Watch Out, is it going to Blow?

First off, we can’t say the name is the greatest for a home security company.  TNT inside a house indicates that your house is going to blow up.  For a service that charges to secure your home; not the best fit.  The home security industry is highly competitive and relatively easy to enter but a very overwhelming one to remain consistent over time especially with new innovations being released every day. As a result, to assist you to select the best alarm system we have reviewed TNT Security Company.

Screenshot taken from their website

Established more than 6 years ago, TNT Security Company serves both homes and businesses with normal and a higher budget for security. TNT uses hardwired and wireless equipment to perceive attack, smoke, floods and automate your home for convenience and energy-saving.

Equipment Offered and Set Up

The security systems are very simple; you can choose to either use a push-button or touchscreen control panels from Honeywell or General Electric.  They offer professional setup similar to that of ADT or Vivint; not a DIY alarm system.

TNT offers two home security setups namely 2GIG and General Electric (GE). Each setup comes with the following:

  • Simon XT/XTI cellular GSM
  • Motion sensor
  • Glass break detector
  • Offering third party doorbell camera sensors (view more here)
  • Smoke and heat sensor
  • Image sensor
  • Micro door/window sensor
  • Multi-purpose panic button


TNT Alarm equipment shown

Security Services offered

TNT installs and monitors several home security devices such as:

  • Home automation- TNT wireless systems help homeowners reduce energy costs by automating thermostats and lights. Convenience and security are also enhanced by the automated door locks.
  • Video- TNT uses pulse wireless security system to monitor both indoor and outdoor video camera surveillance and is streamed live to your mobile device.
  • Medical alert pendant with GPS- One thing that really set TNT apart from the competition is medical alert; with GPS the alerts go everywhere.
  • Environmental sensor- TNT offers devices that detect smoke, floods, home temperatures, and carbon monoxide
  • Best home security in Indianapolis 2016
  • Best of Indianapolis 2013 to 2015 alarm industry
  • Appeared on Angie’s list of great service provider in 2013 -2015


  • 2GIG preferred provider
  • Reliable customer service
  • Supports Z-Wave for home automation
  • Monitors using General Electric equipment
  • Interactive services through
  • Accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB)


  • Not well known
  • Localized for Indiana residents (similar to that of Bay Alarm for California or Vector for East coast.)
  • The potential negative side of TNT is that it does not offer a lifetime equipment warranty.
  • They claim to have a committed customer service that will help out in case your security equipment fails.  But customers have cited their own opinions about how easy it is to fix things through them.
  • Nothing special or unique the them


TNT Company Value – About


Screenshot taken of their ‘About us’ 

According to real customers, TNT has transformed the home security industry by shattering the average standards in customer service and online reputation.

TNT offers easy installation and is flexible with contracts (12 and 36 months) and prices. Once you have installed the system, call TNT and confirm you have done it properly.  The company also offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

Moreover, the brand in question has its monitoring center rated as one of the best in Indianapolis.

Our ‘Explosive’ Conclusion

Another alarm system reviewed and hate to say it but… nothing exciting here.  Are they a good company?  Yes.  Are you going to get scammed?  No.  If you want average and plan to live in Indiana for the coming 3 to 5 years minimum, then they are a good choice.  That being said, we recommend using a company who is innovative, offers nationwide monitoring and who you can trust.  Compare the top 5 here.
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