2022 Update:

Is AT&T Digital Life going out of business?

As of February 2022, AT&T has completely phased out its 3G network services, and one of the components most affected by this was AT&T Digital Life. With that said, you won’t be able to buy AT&T Digital Life services anymore. Are they going to replace it with another security suite?

Yes! They have contracted another major player in the home security field, namely Brinks Home, which is going to service your AT&T Digital Life equipment with a renewed 36-month contract. Upgrade options will also be available. However, new customers won’t have any “AT&T Digital Life” branding options. And no, AT&T won’t be offering anything else in this field. You’ll have to get your kick either from Brink Home or one of the other security companies. You can browse the rest of our website for that.

Original Article:

Is this the Security System for You?

Last updated: August 3, 2018.  AT&T has jumped on the bandwagon of home security companies. Founded in 2012, they enter the ‘newcomer’ category in the industry.  Only a few years later in 2016 they acquired a huge security company, Lifeshield/DirecTV security. For current Digital Life customers your monitoring will stay the same. For all the existing customers with LifeShield, they are in for a few surprises.

touchscreen security panel powered by at&t

Updated touchscreen security panel

A quick look at the good and bad of AT&T home security:


  • Updated equipment in 2017
  • Easy pay by connecting to multiple AT&T services
  • Mobile control with all packages
  • Becoming widely available throughout nation
  • Standard contract lengths (24-36 months)
  • Home automation and security cameras available


  • 4 out of 12 reviews on Amazon are 1 star ratings
  • High starting costs
  • Cancellation fee if moving to somewhere they don’t service
  • Newer company means you get to be the test dummy
  • Most security systems can function for up to 10 days when the power goes out.  Their backup batteries have been said to only last up to 24 hours.
  • High monitoring fees

With any new company you it is smart to wait until they have some history under their belt.  Especially while they complete the merge of acquiring LifeShield, we recommend using a stand-alone security company. Below is what you need to know before buying Digital Life.

Comparison Chart

  AT&T Digital Life vs ADT

Starting costs:

  $149+ $99

Monitoring price:

  $39.99 – 64.99 $36.99-54.99


 Proprietary to them.  Security cameras, motion sensor,
standard panel, window / door sensors, C02 detector
  Pulse automation.  All the essentials using GE and Honeywell


  20 states.  Rolling out slowly All 50 states & international

Business founded:

  2012 1874

BBB Rating:

No rating for this  home security
division of their brand. 

How to contact:

  Visit a local AT&T Dealer Visit ADT

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What are the costs & packages offered?

There are three different packages offered.  Early termination fee up to $840 is applied if cancelling before 2 yr agreement.

1.  Smart security package:  $39.99/mo + $50 starting costs.  This is their basic plan that comes with very limited equipment.  Practical for smaller homes or users who just want the essentials covered.

2.  Smart security + automation package:  $54.99/mo + $150 starting costs.  This includes a touchscreen panel and a outdoor security camera which you may want to exchange for an indoor one.

3.  Premium security and automation package:  $64.99/mo + $200 starting costs.  The extra $10 a month and $50 more upfront gets you the ability for temperature and light control.  You can save $10/month and $50-100 upfront by getting the same thing with ADT Pulse.

AT&T digital life packages

Screenshot of their packages shown

Security Equipment review

Home security equipment offered

AT&T Security System is compromised of white labeled equipment.  They have their own smart control app (free) for notifications and to arm and disarm the alarm system.

AT&T Control panel

att security equipment sensors

They have basic to advanced equipment but it will cost you quite a bit out of pocket to get a system comparable to Frontpoint Security.

– Basic equipment such as: Standard window and door sensors, CO2 detector, smoke detection, key remote; also called a panic button or key-fob.

– Advanced automation equipment includes:  Security camera, light module, smart thermostat control and remote control front locks. No smart doorbell system added yet as of early 2018.

Free mobile smartphone app for users

What’s it take to get their security system up and running?

It is a professional installation system (compared to DIY) and expect $99-299 in costs depending on the amount of equipment put into the home.  Most of the equipment used in the Digital Life system is wireless.  These sensors will make a loud beep sound when running out of batteries after a few years.  The panel and security cameras will need to be hardwired in by an expert.

A tech will show up in a little truck (like the one shown above) and count on it taking 1-3 hours.  We recommend companies like this that offer professional installations like Vivint and ADT so you don’t have to worry about installing the equipment wrong.  Getting it setup wrong defeats the whole purpose of having a home alarm system.

Our Final say on AT&T Digital Life

digital life yard sign 

Will you be sticking their yard sign in front of your home?

With several cable companies adding home security to their line up such as Comcast and Time Warner, AT&T feels like another company going after your wallet.  They will be a good company to watch over the next few years and see how well they handle the on take of thousands of existing LifeShield customers.  What you have to decide is if you want to go with a company who adds this service as an add-on or a stand-alone company who is 100% dedicated to home security.

If you have had any experience with this company please share with the community below.

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