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ADT Pulse is the premium home security plan by ADT, one of the nation’s most popular home security service provider headquartered in Boca Raton, FL.

The ADT Pulse app is the official app by ADT for remote access and home automation of the ADT pulse package. With the ADT pulse app, you are assured of total control of your home security anytime and from anywhere.

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The ADT pulse App offers the following key features


Getting Started

Making use of the ADT Pulse App is restricted to users of the ADT pulse plan. Users are encouraged to navigate to the app store on their mobile devices (Android or IOS) and download the app free of charge. The ADT pulse App affords users the ability to:

  • Remotely arm and disarm their ADT alarm systems
  • Access Real time alert on their custom notifications
  • Remotely watch live and recorded video surveillance from the mobile
  • Monitor your ongoing subscription.


Laptop open showing ADT Pulse security


The advantages of having the ADT pulse app cut across a lot of benefits in itself and when compared to other Alarm providers. They include:


What’s Lacking

Despite the premium services and benefits the ADT pulse app offers, the major drawbacks include:

  • Selectively available to only subscribers of the ADT pulse package.
  • Requires full ADT Pulse package for complete functionality
  • Doorbell camera feed such as that of Frontpoint and Vivint that offer it.
  • Monitoring contract of 36 months.


About ADT

American District Telegraph otherwise known as ADT is a well-known leader in the home security industry. With experience spanning over 120 years. The security company was founded in 1874 as a messenger/Alarm system before expanding to include fire alarm services. ADT is available nationwide and has the highest number of monitoring stations across the nation.  An innovative company, ADT has a BBB rating of A+.  Read our comprehensive review of ADT here.


As the main App offering by ADT for its premium ADT Pulse package, the ADT Pulse App offers a lot of features which brings remote access and home automation to the front burner of ADT pulse subscribers. Packed with a lot of functionality, the Pulse App is enough reason to opt on the ADT Pulse package although making this service available across all ADT packages would make a great bargain for new subscribers.

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