Should Alarm Relay be your Home Security Choice?

Monitoring Your Home every hour, every day. Arguably the cheapest home alarm system monitoring service around starting at $8.95 monthly with one of the shortest contract plans of 12 months. Alarm Relay is a security company that focuses on monitoring existing home alarm systems. They do not have their own security equipment but endorses a couple of DIY Security Companies.  Alarm Relay also offers home automation equipment monitoring. These include remote camera viewing, thermostat, lights etc.

  • Low cost monitoring fee starting at $8.95*
  • Monitors most Z- wave compatible alarm system
  • 12 months monitoring plan
  • Compatible with several apps
  • CSAA 5 Diamond Central Station
  • Available to renters
  • Up to 20% savings on your homeowner insurance
  • UL Certified Central monitoring Station


  • Doesn’t offer its own equipment
  • Added Charges is confusing
  • Auto renewal is for an extra 12 months


Quick facts

Founded 1972
Headquarters California
Sales Line (800) 624-6866
Z-Wave Technology yes
Monthly $8.95+
Installation $0
Activation $34
24/7 monitoring  yes
Smoke, C02 & Flood Included
Customer Reviews 4 of 5
Support 4 of 5
Smart app control Available



A look into Alarm Relay’s prices and packages options

Alarm Relay is solely a monitoring company and as such their packages reflect that. They offer a price range dependent on what you intend monitoring and the means of monitoring, either wireless, VoIP and cellular. Although cellular is the best choice.

Installation cost: Alarm Relay monitors already existing systems. Although not all systems may be compatible so it’s advisable to call them about your system before purchasing or getting signed up for a plan. They would send a technician to connect your Alarm system for a fee.

Activation charge: Alarm Relay charges a onetime activation/administration fee of $35.00

Monitoring price: the monitoring prices of Alarm Relay is one of the cheapest available. They offer home security monitoring services from $8.95 monthly on a 12 month monitoring contract which auto-renews for another 12 months on expiration. This is only available for wired systems and only a basic monitoring service with no advanced feature.

If you intend using cellular or VoIP, the charges change.  Call their customer care for a personalized free quote depending on your available system.

Security Equipment review

Alarm Relay’s Security System

Alarm Relay supports a range of systems especially DIY systems including the Helix alarm system, a DIY System which they strongly recommend. They support all security cameras and would easily integrate your home automation systems.


Getting your monitoring service by Alarm Relay set up is not difficult.

  1. Get a free quote of what you would likely pay for your service base on your monitoring protocol and also to check if your alarm system is compatible.
  2. Setup time they would have a technician send over to help you set it up or you can do it over the phone.
  3. Having issues? – call their customer care service and sort it out.


What makes them unique

What makes this company stand out from others?

Alarm Relay differs from most security providers. Here’s what makes them unique

  1. Cheap monitoring fee: starting at just $8.95, they offer one of the cheapest monitoring fees (along with Protect America) among home security providers.
  2. Short contract length: they do not weigh you down with a lengthy contract length as their contract length runs for 12 months as against the regular 36 months.
  3. UL listed: Their central monitoring station is underwriter listed.
  4. 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service, they offer a 30-days money back guarantee.


Customer Support

Do they care about their customers?

Yes, but not much.  Contacting Alarm Relay customer service support is hassle-free. They offer a variety of media to get in touch.

Chat support:  Not Available

Tech support:  They have their own line available for setup support. Reach them at (619) 599-0146

Online videos:  They have several tutorial videos on their support page

FAQ:  A very detailed FAQ is available on their support page.

Support hours:  Their hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. (M-F) and 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sat. they also offer a 24 hours Emergency service.


Alarm Relay is mainly a monitoring company, you can get a low-cost monitoring service for your alarm system depending on your monitoring choice. Find out if your alarm system is supported by giving them a call or confirm which system they support if you intend using them as your monitoring service.

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