AT&T Digital Life Reviews

AT&T Digital Life Reviews

Is this the Security System for You?

Last updated: August 3, 2018.  AT&T has jumped on the bandwagon of home security companies.  Founded in 2012, they enter the 'newcomer' category in the industry.  Only a few years later in 2016 they acquired a huge security company, Lifeshield/DirecTV security.  For current Digital Life customers your monitoring will stay the same.  For all the existing customers with LifeShield, they are in for a few surprises.

touchscreen security panel powered by at&t

Updated touchscreen security panel

A quick look at the good and bad of AT&T home security:

  • Updated equipment in 2017
  • Easy pay by connecting to multiple AT&T services
  • Mobile control with all packages
  • Becoming widely available throughout nation
  • Standard contract lengths (24-36 months)
  • Home automation and security cameras available


  • 4 out of 12 reviews on Amazon are 1 star ratings
  • High starting costs
  • Cancellation fee if moving to somewhere they don't service
  • Newer company means you get to be the test dummy
  • Most security systems can function for up to 10 days when the power goes out.  Their backup batteries have been said to only last up to 24 hours.
  • High monitoring fees


With any new company you it is smart to wait until they have some history under their belt.  Especially while they complete the merge of acquiring LifeShield, we recommend using a stand-alone security company. Below is what you need to know before buying Digital Life.

Comparison Chart

  AT&T Digital Life vs ADT

Starting costs:

  $149+ $99

Monitoring price:

  $39.99 - 64.99 $36.99-54.99


 Proprietary to them.  Security cameras, motion sensor,
standard panel, window / door sensors, C02 detector
  Pulse automation.  All the essentials using GE and Honeywell


  20 states.  Rolling out slowly All 50 states & international

Business founded:

  2012 1874

BBB Rating:

No rating for this  home security
division of their brand. 

How to contact:

  Visit a local AT&T Dealer Visit ADT

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What are the costs & packages offered?

There are three different packages offered.  Early termination fee up to $840 is applied if cancelling before 2 yr agreement.

1.  Smart security package:  $39.99/mo + $50 starting costs.  This is their basic plan that comes with very limited equipment.  Practical for smaller homes or users who just want the essentials covered.

2.  Smart security + automation package:  $54.99/mo + $150 starting costs.  This includes a touchscreen panel and a outdoor security camera which you may want to exchange for an indoor one.

3.  Premium security and automation package:  $64.99/mo + $200 starting costs.  The extra $10 a month and $50 more upfront gets you the ability for temperature and light control.  You can save $10/month and $50-100 upfront by getting the same thing with ADT Pulse.


AT&T digital life packages

Screenshot of their packages shown

Security Equipment review

Home security equipment offered

AT&T Security System is compromised of white labeled equipment.  They have their own smart control app (free) for notifications and to arm and disarm the alarm system.

AT&T Control panel

att security equipment sensors

They have basic to advanced equipment but it will cost you quite a bit out of pocket to get a system comparable to Frontpoint Security.

- Basic equipment such as: Standard window and door sensors, CO2 detector, smoke detection, key remote; also called a panic button or key-fob.

- Advanced automation equipment includes:  Security camera, light module, smart thermostat control and remote control front locks.  No smart doorbell system added yet as of early 2018.

- Free mobile smartphone app for users

What's it take to get their security system up and running?

It is a professional installation system (compared to DIY) and expect $99-299 in costs depending on the amount of equipment put into the home.  Most of the equipment used in the Digital Life system is wireless.  These sensors will make a loud beep sound when running out of batteries after a few years.  The panel and security cameras will need to be hardwired in by an expert.

A tech will show up in a little truck (like the one shown above) and count on it taking 1-3 hours.  We recommend companies like this that offer professional installations like Vivint and ADT so you don't have to worry about installing the equipment wrong.  Getting it setup wrong defeats the whole purpose of having a home alarm system.

Our Final say on AT&T Digital Life

digital life yard sign 

Will you be sticking their yard sign in front of your home?

With several cable companies adding home security to their line up such as Comcast and Time Warner, AT&T feels like another company going after your wallet.  They will be a good company to watch over the next few years and see how well they handle the on take of thousands of existing LifeShield customers.  What you have to decide is if you want to go with a company who adds this service as an add-on or a stand-alone company who is 100% dedicated to home security.

If you have had any experience with this company please share with the community below.

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  1. Luis E. Perez
    03/22/2019 at 08:40

    One of the worst customer service I have ever seen. This company (AT&T Digital LIFE) sucks!!! I've been dealing with a simple issue as to replace a door sensor since December 2018; it is now March 2019, and still dealing with the issue, on top that they want to charge me $39,95 for an error they committed. Customer service representative don't seem to have enough knowledge to resolve simple issues, and went you request a supervisor, or someone that can be a decision-maker, they are reluctant to transfer you. Do not commit the same mistake I committed switching to AT&T Digital Life alarm system. I walked away from Directv for the same reason, and already started the process of finding a new provider for my alarm.

  2. Gordon Lucaj
    06/21/2018 at 19:57

    The reps at the stores lie all the time. Do not sign up this company is the worst. I was talked into it at the store and my main concern was that I was moving in 6 months and my new landlord might not let me have it installed. If you're renting you need permission from your landlord to have it installed. The rep assured me multiple times that there would be no issue if my landlord wouldn't let me install the system because Digital life wouldn't force me to keep paying for a system that I wouldn't be able to have installed in my home. I ended up moving a year later and my landlord wouldn't let me have anything drilled in the walls. I call up Digital life and they tell me I have a $400 early termination fee to pay and just because I can't have the system installed in my home, it doesn't mean i'm out of my contract. I go back to the store to see the rep and he tells me he would never say anything like that... Fast forward to another year later, I'm out of contract and have been paying this stupid bill for no reason. I call to cancel and they tell me only a special department can cancel my account and they're only open monday - friday 8-5pm but eastern time... This department is only open when people are working typical hours and I can't cancel after work or before work. I'm literally going to have to take a full day off to cancel this stupid system that hasn't been used in over a year. I asked to speak to a manager, they transferred me to the manager after a 45 minute hold. The second they pick up the phone I hear someone talking and laughing and then click. They treat you like crap. On another note, one of the women I work with had the system installed over a year ago. Her house got broken into and she saw the guy in her cameras but her alarm never went off. She found out her installer never set up the sensors on the doors or windows... If you need this stupid system make sure you get everything in writing, the reps are shady and just trying to make quick money because they are paid on commission.

    • 06/25/2018 at 09:54

      Yeah unfortunately any product that is sold by commission based employees is going to bring with it it's lies as they are eager to make commission. Security companies that knock door to door have a hard time with this and have implemented new things like the customer welcome call where corporate confirms they understand all parts of the contract and pricing. These things will also hold true with car sales, homes and anything that pays out a high sales commission.

  3. Scott G
    03/16/2018 at 08:32

    I've had Digital Life for 5 years with no issues. It works great.

  4. Dammy
    02/18/2018 at 03:06

    I hate that the backup battery doesn't last longer than a day! Well, aside that I've been enjoying the service. I subscribed for a Premium security and automation package and I got charged for the 3 years subscription service and I got a very good installer to come do the job. Trust me, ATT is a very good security company and they know just how to treat their customers.

  5. Jill
    01/07/2018 at 18:49

    Listen up, AT&T is new to this space compared to other companies who whole business is home security. So of course you'll get better service than a company that specializes in cellular phone coverage. Doesn't that make sense?

  6. Rosy
    01/04/2018 at 17:56

    Att digital life was bad choice for me. The people that sold it to me were nice as was the installer but the system function and monitoring was poor. It all sounds good at first but I wasted my money for 2 yrs because of the contract. I actually had to maintain a second alarm system for safety. When att digital life wasn't working or it went off I was not notified .They didn't even realize it wasn't workiing. Battery life was short and had to be replaced . It took a lot of space , made holes in my walls and then in the end I have useless equipment that won't even chime when the door opens. Extremely disappointed.

  7. Digital Life Hater
    12/02/2017 at 12:53

    It is simple. SIMPLY THE WORST SERVICE EVER. Every experience except for the install. The equipment is always needing repairs. The customer service is worse than any other company I have ever far. That says a lot as there are a lot of bad customer service lines at different companies. But they are unlike anything else. A simple call takes an hour to resolve. More difficult situations take forever and rarely actually get resolved. I paid to cancel my service because after a year I did not want to deal with the frustration of THE WORLD’S WORST SERVICE anymore. I hate it so much I took a few minutes out of my day to write this even though I have not used them in months.

  8. S. G. Eldridge
    11/12/2017 at 20:27

    Don't mess with Digital Life. The company is impersonal and the equipment cannot be used with any other system. You own the cameras, but they are worthless once you leave the company. It is not worth the money, so don't believe the hype.

  9. Pete Hamilton
    11/12/2017 at 13:39

    Worst product ever. Their customer service were top shelf in being nice. I️ should know. I️ was on the phone with them enough. But superior customer service over the phone does not replace a disgrace of a product. I️wiring was done incorrectly at install. Then I️ lost heat THREE times due to their system crashing. One of the phone calls, the woman on the phone actually said “oh, I’ve never seen this system before” I️ asked if she was new and she said she’d been there a while. So they decided to use my home as a guinea pig to try out a failed product on. Last stray was when my mirror got smashed by a vandal in front of the camera and it was off line. Camera only worked about 8 minutes per day. Then they tried to say it was my fault because I️ downloaded their iPhone update. (WHAT?!). I️ had told them I️ wanted the system out within the first 2 week’s and the store rep said to keep it and work the bigs out because I️ had 30 days grace period. When I️ ripped the system out and asked where I️ could drop the junk off, they said I️ could keep it as their gift to me. Gee...thanks. Then they got cute and said I️ went past their 14 day grace period. After telling them all my problems and what their rep said, they agreed to waive the $700 cancellation fee that I️ “legally” owed them, the still hit me with some $93 fee that I️ refuse to pay. They sent me to collections over it. I️ can easily afford to pay it, but I’ll die before I️ give these crooks some one more than I️ spent on this absolute failure of a product.

  10. Athena Williams
    11/10/2017 at 14:34

    Wow so many bad reviews and I just got Digital Life installed into our home.

    • 12/14/2017 at 16:21

      How did you go about signing up? They have withdrawn Digital life from all of the Authorized Retailers storefronts... Online? They are dissolving this over the coming years so I'm surprised they took your service.

  11. Sylvia
    11/07/2017 at 13:51

    We were with AT&T Digital Life for 2 yrs and let me tell you. Ever since we had installed it, we have so many problems with it. Not only with the system but also with the Customer Service and Supervisors. Every time we needed to service with our system. They would tell me that the Tech will call before arrive so I would know they would be on their way. Well never got a phone call not from the Tech nor Digital Life. Every time I called for service I would be on hold from 30 min. to an hour it never failed. Even the supervisor couldn't even help me with some of the questions I had. Needless to say we CANCELLED. I am sure I will be more happy with our new Security System. I do not recommend this Security to anyone seriously.

  12. N/A
    11/04/2017 at 08:48

    Digital life is a fake security company. Recently I discovered that one of their new phone numbers was originally an ADT number. That's not a coincidence. It could've been the number from a former insurance agency, telemarketing firm, corporate chain, party hotline, etc. I will never believe that when AT&T was looking for a new phone number they happened to be assigned one that was formerly ADT's phone number. Radio Shack closed over 1000 stores. We once bought security alarms and combination keypads at Radio Shack. They were identical to AT&T's. Signing up with Digital Life a couple of years ago, they had a great keypad on the door. Signing up again this past year when we moved, they installed a cheaper, lesser keypad. If the company was making money and successful they would either still have the good gear, or improved up on it. They would not downgrade. It's more than obvious that they stocked up by buying Radio Shack's surplus out of their closing warehouses. Besides buying customers from ADT, and buying gear from a closed electronics chain, AT&T's customer service is absurd. We had repairmen here 8 times (within a four hour block, of course) just to repair an initial installation that wasn't done properly. That's 4 hours on 8 different days. They owe me 32 hours of my time that they owe me. I gave them an invoice, they ripped it up in front of me. Nice. Yesterday they were scheduled to come and UNINSTALL this garbage and take it away. They were scheduled from 1-4. Naturally, they don't want to lose a customer.... so wouldn't you know they never showed up? Never. No phone call. At 5, an hour past 4, they called and claimed there was a guy here. No there wasn't. They said he was trying to reach us but could not. No, he didn't. I'm supposed to believe that his phone couldn't reach us but the home office could? I may look young but I wasn't born yesterday, kids. This company LIES and they encourage lying. They hire criminals. Our initial installation was made by a criminal. He broke our front door (I MEAN BROKE, maintenance wanted to charge US for the damage) and then the bastard ran off without telling us if he was done or not. He left the front door broken, and the installation incomplete. There was a sealed box here with some of the components he hadn't installed. That's called destruction of property, folks. It's illegal. When we had AT&T send a tech to fix it a day later, we insisted that they do NOT send the same man. I made it very clear that he wasn't welcome and that if he showed up he would be charged with destruction of property and trespassing. Guess who showed up anyway! So if you are foolish enough to believe this fake company is real, go for it. You won't have security but you'll pay top dollar and think you do. (If you're a moron, that is.) I'm not an angry, bitter customer. I don't care. I fired them. I am just telling everyone this has been investigated and it's all true. Just b because it's a major company and isn't in the news doesn't mean they aren't conning people. Scams are so popular today that they are out of control. The Feds can't catch everyone. BUYER BEWARE.

  13. Sheetal
    10/14/2017 at 10:43

    AT&T Digital Life is the worst company ever and the worst customer service. Please save yourselves from the harassment and frustration that buying their service will cause you. I am suffering currently as I am under their 2 year contract and there is a huge cancellation fee which they will not waive off even if their security system is down and they cannot resolve it. They also cannot send a technician for such emergencies. They initially gave an appointment 2 weeks out knowing that the security system is down. So, we are paying a company who is not doing the job we are paying for and not even trying to help us resolve the issue ASAP. After fighting on the phone for 4-5 hours, because they keep transferring you and you have to repeat your story to atleast 6-7 different people from scratch with no end result. The best they could do is give a technician appointment after 4 days. So we have to live in a house for 4 days without security and we still have to pay them. It is ridiculous. We want to cancel the service but they will not waive off the cancellation fee. This is just one instance. I have had many such bad experiences in the past year and I have 1 more year to go before I get rid of this headache. I sometimes feel like filing a lawsuit for the mental harassment caused due to ATT. Please, please stat away from ATT Digitial Life. I am sure there are better companies out there.

  14. Tia Rhodes
    07/18/2017 at 18:27

    I have had at&t digital life service for over two years and HATED THEM SINCE THE DAY I SIGNED UP..... HUGE REGRET. First during a transfer of service we were given the wrong information when it came to moving the equipment and they took no responsibility for the wrong information which cost me an additional $150. Then during another move (military) we had to disconnect the service because the home we were moving in already had service with another provider that came with the home and they gave us the hardest time disconnected I originally called in on the 11th to disconnect and it is now 7/18/17 and my service is STILL NOT DISCONNECTED BECAUSE I AM GETTING THE RUN AROUND SAYING IT HAS TO BE ESCALATED FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, and they REFUSE To back date it to the 11th when I called. I was told I would get a call back the next day the 3x I called and still havent heard from anyone. WORST FUCKING COMPANY. RUN STAY AWAY. I never leave reviews not even for bad experience but this is the worst.

    • Wes Sharp
      08/02/2017 at 17:40

      Tia, my experience is just as bad as yours. First, the initial installation had building code violations. Exposed electrical wires in my attic. I was sold a lot of the available options, including the 2 garage door openers. Both openers are identical. Only one garage door ever worked. 3 technicians attempted to fix the problem. Finally a 4th one informed me that my brand of garage door openers is not compatible, which makes no since. BOTH garage door openers are the exact same make and model. One works the other does not. Why didn't they tell me this before I wasted so much time on the phone and having to home for the tech? When I complain about this nonsense I am either disrespected and hung up on, or I am promised a call from a manager which has never happened - even though this promise has been made to me many times now. I have 4 cameras which only work part of the time. When I call about it, the exact same troubleshooting routine is repeated again and again, with the same results. Still does not work. 3 weeks ago the system went completely down. I have spent literally 100 hours trying to get this thing to work. When I call, it's the same routine and the same results. They offered to send a tech to fix it, and then they informed me that it will be another 8 weeks before a tech can be here. So basically I am paying for a security system that provides ZERO security. Thank you AT&T.

  15. Colette
    07/13/2017 at 05:23

    Horrible!! Run away!!! First, they came out three times to get it to work right. Then, after a mysterious false alarm, I was charged $200 from the police department. When I called to cancel because I am moving to another state where they don't accept home security because they already have one in place, Digital Life directed me to their "mover" department. They don't respond. They demand a letter from the new location and then they give you the runaround. ATT ignores you and refuses to get involved. Your credit rating will tank because they will demand the high cancellation fee. A nasty, unscrupulous, dishonest, dirty system that steals your money. Run away and don't be suckered into signing up for it. Oh and by the way, don't expect someone to understand English when you call for assistance. They route all their calls to other countries and then hold you hostage when you need assistance.

  16. Cisha
    06/28/2017 at 07:00

    I cannot wait for my contract to be up with this Digital Life. I have had nothing but issues with this system and the APP SUCKS. I constantly need to keep calling customer service to reset my pass codes AND I use my fingerprint to get into it, well at least it allows me to for a very short period of time. I have a different security system at my studio and they work with no issues. The big box that is located in my child room has put holes in my walls because its too heavy and the tech didn't mount it on a more sturdy part of the walls. So now I eventually have to get it fixed.

  17. Douglas Mcclain
    06/26/2017 at 16:26

    At&t Digital Life.....DON'T DO IT!!! EXPENSIVE, OVER PRICED, USELESS, ALWAYS WENT DOWN AND NOT WORK, DON'T MOVE CUZ THEY WILL CHARGE YOU $500 FEE. There are much better companies out that. Run away.

  18. Katrina Taylor
    06/20/2017 at 16:07

    AT&T Digital Life: Sure, there are plenty of negative customer service reviews around. But, this is one that I feel everyone should read. I have been an AT&T customer since they were Cingular Wireless. Yeah, that long. So, when I moved out of Mom and Dad’s and saw AT&T rolled out a home security package, I was thrilled…initially. The first few months were great. Security camera, alarm system, window chimes, all for a not-too-bad of a price? Sign me up! I moved my service with AT&T and it was painless. And then today happened. I was locked out of my apartment yesterday due to my door being jammed. My boyfriend and I figured out it was the door lock that had become loose, but the screws were stripped so the logical thing to do was call AT&T and explain that I needed a technician to come out and fix my door lock as I could not secure my apartment. I had an appointment set for today (6/20/17) with a window from 1-4PM EST. When 4:30PM EST rolled around and there was no technician, I called AT&T to check in and see what was going on. I was informed that my appointment, which was an emergency appointment as I could not secure my apartment, had been changed to 7/18/17 (yes, almost a full month from today) with a window from 1-4PM EST. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor to discuss why my appointment had been changed and why this was not being taken more seriously. I was then informed by the representative while waiting to get her supervisor that my issue was not a “qualified emergency” and that is why my appointment had been changed (without giving me any notice as well). When the supervisor got on the phone, I explained the severity of my situation once more. I could not secure my apartment with the security system provided by AT&T. He explained to me that he could not help but could place me on a “stand-by” list in hopes that a technician could get to me sooner, but that I should have had another point of entrance to get into my apartment. Sure, I see his point, but how does that apply if you’re on the 2nd, 3rd, or a higher floor that isn’t ground level? How does one access his or her apartment then? I then asked to be transferred to someone who could terminate my account as I think it is pretty ironic that the security system I pay for each month cannot secure my home. I was then transferred to the Emory Hospital in Kentucky. Yeah, I was very confused too. I called back asking to speak to a supervisor and was told that the representative was waiting to get a supervisor for me to speak to, but that it would be $586 and some change to terminate my account. The account that is supposed to secure my apartment, but doesn’t, and when I asked for help, I was told I was out of luck. Would you leave your home if you couldn’t secure it? I had a beyond terrible experience with customer service, and my sense of security has been taken away, by my security system. Ironic, isn’t it?

  19. April
    06/12/2017 at 16:07

    As a long standing customer with AT&T my past experience with their phone service has been good, however RUN, DO NOT sign contract with AT&T DIGITAL LIFE service. It was my experience after a year with AT&T DIGITAL I regretted getting this service. It took several appointments getting system tweaked once installed. They did NOT notify me of updates and almost each time there was a problem. At times service was down all day. The service techs who came to home all made comments they are not AT&T, but independent company contracted by AT&T to handle service. Some techs better than others, however sometimes they created additional problems while there to fix a prior problem. I got ATT DIGITAL LIFE Security Systems and camera to catch "someone" that was entering my home while away and damaging personal property or taking items. I realized after several illogical damages to property and personal items this service at best is a "novelty" when it is working, HOWEVER, this "someone" obviously knows how to circumvent their security system as the events list on app would show me come-and-go, doors open and closed by me, HOWEVER NOT ONE TIME DID IT SHOW "someone" entering or leaving my home that was leaving damage. I personally experienced this twice when I arrived home, did not hear entry alarm when entered, then at keypad there was nothing to indicate I had walked through the door and standing in my home. I tried entering by disarm code. Did not detect ...nothing. The controller, keypad, motion detector, sensors did not detect I had entered home. Nothing on app either...everything looked normal....BUT I WAS IN THE HOME WALKING AROUND BUT ALARM SAID ARMED AND ALL APPEARED OKAY. I called and spoke with service tech who said system needed to be updated and should not happen again. I believe he offered me a credit of $20 or $30 when this happened. That pales in comparison to the damage of the intruder and fact that my home WAS NOT SECURE...ATT DID NOT KNOW I HAD ENTERED HOME and certainly was not detecting intruder! I gave them the benefit of doubt and continued with service almost one year. After intruder had entered my home on at least 6 occasions I had nothing to show for it except damaged or missing personal items, not to mention the lack of feeling secure in my home. Paying for a service that was not reliable. I called ATT to cancel service as IT IS VULNERABLE -intruder is circumventing their system. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH ATT DIGITAL LIFE. It was my experience they did not care that their system was being bypassed but blatantly said I would have to pay ETF. Not happy about it. They wanted to send a service tech out again but I was DONE with this NOVELTY service. Too much at risk - multiple occurrences their system did NOT detect intruder. ATT DIGITAL LIFE BIG DISAPPONTMENT. The service reps commented DIGITAL LIFE is an "experiment" hence whey they do not combine ATT DIGITAL LIFE with other service from ATT. ' April P.

  20. Rebecca Illingworth
    04/28/2017 at 11:55

    Time after time I have problems with this system. AT&T decided to do a system update, not notify customers of possible issues, and because of these updates, I got kicked out of the system and not allowed remote access. My 12-year-old could not enter our home because we could not unlock the doors remotely - as the system is set up to. After waiting for 15 minutes to speak with someone, I was told it was a nationwide issue. And that if I want a credit, I needed to call back, again, and request a credit once the system is up and going in 24-48 hours. I demanded a credit now since I don't have the time babysit this company, she issued a $15 credit, as a courtesy, because technically, "The system is still working." With all the competitors available in this area, I would think AT&T would learn to give better customer service and take responsibly for their immense errors and give people more than a $15 credit. I was asking for a one month credit. Overall, this system is inadequate and clearly needs to work their issues out. For a security system, that luxury is not available. Safety is in their hands and frankly, they could care less. This is a complete failure of a system.

  21. Michele McGarvey
    03/15/2017 at 17:59

    RUN!! Do not use AT&T for your home security. The service was down more than it was working. Then after running through all their trouble shooting over the phone they'd schedule a tech to come out to the house. Repeatedly the tech never showed up. This happened more time than I remember. I even had an attempted break in and the service was down. What's the point of having it if it isn't going to work for the purpose I got it for. Then every month I had to deal with billing because I was invoiced for time periods I had no service. Then when I moved aboutique a year later they kept charging for service at the old address. The service was down several.months before I moved. I was just tired of calling and dealing with their hassle for this crappy system and service. They wanted to keep my business but I'd have to start the whole contract over again for 2 years. They said bc it was at a new address. WTF!! That would be a total of 3 years instead of 2 of this crap!! Life is to short. Save yourself a lot of stress and frustration and just stay away from AT&T digital life home security.

    • Linda C.
      05/20/2017 at 12:06

      I never had any issues with AT&T's home security. What area are you in? It seems like around here it is the go to place. Every person I have spoken to and the few guys who have come out to the house were all very nice. They gave me a discount as well because they messed something up in my home by mistake.

  22. Kathy Beck
    03/06/2017 at 13:19

    Last July our house was hit by a tornado it completely knocked our alarm system out it took over 3 months to do the repairs. When I contacted AT&T Digital Life to come out and fix the alarm I also told them that I wanted to upgrade my outside cameras. The salesman I spoke with talked me into cancelling my account and opening a new account so I can upgrade my package, I did that and proceeded with my order (which took 3 hours) I paid him over the phone for half of my equipment and then scheduled my install. The installer comes out and spends 8 hours and I asked him about my cameras which he told me that he did not have and were not on his install instructions. After he left I got on the phone with Digital Life and spent another 3 hours and finally was told it was above his pay grade and someone will call me in 48 hours which no one called me so back on the phone with Digital Life for another 3 hours until I found someone that actually wanted to help me she connected me with customer service I found out they could not find my money I paid him over the phone (which I have proof from my bank statement) which I thought I was fixed turned out it was not but they did correct my installation problems. They finally came back and installed what I paid for and everything was working great. Then 2 months goes by and my outside cameras stopped working I thought it was my WI FI so I called my WI FI provider and boosted my WI FI then I called to have someone come out to fix them. They sent out a guy who tried to fix them but could not so in a couple of days they sent out another guy who said he could not fix them and he would recommend that I just cancel my service. I called Digital Life and told them what the technicians told me and they had a area manager call me and she told me she was sending a AT&T Digital Life Engineer and his Supervisor out to look at the problem. When they called to confirm the appointment I found out it was the same guys that told me to cancel my service. I called Digital Life back and told them just to cancel my service that I have had it but they would not cancel until another technician came out to try and fix the problem I told them they could not send the same technicians from the same company because they keep telling me to cancel my account. So when the technician comes out he asked me why I didn't cancel my account and I asked him if he worked with the other technicians that have been trying to fix and he said yes, frustrated he went to try and fix it and told me that my account was cancelled and that they would be out in a week to pick up the equipment so I can get a refund. When I didn't here from them I got back on the phone with Digital Life and they told me my account was not cancelled. By now I am so tired of being lied to that I told her to cancel my service and told her how frustrated I was, when I asked her about the equipment she told me I owned it that I went pass my 14 day warranty. I asked her where she was at and she told me the Caribbean. That told me she really didn't care she was just being polite. I have not found anyone to help me get my money back so I can go with another alarm company

    03/05/2017 at 12:11

    I had Digital life from AT & T for 3 months. I keep calling because i keep getting messages that my front door camara is off line every day. I have called every day and they dont pick up the phone . I am very frustrated with this company. I never had a problem with ADT, EVER.I want to go back to ADT.

  24. Hugh Crissman
    03/02/2017 at 22:50

    Having a AT&T digital life home security system installed has been the worst decision I have ever made. I have had the same experience that all of the negative reviewers have had! The system was sold with a tablet which was designed to operate the system, but it has failed to function! We have wasted countless hours on the phone trying to resolve problems ! Today they did not answer the phone during the entire day was wasted! This is a perfect example of a company and product that will drive you to extreme anger and trap you into large fees and charges to void the contract! They wanted about $800.00 to terminate my contract! Shame on me for not checking on this company before I committed to purchase!

  25. Kristina
    01/25/2017 at 16:34

    So your thinking about AT&Ts DigitalLife? Well, DONT , JUST RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN ANY OTHER DIRECTION!! We have had the system for 9months and in that time they have had to replace the touch tablet twice, constant camera failures, the system is just buggy. Spontaneous alarms chirping at 3am telling me 'crash detected' and nothing at all, cameras consistently not working due to either 'connectivity' or 'poor signal' and I'm running on high speed with an 2200ac router. The panel goes out and I have had to do a hard reset (unplug from wall, remover cover, remove battery, wait 5 mins and do everything in reverse) a dozen times or more! And now, they are telling me that I have to pay them to come get there crap out of my house. Also it is not compatible with any other system... this had potential, but they have failed miserably. I just wish there would have been honest reviews when I was looking.

    • Kundra
      02/25/2017 at 12:27

      I wish I never signed up! Called in 3 times this month, system malfunction. Do you still have the system? I want to cancel. ATT will charge 450 to remove it.

    • Lisa Theis
      02/28/2017 at 09:52

      We've had the worst experience EVER with this company, I am just waiting to cancel! Never will we do business with AT&T.

  26. Agnes Henderson
    01/24/2017 at 01:50

    We ordered digital life and we received $2,000 of equipment force$489 broken down in extremely low monthly payments. As of right now I do not have WiFi, but the system still records all activity outside of my home! My husband, my sister and myself are completely happy with digital life. Unlike a lot of systems, digital life is hardwired to your home in case of power outages. We've recommended digital life to family and friends....I wouldn't trade it for anything! We gladly give digital life 5 stars! It definitely does its job! Well done AT & T....well done!

  27. Ramesh Pathak
    01/06/2017 at 00:12

    AT&T Home Security system has failed in my house, large home Video monitoring did not work at all from day one..after 3 month they got video monitoring up and it goes down every now and then, now Alarm has also gone out. They keep on charging my credit card for service that does not work. Busy Man need to find time to get the contract cancel or buyout ,, If I have to, I will dump their wireless phone and go for TMobile to compensate for my loss. I will suggest don't even look at ATT home security soln.

  28. Oliver
    01/01/2017 at 12:33

    AT&T quoted me $39.99 / month for their premium package and $159 for equipment. Install was horrible. The technician did not appear to know basic wiring techniques and constantly badgered us to accept easy shortcuts in installation. The outdoor camera was not very useful - and rarely captured footage of activity which was within range. The first bill came in at $65 / month, almost twice the amount quoted. Luckily, I had my hand written notes, date and time of call, and name of AT&T sales rep. After much hassle, a letter to AT&T Digital Life CEO, and a significant delay while AT&T "investigated my claims", I instructed AT&T to remove their equipment and refund my money. They have removed the equipment - but tried to remove only the valuable pieces and leave the disposable sensors in places. This. Implant plays fast and loose. I feel lucky to have gotten away from them and suggest that you think three or four times before attempting to do business with them.

  29. Theresa Lamie
    12/19/2016 at 22:41

    They can't monitor garage roll up doors. They don't have the capability or equipment to do so. Sales/install rep lied when the system was installed. REVIEW OF AT&T Digital Life Home Security: They can't monitor garage roll up doors. Their sales and installer said they could and that we were. They don't have the capability or equipment to do so. They don't tell you that up front. We discovered it after the 14 day cancelation period and are now stuck paying a HUGE cancellation fee to move to a company to do what we thought we were paying AT&T to do. If you have AT&T Digital Life, someone can break into your home via your attached garage roll up door and rob/harm you and no one will know, no one will call, no one will come. It certainly gave me no peace of mind at night when I put my head on my pillow. How can they live with themselves knowing this? How is it legal to conduct business this way? Don't even get me started about the false alarms that do happen for other doors/windows in the home, alarms that don't go off when the system is set to ON, the calls that don't come to check on us, and the one time they did call and didn't even ask for the 'safe' word. DO NOT give these corrupt crooks your hard earned money. The digital key pad they include in the install package they now refer to as a 'novelty' item and do not support it. It does not work. They offer no refund for it. The wires during installation were patched together with tape and was a hazard. We offered to let them correct the matter, they sent a technician to install a garage door opener. It does not allow them to monitor the garage roll up door. We would still be at risk with the entry point of the garage roll up door. We expect the early cancellation fee to be waived and our monitoring fees since installation refunded since we have not been monitored as promised during our sales pitch and during the install. We requested the log of all contact and after multiple requests, we have received NOTHING. The only thing they will protect/monitor is their own pockets. What did we pay them for each month? We were not fully monitored. We were not protected. They offered to install a camera at our garage. It does NOT solve the monitoring issue, a camera won't call the cops when someone breaks in, it is their admission of fraudulent sales practices. #ATTDigitalLife

  30. Luciano C. Campos
    12/14/2016 at 11:14

    They sold the package with "all functions" with a great price, but at the end was not included and everything was extra. tried to cancel and they wanted a early termination fee. Do not use/install, what they offer you can get outside from a much better deal,.

  31. Lee
    12/03/2016 at 13:14

    I nearly canceled after installation as they got the package wrong, set me up incorrectly and overcharged me. I didn't want to go through the hassle of another appt. - now I wish I had. I am locked into a contract, the customer service is TERRIBLE keeping you on the phone queue for 20-30 minutes and the problems arming and disarming the system are legendary. Skip this provider

  32. Darsha Currin
    10/20/2016 at 16:29

    Save your money and your time. You're better off leaving your door's unlocked then getting Digital Life. SAVE YOUR MONEY DO IT YOURSELF. They are over priced, the equipmentis faulty, and the wait/hold times to speak to a representative are unbareable. I've had 2 break in's and a fire at my residence since I installed digital life and their cameras. The camera can catch vivid images of birds and spiders that cascade by however; do not catch burglers nor the fire department coming through my yard. They did however credit my account for the camera not working but, not for the digital life service. I would not recommend Digital Life to anyone with a family they want to protect. Then to make matters worse when I attempted cancel my services and get the gift card I was promised they had no idea what gift card I was referring to. They refused to let me speak to a manager, transferred me multiple times and hung up on me more than once. I've been on the phone with these people for 3 hours and they will not allow me to cancel my services. This is a warning if you would like a headache then invest in Digital Life; unprofessional, incompetent, and full of broken promises. These people are vultures trying to get sales for equipment that is sub par. Don't say you haven't been warned.

    • Bill Fields
      11/02/2016 at 17:35

      I have been with AT&T for their two year commitment but finally got out and am free ...does their equipment work on anyone else's system or do we have to start all over again ?

      • 11/10/2016 at 10:22

        Hey Bill, It will still make all the bells and whistles (sounds) when someone breaks in if it is turned on. However, the monitoring company (AT&T Digital Life) will not call you or any emergency contacts if you are not paying to connect it to them. Some people prefer to stop paying and just use the alarm to notify them of an intruder at night (and still a great crime deterrent) but it's not very practical for when you are away from your home. Hope that answers your question.

  33. Sam
    09/26/2016 at 22:11

    Whenever you see the letter AT&T it's a good sign that the cost are going to higher than the other companies. But I have to admit I've tried a few different companies in many of their services and I have always been the happiest with them. That's why they can charge a lot...because their products and services are better than their competitors. Yes they are newest in this field but they are doing a great job for the time they have been doing it.

  34. Nelson Rincon
    09/12/2016 at 08:02

    Definitely the worst service a company can provide. Yesterday, 9/11/2016, they decided to do a system wide upgrade to the web site and the mobile apps that you use to monitor and control your devices. It is fine to do upgrades, but they shut down these platforms for over 6 hours! On top of that I had to wait almost 50 min to be able to talk to someone in tech support. I had also reached out to the Twitter handle @ATTcares to get some kind of answer, well it took them 12 hours to reply to my message, seriously??? To add even more I cannot cancel this horrible service because we are just pass the 14 day buyer remorse, how convenient for them right? Please stay away from this horrible company, they do not care about their customers, they just want to lock you in a contract so then you have to pay almost $700 in cancellation fees. Someone needs to come up and get a better service for this, STAY AWAY from them and let others know!

  35. Michael Badeaux
    09/01/2016 at 13:49

    Signed up for a AT&T digital life security system for my investments home in TX, seemed like a good idea. AT&T is not intelligent enough to handle multiple homes nor multiple platforms and cares little about their customers issues with their "bundled" services. Also digital life is so screwed up no one in the store can do anything except sign you up and the you are left to their own customer disservice. The installation was not complete and still I am being charged the early termination fee. So furious, please avoid AT&T services whenever possible, they do not care about their customers. Michael B. Pasadena TX

  36. John Vidale
    07/25/2016 at 10:01

    I've had Digital Life for two years now, and am quite impressed. Rapid answers to phone calls, very quick calls if I accidentally trip the system, good connectivity with my iPhone and web apps. They converted my old security system that was built in the house, reconfiguring it. I've had them out a couple of times to add outlets, cameras, and they call ahead so I can come from work to meet them without wasting time. I haven't checked recently, but at the time their programmability was the best, I have about 20 programs running send me texts if something happens - garage left open, power outages or power coming back on as well as alerts.

  37. Nancy Brown
    02/02/2016 at 17:46

    I have used AT&T Digital Life since 2014 and have had no negative issues. That being said my monthly monitoring rate is much more than other companies reviewed here and I only got the basic package.

  38. joseph
    01/11/2016 at 02:21

    I can vouch that it’s way too costly compared to other companies. In my opinion, they shouldn't even be in the home security industry. They need to stick to wireless and cable providers and once they have those down roll this out. They seem to be going after the dollar and not us as the customer's actual needs.

  39. Samantha Painer
    11/09/2015 at 12:32

    We have two different systems with at&t. One at our rental home and one here. I probably wouldn't have gone with them if I had read this summary about their company first. I didn't realize they were so new to the market! Their customer service has been average and equipment good. Prices seem a bit high and they are going to raise again in 6 months. I am not against them but my friends who have some of the other companies reviewed by this website have better functions, can move whenever they want and more equipment at a better price... Just saying!

  40. Jaxx
    10/06/2015 at 17:29

    I would never call out a company for being bad and leaving all their crap details online but I just want to state that I was not happy with at&t. I have had cable and internet with them in the past and my experience with their alarm systems is no different. Too many hiccups, overpriced, average customer service. I took my business elsewhere but I can see some people like them. They are not for me though.

  41. Tami
    09/18/2015 at 16:14

    I regret going with AT&T digital life after signing up when I went to the store to renew my phone contract. I did it without my husband knowing and he wasn't happy when he started to see the first bill at over $340! (Installation, activation + the first month of monitoring). He says he could've installed it himself with a company like Frontpoint and saved us a bunch of money. We tried to cancel but we were already past the 3 days right of rescission to cancel. Their equipment looks nice but it's really a piece of junk, I would recommend a company who uses Honeywell or GE.

  42. Maria Ramos
    09/11/2015 at 11:36

    We just moved into a new home and AT&T was supposed to switch with us for free. When that didn't end up happening I called to cancel and then they wanted the remainder of my contract prorated for me to cancel that. So then I stuck with them and it took them nearly 1 month to get out to my new house and install a less than what I had before security system. I plan on cancelling them and switching to ADT as soon as I end this contract.

  43. Robert McDonald
    07/23/2015 at 06:25

    I experience major problems with the installation process. Customer service provided conflicting information depending on whom I talked to. I came very close to canceling the contract because of the problems with installation. Some information was just plain not true.

    • Mark
      11/30/2015 at 22:12

      I experienced similar issues, I'm glad that I was not the only one!

  44. Terrance
    07/11/2015 at 20:09

    I have seen so many mixed reviews with this company. I had to put my two-cents in some what. I went with them because I have a friend who works for the company. In my area, they allow family and friend's discounts so I got a deal. Anyways, I had no issues with installation. The guy that came out was straight forward and didn't leave till I knew what I was doing. I ran into two small issues with the system, and this was due to some interference related to a building near by but it was taken care of the following week. I give them a B-.

  45. Jay Wess
    07/11/2015 at 19:56

    I don't want people to get the wrong idea and not give them a chance but I have to share that for me, their customer service was horrid. I spent nearly 4 hours one time on the phone before I finally got someone to schedule to have a service man come out to my house. He showed up 2 hours early so I had to leave work. Then my bill was charged 2 times 3 months in a row. No thanks.

  46. Thomson
    07/11/2015 at 18:59

    I have been with at&t internet and phone for YEARS. When I found out they had security systems now and that I can get a small discount I figured I would go with them. While I didn't have any issues with my phone or internet, this has been a nightmare for me. It is not the actual security, but the service. I do not recommend them.

  47. Lindsey J.
    06/29/2015 at 13:05

    I went with this company for my cable but never would I with home security! I was upset with the customer services and my account was charged twice in the same day for the same service. I am not sure what happened but it took me 2 months to get my money back and 3 months before I can finally get out of the contract. What a pain.

  48. Allen
    06/29/2015 at 11:40

    I have been with AT&T's internet for sometime now. I found out last year that they started their own home security systems so I gave them a try. I am still under contract but I may switch to someone else once my contract is up. I haven't had the best experience, which I believe is because they are a newer company,. Either way, they are good, I just feel like they aren't for me.

  49. Kain
    06/16/2015 at 15:26

    The instructions for arming or disarming is very user friendly. I feel very safe and love the fact I can control everything from my phone and don’t need to have a landline for service.

  50. Jose
    06/05/2015 at 03:59

    System works so far... Install was very fast and efficient. Control all remotely with my phone. Cannot view cameras through the app on my phone, which is what I paid for so very disappointed through that. You can view on the website. Am wondering how long it takes for response time though, going to try it out sometime.

    • 06/22/2015 at 08:31

      Thanks for the input Jose! AT&T's alarm response time is between 1-3 minutes. It is better then Xfinity's response time but no where near as quick and professional as Protect America whose is under 30 seconds. Thanks

  51. Victoria
    06/05/2015 at 03:57

    We have the digital life system and love it. It comes with a 72 hour battery back up (not 24),which we had tested when our power went out. I love the ease of monitoring our system remotely while away and the ability to set up programs to run for various situations (such as auto alarming when we leave, setting up guest accounts with limited access, time and date restrictions, and setting up the back door to auto lock after 3 minutes when the kids forget to lock it–plus many others!). The plan was very straight forward and clearly explained to us and we didn’t experience any hidden or unexpected costs. The installation went smoothly except for one door lock. However, the service people were back the very next day and corrected it promptly. When a power surge took out the electrical system in our house and fried the ATT box (and our oven and other electronics), the ATT people were the first ones out to repair their system, although they charged extra which I was unhappy with. Their customer service is average or worse, in my book.

  52. Christene
    06/05/2015 at 01:06

    The service is great and the installation simple. If you need help they talk you through everything.

  53. Amy P.
    04/10/2015 at 14:38

    I had a technician come out and speak with me about this system. We already had ADT but were interested to see the option. Very prompt, good at answering questions and not pushy. Then the calls started coming. I had told the technician I would get back to them after speaking with my husband. The first call came less than 3 hours later wondering if we had made a decision yet. After the 5th call that same day, I decided against the system only because I received so many calls. The next day I received two more calls - both of whom I told I didn't want the system. I asked why the communication was so bad within the company - of course there was no answer. If you don't want to be harassed with call after call, I wouldn't recommend having someone come out unless you're ready to commit right then and there. Probably a good system too but we are content to keep what we have. The hassle isn't worth the change.

  54. Susan Guardino
    03/31/2015 at 15:30

    I purchased the AT&T Digital Life system Thanksgiving weekend with the understanding that there was a promotion for a camera to be included. I had the system installed mid-Dec. With my first bill, I was charged two $33.33 installments towards a $100 camera. My next bill showed another $33 installment charge. Since then, I have had numerous calls with customer service and the store where purchased. I have been given the run around. They are refusing to credit my account for the $100 camera even though all of my paperwork has it clearly shown as $0 due. Now I am on the phone with customer service AGAIN and I think they just hung up on me !! I had ADT for 14 years with zero issues. I only changed to AT&T Digital Life FOR THE FREE CAMERA !! The system itself works okay except once the alarm went off in the middle of the night because one of the glass breaks had a false reading. That was fun. I would not recommend this system to anyone

  55. Terry Sanders
    03/22/2015 at 19:59

    I have AT&T phone service and am interested in their home security service. Even though it is a new company, I think it would be worth trying them out. The home automation price is pretty high.. Hopefully their security customer service isn't half as bad as their telephone customer service is (waiting forever on the line). It seems like they have stepped it up across the board but the more I think about it I don't know if I am ready to risk going with a new company over this websites top recommendations.

  56. Chris Martin
    02/05/2015 at 03:58

    Their starter package is high but it is only for a first time pay. There are some cons of it because it is new born company in this field but they are improving over time. If it is anything like their internet service in my area though I would stay far away.

  57. Jesse Thomas
    01/15/2015 at 07:08

    Well, this looks like a fairly new company so we'll have to give it some slack. However, when compared to ADT, which seems like the industry standard these days, what they offer does not seem to really compare well enough for me to make the switch.

  58. Hector Garcias
    12/15/2014 at 01:06

    Every since I had att u-verse, they lost my respect as a whole. They dragged their feet when I wanted to switch providers, billed me an extra bill after I canceled, and the quality was awful. I was paying double what a friend was for internet and her's was 2 times as fast! I am not sure bout their security but if it is anything like their internet, avoid them!!

  59. Hannah Newberry
    12/03/2014 at 22:32

    I highly doubt my city is one that this service is in. That doesn't bother me though, since they seem expensive and they don't offer very many extra things with the security. I'm not impressed.

  60. Carter
    11/08/2014 at 20:12

    I wish that you could get in on this with their cellular service. I don't mind starting with a company. I'm very happy with my AT&T service and wouldn't mind trying them out. Always a loyal customer I tend to get in on the ground floor when you can get grandfathered into the good deals and work your way up to the better service. But I am not sure I've even been in an area that has AT&T cable and internet.

    • Lindsey
      11/10/2014 at 18:35

      Carter no need to have at&t Internet as long as you have broadband Internet and live in a 3G network coverage area you can qualify for Digital Life. It's decent, not as good as other companies but not bad for it being brand new. I have the service and currently pay 54.97 per month and have door locks and the camera package. It's nice to control everything from my mobile phone, tablets and pc making it super convenient to know what is going on in my home when I'm not there.

  61. Dane
    10/28/2014 at 19:04

    Digital life is really easily explained. Its $39.99/mo plus automation. Average is $54.97/mo (door package and camera package). It works with any internet provider of 1.5mbps or higher. Not as good as other companies out there but hey, it's a start.

    • 03/09/2015 at 14:36

      Thanks for the info and easily explanation Dane!

  62. Maurice Hines
    10/21/2014 at 12:39

    Digital Life is making huge strides in it's first year of service. It's already received the CSAA Five Diamond Certification. If you don't kno what that is Google it and you'll be amazed. Also Digtal Life offers you a 24/month contract where their competitors require 36/month contract. You have a lifetime warranty on your digital life product as long as you have the service. The equipment can't be 1999ish b/c we didn't have wireless home automation services back then. That's just foolish. Digital Life packages are easily explainable and fairly priced. Your monthly service is 39.99/month plus whatever automation package you sign up for. If would either be 4.99 or 9.99/month per package. Here is a benefit example for all customers. The door packages prices: Garage Door Controller $49.99 ea. • Pushbutton Door Lock $99.99 ea. • Touchscreen Door Lock $149.99 ea. so if you chose the garage door package today you would pay 49.99 for that package and your monthly bill would be 39.99 +4.99. whenever and however many door locks you chose to add to your home, you simply pay the a la carte price and your bill is still 39.99 + 4.99, b/c these locks are part of the door package. The same goes for all the other packages that are offered. Lastly it is disturbing that ppl work for a company and don't believe in its product. If you don't like it, stop working there.

  63. Stanley
    10/20/2014 at 13:22

    I happen to really enjoy AT&T's services, I just never expected them to jump into the home security business. Either way, I'm not sure I will be checking them out for home security. Plus them being fairly new to this isn't good in my opinion.

  64. darlene unsett
    10/14/2014 at 17:27

    Great review, thanks for doing the comparison work for me. It's hard to get the lowdown on some of these products and I appreciate having it laid out in black and white. While I like some of my AT&T products, it sounds like I should hold off on this one. I usually wait until a product has been on the market for awhile and they've worked the bugs out of it.. This system might get better and cheaper as time goes on.

  65. Thomas
    10/06/2014 at 15:41

    ADT has been around long before these cable companies and ISP's decided to get into the action. I would trust a different brand with more skin in the game than a cable security provider.

  66. Emily Barksdale
    09/06/2014 at 20:21

    My husband works at a AT&T authorized dealer and even he talks customers OUT of their home security system if they ask about it! Everything is too new, their mobile control has several glitches. Overall digital home security companies (Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner) are not as good as the ones that have been around for awhile.

    • Andrew Armisen
      09/10/2014 at 13:53

      My brother worked for an AT&T call center right as this was being rolled out, and he kept being told he had to push this product! Made him very comfortable as everything he read about it made it sound pretty unreliable. If even the AT&T workers don't want to recommend it, it can't be good...

  67. Blake Sethins
    09/03/2014 at 15:13

    If you are going to go the digital (meaning cable) route you might as well go with Comcast or TimeWarner. Both of them have more traction and time under their feet than AT&T and much better equipment. AT&T has the cheapest security equipment and I think they just pushed this out to be another one of the competitors. I would advise anyone looking at this to look around better and don't get stuck with them.

  68. Seth W.
    07/31/2014 at 11:14

    AT&T home security has to be the biggest hoax yet. If you are going to go with cable provider security go with Comcast cause they at least have good equipment. AT&T's equipment is like 1999 and they charge a high starting costs. Not a fan of cable companies who try to market this as a second product. Have a friend or two that got these guys but haven't heard anything good yet from them, they are basically the lab rats for the company.

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