Do Good Looks Equal Good Reviews?

Before you begin reading, do you know what makes a security system great? Even though most security system may seem the same – on paper, they may have other differences in quality and dependability.  Another home security funded on crowd sourcing similar to Scout Alarm and Piper. In this article, we will look at some of the salient features of Novi Security, its benefits, its disadvantages, and other information that will enable you to choose the system that works best for you.

close up view of the Novi security sensors

Before we begin, let’s have a quick look at some of the good and bad of Novi Home Security:

  • Battery back-up during power outage
  • Portable
  • 01-year battery life
  • Connects ten sensors
  • Can save images and GIFs
  • Night vision camera
  • Motion detector adapts to Pets
  • Built in Smoke Detector
  • Syncs in with mobile devices
  • Activate alarms or disarm alarms with mobile app
  • Inbuilt fire detector sensors


  • Wi-Fi or internet connection is mandatory
  • No live-streaming feature
  • Viewing range limitation to 170 degrees
  • Contemporary, tech-backed system that syncs in with your mobile device
  • Have complete control of your home or premises
  • Portable alarm system that can transfer from your home to business, without any hassle


Pricing in NOVI Security System Products

The unit can be purchased for a price of US $ 299, with would include the Hub and Guard. You can purchase additional sensors from the Novi Store at US$ 179. Warranty extends to one year.


A look at their Security System Gadgets

Novi Security only requires three components to work – it’s that simple. Let’s take a look at the main components that keep this system in check.  In our minds their devices aren’t quite the same as getting a full blown security system from Vivint or ADT but it’s a good start.

The First Component – “The HUB”

Most everything is wireless but the Hub does require to be plugged in

The First is the “Hub”; this is essentially the ‘brain’ of the system that you will transmit information from the sensor to a Smart Device. This can connect up to ten sensors at a time. You need to ensure that the Hub is constantly connected to Wi-Fi or an internet connection or it will not be able to transmit alerts or notifications.

However, Novi Security can also save images in case you want to view it later. Storage allows you to save up to sixty images and twenty GIFs to be viewed later. This can be increased with a Premium package.

Since the system has batteries as backup, it can work even during a power failure for up to two hours; it will automatically charge when the power resumes. The batteries can last up to a year or longer, depending on how often it is being used. If a replacement is needed, there will be an alert/notification informing the owner that the battery should be changed.

The Second Component

The next component is the ‘Guard’ which has a one hundred and seventy degrees High Definition camera that can capture suspicious looking activity. However, the only disadvantage of this system is that does not allow live-streaming; the pictures captures can be converted into a GIF or video-clip format.

The Novi Security system can be used even at night because of its night vision capabilities and motion sensor even when you are not around. If you have pets, this system is able to lower the infrared detector for unnecessary alarms.

In additional features, the Novi Security also double as a smoke detector machine; this is activated by the photoelectric sensors of the device. If the device detects any smoke in your house, it will immediately inform you of this with pictures of the relevant areas.

One the biggest benefits to users is that the device is portable; in case you need to switch areas or locations that are monitored, one can easily use to guard a vacation home or a country house. In the event of extended vacations in the Hamptons, if you need to ensure that your vacation home is protected and your assets are safe, the Novi Security will come to the rescue with its portability. The Guard has a hundred decibel siren that can ward off potential intruders and alert neighbors of trespassers.

The Third Component

The last component you will need to activate Novi Security is a Smart Device. To take maximum advantage of this security device, you would have to install a mobile application so that you have total control; it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

How to get the Novi Security alarm system up and running

Plan on doing this one by yourself or hire a local handyman.  We said it was simple to use, but installation is simpler. You just have to connect the first component – Hub to your home or office router. Next, you have to synch the Guard with the Hub.

The device is portable, but if you want it attached to one place, it can be screwed on to a ceiling or nailed into a wall. If you wish to take this around with you, the adhesive tapes make it easier to use. If you are a frequent traveler, this will be a definite advantage.

What makes Novi Security different?

Here is what this company stand out from others:

Simply put, Novi Security offers customers mobility and accessibility, unlike any other brand in the market.

The ‘All-in-One’ feature enable-ment means that you wouldn’t have to spend on accessories separately and for one great price, you can rest assured of seamless service. It is security made simple, without any unwanted binding contracts that don’t work to your advantage.

Out of Piper,, which are both all in one security solutions versions of a motion sensor mixed with a security camera, the Novi comes in 2nd.

The Short Story of Novi Security

The company started in the year 2013 with the primary mission of providing solutions for security, customized for homes and office spaces. The company’s CEO is Tyler Crawford, who heads a team of twelve personnel; he has an approval rating of 77%.

Wrapping it all up…

In Short, Novi Security is sleek, works well, and can be easily camouflaged in the areas you wish to monitor. Since it serves as an all-in-one device, the price it is offered at is reasonable. While it has a 170-degree motion detector, can be plugged into ten sensors, it does not allow live streaming.

However, once you have the knowledge that the team is ever-ready to assist you, this price is one that is recommended for home or business use.
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