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You can create your own zone (like the hokey-pokey circle mentioned in the headliner) of security.  Geo fencing refers to marking out geographical boundaries within a location via GPS (global positioning system) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). With Geo fencing, when an object enters or leave a geographical location, an alert is triggered.

An ankle bracelet that sets off an alarm when its detected outside of its geographical boundary particularly used by law enforcement agencies to place a criminal under house arrest is a typical example of a device using a Geo fencing technology.  Another example is found in home automation where home automation devices carry out their programmed function like powering on or off when the Administrator’s phone is detected out of the home location.

How does it work?

Geo fencing works by setting a virtual boundary around a geographical location using either GPS or local radio-frequency identifiers (such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). The Geo fence is paired with a software or hardware that is programmed to carry out a particular function when the Geo fence is triggered.

A particular useful tool in geofencing is Google Earth Technology. The Application of this technology limitless as its found use in a lot of application ranging from asset management to advertising, home automation, productivity, security etc.

Companies that deal in Geo fencing

The geofencing technology has been available for a couple of years, although its use has skyrocketed in the last decade. A couple of companies offer geofencing technology below are a list of such companies.

  • Pulsateh
  • Thumbvista
  • Proximi
  • Simpli.fi
  • Enradius
  • Getlocate
  • Presence
  • Emergensee


Geofencing for home app

As an integral part of home automation, Geo fencing has found use in smart homes via different apps. Utilizing apps such as the presence app that gives you a do it yourself approach to Geo fencing and IoT.  Most Z-Wave compatible alarm systems have this feature enabled as well as the Vivint Sky system and ADT Pulse.

With IFTTT technology, Geo fencing can be used to monitor kids when they leave a particular zone or home appliances such as the thermostat. Geo fencing can also be used to activate and turn off motion sensors when you are home or away enhancing ease and security.

The last tid-bits 

Geofencing is a technology that has found use in a lot of sectors with an increasing presence in home automation and the IoT. There are numerous uses of Geofencing in homes depending on individual needs and a lot of devices are being designed with this functionality.  Let us know a few things you have done with Geofencing below!
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