Home security has moved beyond expensive, professional contracts and into the hands of the homeowner. There are many companies, both new and proven, that have DIY security systems available. Abode Home Security System is one of these self-install professional-grade security systems, and it is often touted as being one of the best.

In this review, we look at the Abode Home Security System and compare it to the competition to see if it is a top of the line DIY system.

What Is the Abode Home Security System?

The Abode Home Security System is a professional grade security system that is self-installed and is operated via an on-site hub that will easily integrate with Apple iOS, Android, security cameras, and many smart home devices.

There are many different kits available with variations of included components. Here, we are looking at the starter kit which includes one Gateway, one wireless keypad, one mini door/window sensor, one remote key fob, and one motion sensor.

Product Specs

The Abode Home Security System is a comprehensive DIY security system that integrates modern connectivity technology, diverse configuration and component customization options, and flexible professional monitoring services. Here is a closer look at some of this product’s more impressive features.


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Connectivity on the Abode Home Security System is forward-looking. The Gateway is a Z-wave- and Zigbee-enabled hub, and all sensors connect with wireless technology. The Gateway communicates with sensors with adobeRF, a proprietary protocol.

It can also connect with smart home devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, garage door openers, and home security cameras. The Gateway can connect to up to 150 devices and six streaming IP cameras.

The Abode Home Security System can be monitored and controlled remotely via Apple iOS and Android. It connects with many other systems including Alexa, Google Home, Nest, IFTTT, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, ecobee, LIFX, and Google Assistant.

It integrates with devices made by Aeon, Cree, Enerwave, GE, Kwikset, Linear, Philips Hue, Schlagle, and Netvox. It encrypts all communication between the Gateway and other devices.

Enhanced automation is made simple with the embedded CUE system which allows you to create actions from triggers. It is an “if this, then that” system which you can further customize with optional conditions.

In the current iterations, you can program your Abode Home Security System to respond to triggers regarding the change in security system mode, doors, and windows opening or closing, people leaving or entering the native geo-fencing area, scheduling triggers, time of day or environment changes, and it also supports IFTTT synchronization.

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Components Reviewed

The starter kit for the Abode Home Security System comes with one Gateway, one wireless keypad, one mini door/window sensor, one remote key fob, and one motion sensor. This is enough to get started, but most people like to add components to customize their system.

Regardless of the starting kit, other devices can be added on as needed. The system can grow and shift with your household needs.


The Gateway is the hub of the system. It receives information from the sensors, cameras, and smart home devices and then sends that information out to the cloud, an app, or a monitoring center as you have set up. It has a 10-hour battery backup and an integrated 95db siren.

Wireless Keypad

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The wireless keypad looks and feels like a conventional security system. It will accept forty different codes, which is useful if you want to know whether the person entering or leaving is the dog walker, your partner, or your child. It runs off a battery with a reported life of four to six years. The back-lit interface only lights up when keys are pressed to conserve battery power.

Door/Window Sensors

Doors and windows are monitored using the battery-operated contact sensors that sit across from each other in a doorway or window and will alert the Gateway when any of these are opened. The included batteries will last for over ten years, and the sensors come in several options.

Included in the starter kit is the mini door/window sensor. You can also purchase a recessed or slim sensor for invisible installation options.

Door/Remote Key Fob

The Abode Home Security System can be operated via a remote key fob, much like the one you may use to lock and unlock your car doors. Arm or disarm your system with a click of a button.

Indoor Motion Sensor

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The indoor motion sensors on the Abode Home Security System are battery-operated like the rest of the system. Any time motion is detected within a range of the motion sensor, a notification will occur on your phone. You can also program the system to respond automatically to the motion by turning on lights or triggering another action you choose.

Other Optional Components (Not Included in Starter Kit)

Abode Home Security System offers several other components that can be added as needed. The Occupancy Sensor works much like the motion detector to alert you when someone is in the house, but it also will be triggered by changes in light and temperature.

The Glass Break Sensor detects shock and vibration, and the Acoustic Glass Break Sensor will also listen for the sound of breaking glass. Motion cameras and streaming cameras are also available.

Professional Monitoring

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Self-monitoring with Abode is easy using the mobile app. However, 24/7 professional monitoring is also available, and no contract is required. Abode has monitoring available for a few days, a week, a month, and so on. The length of monitoring is up to the user. This adds the beneficial option to self-monitor most of the time and hire professionals for weekends away or vacations. Just $8 covers three days of professional monitoring, and $15 covers seven days of monitoring.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the Abode Home Security System.

Abode Home Security System

Abode Smart Security Kit | DIY Wireless Security System | 15 Minute...
  • EASY SELF-INSTALL: Tool-free installation and device pairing takes less than 15 minutes. Follow guided instructions in...
  • WIRELESS DEVICES: Abode's security accessories are wireless and easy to set up and pair to your system. Add up to 160...
  • APP ACCESS: Control and monitor your system anywhere totally free from the Abode app. Set your system status and receive...

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Connectivity and Integration

Forward-looking, flexible, and easy is what Abode Home Security System connectivity and integration is all about. Abode hooks up to most, if not all, available smart home technology, mobile devices, and the cloud.


Included components work just as designed and battery life on the individual pieces is long and reliable. The components are clunky and awkward looking, however.

Professional Monitoring Options 

The professional monitoring options are flexible, which is important. Most people who are choosing a DIY home security system over a conventional security system do not need the full-time monitoring, so the options for three- and seven-day services is a great benefit of the Abode Home Security System. 24/7 monitoring is available if desired.


The Abode Home Security System comes with a 14-day trial period for components and a one-year manufacturer warranty on the system.


  • Easy connectivity and integration
  • Most accurate geo-fencing available
  • Flexible, short-term professional monitoring options


  • Hardware is clunky
  • Full-time monitoring is more expensive than others

Where to Buy

Scout Alarm Home Security System

Scout Alarm Smart DIY Wireless Home Security System | 5 Piece Kit -...
  • Be Aware Anywhere - Scout Alarm Security puts smart-home security at your fingertips. Get alerts on your phone when...
  • Best in Class Integrations - Connects with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest Cameras, Nest Protect, Philips Hue, Yale Locks,...
  • No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime - Monitoring plans start at $9. 99/month with optional 24/7 professional...

The Scout Alarm Home Security System is another DIY, self-install package that you control and monitor via iOS, Android, or the computer. The basic system featured here comes with one hub, one siren door panel with key fobs, two window sensors, one motion sensor, two window stickers, and a sign for the front yard. Set up is easy and can be completed in minutes with no tools needed.

The Scout Home Security System is controlled, updated, and alerts via a mobile device. Communication from the Hub connects directly to your existing wireless router. The hub coordinates communication between sensors, alarms, and the user by receiving input from the sensors and then triggering present responses.

It is backed up via cellular data, has a battery back-up, and includes a 106 decimal siren. Additional components, such as sensors and indoor cameras, can be added as needed.

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Connectivity and Integration

Scout Alarm Home Security Systems will integrate with Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home, Yale Z-Wave Locks, Kwikset Z-Wave Locks, Nest (Thermostat, Protect, and Nest Cam), LIFX, Philips Hue, and IFTTT. It will not integrate with other security system components. General connectivity requires an existing wireless router and internet, or cellular data at an additional charge.


Included components are one hub, one siren door panel with key fobs, two window sensors, one motion sensor, two window stickers, and a sign for the front yard. The hub and one sensor are required for the system to work. Additional components, such as access sensors and cameras, can be purchased separately.

Professional Monitoring Options

Month-to-month monitoring is available without long-term contracts. For about $20 per month, monitoring includes 24/7 professional monitoring with 4G LTE cellular backup.


Scout offers a one-year product warranty and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Good integrations
  • Door panel with siren included
  • Professional monitoring cost is low


  • No home automation options
  • No keypad available
  • Confusing LED light systems

Where to Buy

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security

SimpliSafe SSCS2 Wireless Home Security Command Bravo
  • Wireless "Do it yourself" home security system
  • Monitoring stations are ul-certified with a built in cellular connection
  • Not compatible with current Simplisafe monitoring plan

SimpliSafe is a simple system that is set up quickly and easily without tools. It has decent component options and monitoring but limited integration options.

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Connectivity and Integration (3 out of 5 stars)

SimpliSafe is a wireless system with a built-in cellular connection. It works on the best cellular networks and has a WiFi backup in place. SimpliSafe can be used with Alexa. Additional integrations are available but only with a membership which starts at $25 USD per month.


Components available for the SimpliSafe system include a wireless keypad, wireless entry sensor, motion sensors, and a base station. The base station receives alarm signals and sends them on to the monitoring center you have set up.

It has a cellular connection, a siren, and a 24-hour battery backup. The battery-operated keypad on the SimpliSafe is backlit and large for ease of use in dark rooms and will alert the monitoring center if it is smashed. The entry sensors invisibly protect doors and windows. The motion sensor will detect intrusions but not your pets.

Professional Monitoring Options

SimpliSafe offers 24/7 security for about $15 per month with no required contracts. Optional professional monitoring includes police dispatch.


SimpliSafe comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Base works hand-in-hand with a keypad
  • An understandable LED light system
  • Low cost


  • Not smart home ready
  • Integrations available at a charge
  • Limited connectivity options

Where to Buy

Home Security System

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit (1st Gen) – Home Security System with...
  • Ring Alarm puts whole-home security at your fingertips. Get alerts on your smart phone when doors or windows open or...
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring. No long-term contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Manage Ring Alarm and other Ring products—including Ring Doorbell—with the Ring app.

Ring Alarm is all the rage right now in self-install DIY security systems. It allows for smart phone alerts, professional monitoring, and self installs in minutes. The 5-piece kit examined here includes a base station, contact sensor, motion detector, keypad, and range extender. Unique settings allow you to create custom monitoring for Disarmed, Away, and Home.

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Connectivity and Integration

The Ring Alarm Home Security System integrates with smartphones, tablets, Alexa, and Alexa-enabled devices. It uses Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Cellular backup for connectivity.


The 5-piece kit includes a base station, contact sensor, motion detector, keypad, and range extender. The base station has a 24-hour battery backup and included siren. The contact sensor lets you know when windows or doors are opened, and the motion detector detects movement in the house. The keypad arms and disarms the system just like a conventional security system.

The range extender allows you to use the system over a larger area. You may add components at any time for whole home protection. All components, with the exception of the range extender, have battery backups.

Professional Monitoring Options

Optional 24/7 professional monitoring is just $10/month. There are no contracts or cancellation fees, and a free 30-day trial is included. This is the best professional monitoring of the products we reviewed.


A one-year limited warranty and service are included.


  • Inexpensive professional monitoring
  • Exceptional components
  • Flexible at-home monitoring


  • Limited integration

Where to Buy


The Abode Home Security System far exceeds the other self-install systems we reviewed here. Less expensive options are available but do not add up. SimpliSafe and Ring lack enough ability for integration to last for years to come, and Scout lacks automation. Abode has a variety of components for home customization, good professional monitoring options, and amazing connectivity and integration. Overall, we give it top marks.

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