+See Crime in an Area before Relocating there

The top 5 most common crimes reported in the United States are Theft, Assault, Burglary, Arrest, and Vandalism. This is as reported from data gathered by the Trulia crime map. The Trulia crime map is an innovative and proprietary social crime mapping software.  It gives renters or intending property buyers the power to view, explore, compare, interact and comment on crime data across the United States. Launched in 2011, the map began with 50 counties and has spread to include the majority of the United States.

The Trulia crime map utilizes data compiled from numerous crime watch partners.  Including CrimeReports, EveryBlock, SpotCrime and numerous police agencies and news feed.

Using the Trulia crime map is relatively easy.The portalYou can access the portal via the Trulia website or by clicking here.  This map is a great tool that anyone can use for free.  If an alarm system is on your mind, there are several other home security apps to choose from to protect oneself.


Trulia crime map data

The crime map shows crime statistics by a heat map – while using colors ranging from green to show low crime rates, to red to denote areas with a high rate of crime.

For movers and intending buyers of a property in a given location, the Trulia crime map offers a visual representation of the crime rate according to types in a given geographical location presenting an immediate and easy appraisal of safety in that particular location.

The Trulia crime map does more. It offers an estimate as to property pricing in that particular location, giving intending buyers or renters an idea of affordability of properties in a particular county.

The crime rate in the previous months is easily appreciated, it is denoted in the crime map by a black circle with a number depicting the number of crimes in that area per month.

Neighborhoods where crimes have been committed have a link embedded to give a breakdown of the crimes committed; types and number of crimes and where they were committed.

Major features of the Trulia crime map

  1. It offers the options to view crime rates by states, city, neighborhood and even postal codes.
  2. It offers discussion pages and Facebook comment option for Facebook so users can post comments on particular crime or area.
  3. The application gives users the option to filter various crimes types and also show their occurrences.
  4. The map is easily zoomable to view intersections where crimes are more commonly committed.
  5. Users can view crime rate by days, or months.
  6. To ensure the quality of the maps statistics.  You can see the last 2500 crimes committed in a particular area.
  7. This map is linked to Trulia property search, so you can easily compare crimes between areas before using.
  8. Finally, it’s free to use, no sign up needed.



If you are thinking about moving to a new city because you need to relocate, make sure you do your homework. The easy to use Trulia crime map is a necessary tool to access before making that final decision. Other similar services exist such as spotcrime, neighborhood scout, and Family Watchdog but the Trulia crime map differs in its usability.

Final words: Remember, the bigger the circle, the higher the crime rate.  Once you move to an area suggest creating a neighborhood watch or get involved in a current one already setup.  We suggest to not move into a ‘Red’ section.  Finally, we recommend talking with others who currently live there about current crime conditions. [frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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