The same thing happened to me as well. I called 4 different times as I was still decided and each time I got a quote it was a little different. Maybe they have issues with people who do the quotes like because i called different time and spoke to a few different people things were mixed up. I am not sure.

  8. Caroline
    04/24/2017 at 17:24

    CPI's customer service won be over. I will be honest in saying I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed. They didn't try to oversell me anything or lie to me about my needs for my home. I made sure because my brother in law is in the field but in another state. It has only been a few weeks but I like it. The devices they use are super reliable.

    • Maddy
      05/10/2017 at 11:53

      Do you remember who you spoke with? The man I spoke to was very rude. His name was Mark something. I don't know what his problem was but he was getting frustrated with me for asking so many questions. I don't want to call and speak to the same person again.

      • Belinda
        05/25/2017 at 11:55

        Some don't like you to ask questions because they won't be honest. When I started with CPI almost three years ago i could not get the guy to answer me on chat the exact panel I was getting. I kept pressing and finally he did it. I printed out the chat. Good thing I did. I was supposed to get window sensors in addition to my already hardwired glass break sensors. Install guy did not show them. CPI changed their tune REAL QUICK when I brought out the chat room printout. The salesman lied about that and a couple of other things thinking he could get away from it. Get anything they promise you in writing.

  9. Gary
    04/22/2017 at 16:32

    The starting prices were hard for me. I am on a tight budget but I made it work. I have no complaints with the company or the hardware but I do with the rates were cheaper. I had to cut out a few things but with CPI, I feel safer over all.

    • Willy
      04/26/2017 at 15:27

      I know someone who works with the company and the starting prices more than pay for themselves. There are some areas that will offer discounts to long standing customers as well which is a huge bonus. I am not in need of a security system now as I am still a renter but when I buy my first home (likely this fall) I will be getting set up with CPI Security for sure!

  10. Kerri
    10/13/2016 at 00:55

    Worst customer service ever!! It takes me a few days to get through to them. I've never have been so frustrated with a company before in my life. I should have done my homework before I went with them.

    • Missy
      04/15/2017 at 13:25

      I had no issues with the customer service myself but the person I spoke with seemed like they had no idea what was going on either. I had a lot of charged for things I didn't even have in my package. I think they got me confused with someone else. The issues were eventually taken care of but it was a bit annoying.

    • Jeff
      04/19/2017 at 17:18

      I had the same issues Kerri! I had tried reaching out to these people for DAYS! And when I finally would speak to someone they would put me on hold and then I would get disconnected. I had a friend of mine pretend he wanted to sign up and the customer service was ON IT. Seems like they only care about making sales and that is it.

      • Sam
        05/08/2017 at 11:51

        Every time I have called the 800 number I got through right away....not sure who you are calling

        • Jose
          09/26/2017 at 14:36

          That is right i have never had a problem with them.

    • Sam
      05/08/2017 at 11:59

      I get through within seconds of each call I have made...SMH...sounds like a competitor got their employees to make these comments trying to make these good people look bad. Shameful.

  11. Grace
    10/07/2016 at 02:03

    I don't like any site that doesn't put their prices online. That usually means that they prices are high or they plan on suckering you into purchasing more. I always stay away from these sites, but that's just me.

    • Sam
      05/08/2017 at 11:56

      Genuine consumers do not mind calling a company to get a quote, or better yet have a professional consultant come to your home like I had and see what they say and recommend. I realized areas of my home that didn't need protecting like I thought like high off the ground windows. I was impressed with the quality of the employee and the pricing and have not regretted choosing CPI

      • 05/10/2017 at 15:16

        Yeah we recommend calling several. However, they should still openly display information such as equipment rates, monitoring rates etc. Forcing the customer to get on the phone with a sales rep is not beloved by most consumers. Take for example a car lot. Sometimes it's nice to just browse rather then being one on one with a sales rep. Same thing as home security systems.

        • Ellen Porter
          05/23/2017 at 19:00

          This is a very good point! I just finished reading a few of your reviews. I feel like some companies are very dishonest and it is easier to trick people about pricing on the phone then reading it in black and white. I am still on the hunt for the company I will choose but I am keeping this in mind.

    • Steve McMahel
      05/18/2018 at 05:42

      Grace, not sure what you saw but I saw their pricing with the free installation clearly labeled. Starting rates are posted as well. They do not show every level of service online so a phone call makes I simple.

  12. LaraM
    04/10/2016 at 00:05

    Though I like the high rating of CPI, I’m not sold on their shady pricing practices. Price is a big consideration when it comes to choosing home security systems. And if they have a difficult to contact customer service, prospective buyers will be put off by this. It’s probably not worth the higher price point.

  13. Cassey
    01/11/2016 at 02:36

    CPI looks nice but why hiding price from users? It implies the bad impression of the company in the users mind. I put this company at bottom in my list.

    • Sam
      05/08/2017 at 11:52

      website lists the pricing- no cost to install or $99 if you get an outdoor camera. Pretty easy to read if you look.

      • MM
        06/21/2017 at 07:11

        And if you learn to read, you would notice people are pointing out the lack of monthly monitoring fees.

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