How Diversified is your Home Security?

Like to shake things up?  Mix and match?  On this review, we pick apart Diversified Alarm.  Who they are, what they offer and how they stand out from the crowd of home security systems.

A quick glance at their current website as of 2018.  Very basic.

Diversified Alarm services Inc is an alarm services company that offers home security to its clients. The company offers regular training to its staff to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest technology. There are also Fire alarm certifications that enable the company to do fire alarm installation, system service and needed inspections.

A look into their Home security lineup

Among the services offered include:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Camera systems
  • Security alarms


Additionally, there is the offering of cellular alarm monitoring, 24/7 monitoring.

Most dealerships typically carry one brand of security equipment or they own their own like SimpliSafe & Vivint.  Diversified stands out by carrying 4 big named brands.  These include:

  1. Honeywell
  2. Napco
  3. General Electric
  4. Silent Knight


If you haven’t heard of #2 and #4 that is because they are primarily for businesses whereas Honeywell and GE have popular models like the SimonXT or Connect.

Business security services

Have your own business? A monitored alarm system should be at the top of your list in priorities to use to protect your equipment.  Most businesses have thousands of dollars worth of inventory, merchandise or technology.  A measly $50+ for monitoring to protect it all shouldn’t hurt your bottom line; and if it does it may mean your business is on a slippery slope downwards.

It provides security to one’s business.  Lots of companies do this, Protection One is the biggest B2B player.  Going local with a security for your advanced security system is also a good choice. The business services consist of:

  • 24/7 Surveillance. Through installation of the latest camera technology, they are able to identify intruders.
  • Fire alarm
  • Security alarm
  • Access control. They are able to control in a business building through the utilization of key cards.


Neighborhood security

They ensure that neighborhood is secure through provision of neighborhood surveillance systems. This is done through installation of camera system that is pleasing.


  • They include products such as Vista 20 and Net AXIS
  • An example includes Gemini 9600
  • Silent knight. These include products such as SK 5700, SK 5820 XL and SK 5808
  • General electric. One of the products includes Concord 4.



  • Camera
  • Alarm
  • Smoke detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Door contact switches
  • Window contact switches


What we Thumbs Upped (the Good)
  • The company offers a 24/7 surveillance service that ensures security day and night.
  • The prices for provision of the services are affordable.
  • They enable cellular alarm monitoring. This is whereby one is able to control and manage your alarm system through your mobile phone. Notably, there is no need for a home phone when using their system.
  • The alarm systems offered are of quality standards depending on the automation and control desired.
  • The camera installation system can be remotely controlled via a smartphone.This means that one can view live feeds from their mobile phone.
  • They have a long and trusted experience in their services. The company has year of experience in the business.
  • The company has certification to offer fire alarm services.


What we gave Thumbs Down too (the Bad)
  • In case of the expiry of the warrant one is required to purchase an extension.
  • Not well known
  • Does not openly show pricing
  • Lack of customer support
  • Not national (high cancellation cost if using residential alarm)

Our final thoughts

The company offers quality and certified services. They ensure that their employees are constantly trained on the emerging technologies. Apart from offering home security, the company offers security to professionals and the community. Diversified alarm services company is credible and reliable for those people who need guaranteed security services.
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