Time to Toughen up the Windows

The sun transmits both heat and ultraviolet rays that can be damaging both to health and furniture. UV Films when applied to windows helps to block out the majority of these dangerous ultraviolet rays and heat while maintaining the view  and saving on energy cost.

3M safety UV film are window films manufactured by 3M, an innovative company that focuses on the invention of useful technologies that cuts across different fields.

How does the 3M Safety UV film protection work?

UV films made up of 100’s of layers reflects over 99% of ultraviolet rays when the light beams from the sun meet it, allowing for light to come in but reflecting away the heat and ultra violet rays. While conventional UV films reflect light ray at a right angle, 3M UV films works best when the sun is overhead and the rays travel perpendicular to the film, giving you maximum protection when it matters most.

Types of 3M Safety UV films

3M UV films come in various types depending on your major reason for getting one installed ranging from protection from UV rays, reduction in heat or protecting against disasters and burglary attempts.

The types of 3M UV films currently available are:

3M prestige series

This is the commonest and the most preferred of the 3M UV films, the Prestige series offers protection against harmful infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and can also be tinted to reduce the amount of light entering through your window.

Ultra series

While providing ultra-clarity, the ultra-series carries out its function of protection and prevention of shatterproof windows without a reduction in the clarity of the screen. The Ultra Series UV films are also available in combination with tinted 3M Sun Control Films to provide a double benefit for users.

Impact protection series

The Impact Protection series confers the Highest level of protection. This unique window protection system combines the toughness of 3M™ Ultra Safety and Security Films with a special adhesive system. Two choices are available to choose from depending on the nature of your window frame and your aesthetic needs. They are the 3M Impact Protection Adhesive or 3M Impact Protection Profile Safety series.

History of company

About the actual 3M company

3M is a global science company that focuses on creating inventions that enhance the form and functions of different devices and materials. Their coverage ranges from abrasives, films, adhesives etc.  For more go to their website, 3M.com.


The UV film protection by 3M offers protection against rays that are damaging to properties and individuals. Having a UV film installed on your windows preserves the view and also keeps ultraviolet rays out. Be sure to consider the different types of UV films in order to choose one that meets your needs.

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