In 2012, ADT decided that the security needs of commercial enterprises differs significantly from that of residential and small businesses, and divides into two distinct company, enters Tyco Integrated Security.  Formally known as ADT Business Solutions, Tyco Integrated Security was the commercial security wing of ADT, now part of Tyco International. Fully dedicated to providing security solutions to Industries, Hospitals, Schools, banks, government etc. Tyco Integrated is available nationwide and offers security solutions to problems such as fire, burglary, internal theft, intrusion, organized crime, inventory loss, fleet mismanagement and workplace violence.

They are headquartered in the United State at Boca Raton, FL. The Global headquarter sits at Cork, Ireland and boast of a combined workforce of over 10,000 people across North America.  They most recently acquired Protect One as well for a large sum of money.  It appears they will continue to buy out large security companies.

A look at the pros and cons of Tyco Integrated Security shows

  • Wide range of Services
  • Available globally.
  • Multiple certification on their monitoring systems
  • State of the art security equipment.
  • Focused in approach to majorly commercial enterprise.


  • Hard to reach customer service.
  • Poor online transparency


Services offered by Tyco Integrated Security

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarm Systems
  • Bank Security
  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Business Alarm Systems
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Business Security Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Commercial Security Systems
  • Corporate Security
  • Corporate Security Solutions
  • Integrated Security Management Solutions
  • Monitoring Services
  • Emergency Notification Systems
  • Fire and Life Safety Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Design, Engineering & Integration
  • Loss Prevention Solutions
  • Food Defense
  • Food Safety Solutions
  • Government Security
  • Hosted Access Control
  • Inventory Management Solution
  • Managed Access Control
  • Managed Video Services
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Open/Close Schedule Monitoring
  • Perimeter Security
  • Physical Access Control
  • Physical Access Control Products
  • Asset Tracking Systems
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Professional Services
  • Remote Video Escort Services
  • Retail Security
  • RFID Security
  • School Security
  • Security Cameras
  • Traffic Intelligence
  • Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Electronic Article Surveillance
  • Software and Data Services
  • Security Management
  • Security System Monitoring
  • Transportation Security
  • Transportation & Logistics Solutions
  • Video Analytic Solutions
  • Video Management Software
  • Video Surveillance Software
  • Virtual Guard Tours
  • Visitor Management System


Price and packages

A look into how much Tyco costs

Tyco Integrated Security believes every Commercial enterprise has a different security need and as such the plans and package is tailored to suit such needs. This reflects in them not having a clear cut package on their website. Prospective customers are encouraged to contact their customer services regardless of location for a personalized security quote.

What makes Tyco Integrated Security Unique.

Tyco Integrated Security stands Unique from other security companies by:

  1. Targeted solely at Commercial enterprises: They do not deal with residential customers as their extensive service is tailored to suit the need of commercial customers.
  2. Wide range of Services: Tyco offers a multi-prong approach to commercial security with security solutions ranging from the regular alarm monitoring to Video Surveillance Solution and Intrusion Detection Systems.
  3. Availability: Tyco Integrated Security is a subsidiary of Tyco Global. A global security industry available worldwide. The combined workforce of over 10000 workers makes Tyco Integrated stands out.


History of company

Look into the history of Tyco

The history of Tyco Integrated Security can be traced back to 1874 where it began as ADT. Following the split into two distinct company. ADT Residential and ADT Business Solutions. ADT business Solutions later became Tyco Integrated Security a subsidiary of Tyco Global, functioning as one of North America’s top commercial security systems integrator. Tyco Integrated Security is currently headed by Joe Oliveri who functions as the Vice President & General Manager.

Customer Support

How much do they care about their customers?

Contacting Tyco Integrated Security can be either done via phone or on the web contact form available on their website.

Phone:  800.701.8449

Support:   844.289.2647.  They lack email and chat support as offered by Protect America.

FAQ: Some pressing questions have been answered by Tyco on their FAQ. Prospective customers can check it out on their customer support page.

Our Conclusion

While security needs may differ between residential and commercial users, Tyco Integrated Security embraces and provides security solutions for commercial users. They are worth considering for commercial users who require a robust approach to their security needs. [frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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