Small ‘n Souther Home Security Provider 

Hunter security is a home alarm service provider based in Alabama. Founded in 1978 and providing security solutions to consumers majorly in the Gulf Coast region. Hunter security offers security services to over 4,000 company, a relatively small alarm provider compared with the likes of ADT and Frontpoint, Hunter security is trusted by both private and commercial client. A look at their webpage leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Let’s head over to the good and the bad…



  • Not available nationwide
  • Lots of better substitute
  • Not accredited by the BBB


Quick facts

Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Alabama
Standard Sensors: Yes
Touchscreen Panel : Yes
Key Remote (On/Off) Fob: No
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors: Yes
Mobile & Tablet Control: Yes
Cameras: Yes
Z-Wave: No
Advanced Features: No
Monthly: Undisclosed
Equipment: Undisclosed
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Smoke, C02 & Flood: Yes
Customer Rating: 4 of 5
Support Rating: 3 of 5
Equipment Rating: 4 of 5


Price and packages

A look into how much they cost 

There is no pre-set alarm packages on the website.  Sort of how Ackerman does their security, Hunter hides this information from users until you get on the phone with a sales rep.  Shady sales techniques are something we see typically from dealers such as AMP or Security Networks.  Customers are expected to call in for a personalized evaluation from which a customized system is set up and professionally installed. Contracts is paid month by month.

Security Equipment review

A simple look into what they use for security equipment

The company makes use of DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) equipment as its main provider. Customers are supposed to pay for equipment in full before equipment are installed.

Equipment includes:

  • DMP wireless control panel
  • Siren
  • Backup battery
  • 5 door/window contacts
  • 2 motion detectors
  • Sign & Stickers


Customer Support

A look into what they offer as support

They have a very basic and limited customer support system. Their customer support can be reached via their phone line or online form available on their support page.  You can expect this type of support from a small local ma and pa shop and it is not to be compared with a national security company like ADT (learn more here) who has call centers nationwide.

Phone: 251- 626-5112


If you plan on never moving and are okay with a high cancellation cost then go for it.  We don’t like that they hide their fees, packages and pricing from users until they call in.  Their equipment is good and it is a decent business alternative if you are willing to fork out a couple thousand dollars.  For the average user looking for a simple burglar alarm system, read our buyers guide before using Hunter Security.  Their customized system is provided by DMP. It’s recommended that potential customers contact the customer’s service before making any commitment.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please add your voice below and let us know!

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