Nest Wants to Take Over your Home

We All Saw it Coming…  Or at least those of us in the home security industry.  You may remember Nest as a tech company that offers smart doorbells and thermostat.  Not anymore.  The company recently launched its residential security gadget set to redefine the way we view home security. Termed ’Nest Secure’, the Home Security offer by nest is an expansion of the company’s offering as it relates to residential security.

The Starter pack shown.  Patented door sensors and control panel.  Why the numberless buttons?  We don’t know. 

Set for full launch in the first quarter of 2018, the Nest secure starter pack will include:

  • A Nest Guard which is an all-in-one security control center that houses an alarm, a keypad and a motion sensor built in powered by a voice for feedback.
  • A proprietary Nest Detect sensor capable of detecting both motion and open or close movement depending on where it is installed. It’s a wireless battery powered unit which wen placed on a window would detect when it is open or shut and offer a notification to that effect . Installing on a fixed structure such as a wall, activates its motion sensor and notifies you when it detects motion around it.
  • Nest Tag: A key fob that provides a convenient means to easily arm and disarm the Nest Secure Detect without a passcode. This may proof a bit insecure if it gets into the wrong hands.
  • Nest Hello video doorbell -An extension of the native Nest doorbell but this tine combined with video functionality all included in the starter pack.
  • Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera – Nest goes further to include weatherproof and full HD video security cameras to provide the complete one stop home security system.


What will the Nest Alarm System cost Users?

The cost of the Nest secure is projected at a retail unit cost of $499 which will include A Nest Guard, two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags. The starter pack is currently available for pre-order on the nest home page. The Nest secure starter pack plus the Nest IQ  outdoor security camera is also available at $598.  It is not available for sale on Amazon or any other channels at the moment.  You can shop ala-carte which is a great feature so you can buy the basics now and add on to it over the coming years as you have the money necessary.  You can ‘grow’ into the security system as you see need fit.

Other additional equipment such as additional Nest detects and Tags can be purchased  as a standalone

Monitoring cost: 24/7 monitoring services would be provided by MONI, a leading monitoring company. The cost of monitoring is yet undisclosed but we estimate it from $49.99 to $79.99/month as they will need to make excess revenue off the monitoring fees from MyMoni.

New Features and what Really Matters?

Extended delay.  In their video they show how the alarm has an extended delay for exiting the home before it is set.  Most security panels are set up for the standard timeframe of 45 seconds.  The Nest security systems is 3 minutes.  This begs the question, how important is this really?  All other alarm systems can be controlled with the phone or keyfob.  They make this feature sound ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ but really users can and should be bypassing the control panel via 3rd party tools (app or keyfob) as it is.  So don’t get caught up in this being a real feature.

Individual Bypass.  This is a nice feature to bypass a door sensor at night to open up.  Whether it’s because you need fresh air or the dog needs out.  Once again though, this can be done on any other home alarm system via a quick tap of an app (like ADT pulse or Vivint or Alarm dot com).

Home Automation

Nests smart thermostat shown, which is their baby product

The Company Nest lab takes home automation seriously through its work with Nest program. It offers advanced home automation options by fully integrating Google Assistant into its security cam and home security system.

With technology such as Thread and Weave, Nest offers full integration with other home gadget producers to ensure its systems works seamlessly to  provide the optimal home security experience.

Connect their new alarm system to the Nest Protect and Smoke.  Full review on this product.

About the company

Nest Labs, producers of the Nest range of home gadget offerings was founded in 2010 with an aim to provide simple, smart and delightful hardware and software. Their range of product is available for sale in over 18 countries worldwide.  They were bought out for over 2 billion dollars a few years ago when they only had their smart home thermostat by Google.  For a full company review on Nest read this article.

Final thoughts on the Upcoming Nest Alarm System

It’s going to be a big splash and we are sure they will capture a big percentage of the market in years to come.  They have essentially unlimited funding as they are owned by Google.  They will be a big competitor to ADT and primarily Vivint who spends a fortune on investing in home automation.  The first quarter of 2018 would meet homes being protected by Nest own idea of a Smart security system, the Nest Secure. While it tends to differ from what conventional home alarm providers offer, the Nest secure promises to offer a great experience and we do hope it lives up to expectations as other Nest products have such as the Nest thermostat.

The products look and feel nice.  Since they are their own manufacturer, they didn’t rely on Honeywell or GE as most other home security companies have done.  Their products are sleek and modern, similar to the style of Scout alarm.  Users will pay a premium for Nest’s equipment who then subsidize their monitoring to my Moni.  We look forward to seeing what Nest does and creates in the industry of home automation and security in years to come.

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