Old and Outdated, so Who still Uses it?

Walk into any home with a previous security system and you will most likely run across an old Ademco security system.  They are the manufacturer of lots of home security products and have some large companies such as Honeywell white label their security panels.  A quick research on Ademco would show an innovative manufacturer whose security panels are the basic keypad ones.  They are slowly getting more innovative but compared to 2GIG or the Vivint Sky, they have much more progress to be done.

Founded in 1929, Ademco is part of Honeywell security systems. It is a truly purposeful brand whose mandate is to be the market leader in developing systems that will improve the security of all clients whether living in apartments, single homes or in large custom homes.

How to Identify an Ademco Security Panel

Unlike many security control panels with an HD touchscreen panel, Ademco offers a simple interface with a tiny text-only LCD screen and rubber keypad.  It also has buttons that arm the system when you are away or intend to stay at home, disarm the system, view and record surveillance camera footage, adjusts house temperature on your thermostat, and switches the lights on or off.

In addition, it comes with 24-hour emergency panic buttons and an inbuilt 95-decibel siren that can contact police, medical and fire services.

Here’s a quick glance at the good and the bad you can expect when using Ademco

  1. Has been around for many decades and as part of Honeywell, it is a safe bet of high-quality security panels
  2. Its products are cost-effective
  1. Its setup may seem outdated but it eliminates any complications and confusion that come with HD touchscreens
  2. One has to rely on a dealer when purchasing the panel


Ademco Security Panels

One of the newest version of an Ademco white-labeled by Honeywell



  • Has a 24-hour rechargeable battery backup
  • Permits one to set up to nine different user codes
  • Can integrate up to thirty devices such as Z-Wave and mobile control
  • Connects lights, sensors, locks, and doors
  • It also supports sensors such as smoke, heat, water, and carbon monoxide
  • Has a lifetime warranty (but is it really any good?  That’s for you to decide when needed)
  • Has a stand and can be mounted on the wall


Do They have any customer support?

Ademco is large enough to supply their own staff of support.  Expect typical hours.  Since you have already bought their alarm system equipment and most likely are paying a different company to monitor, don’t expect them to jump hurdles helping you out.  You should primarily rely on your monitoring company for

Even the DIY installation experience with Ademco is easy. Instead of scouring through a manual, you receive a personalized mobile website link. Full of FAQs and video tutorials, this online resource gives a 15 minutes step-by-step guide.

Get Ademco Security Panels for Yourself

According to many satisfied customers, Ademco security panels deliver their promise of assurance. To get a quote they recommend purchasing the equipment through a dealer; a list of authorized dealers is available on their official website. It is not easy to do it by yourself; it requires a lot of expertise and research.

While Ademco themselves doesn’t offer monitoring, you can get it through a Honeywell provider for $30-70/month.  Activation and installation charges range from $100 to $200.  There is nothing too exciting about this company and brand but they seem to be a back bone of the industry.  All in all we don’t see the Ademco / Honeywell being able to keep up with the likes of ADT, Scout Alarm and Nest all of which are innovating the space rapidly.
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