Will You be ‘Selecting’ them over their Competitors?

Select Security is an emerging security company based in Philadelphia, founded by Patrick Egan in 2003, Select Security offers security solution for both commercials and residential users. With 14 regional offices, the company provides its services to majorly home and business owners in Philadelphia, Utah, Texas, and Ohio.  Select Security installs, monitor and maintain security systems manufactured by 2GIG.

Monitoring is done in house by their three FM Certified and UL listed monitoring centers located in Lancaster, PA., Anaheim, Ca., and Antonio, TX (as does Protect America).  They also offer additional security services such as Fire Protection, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Home Automation etc.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of selecting Select Security as your Alarm provider.


  • Multiple Monitoring centers
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Lifetime Equipment warranty
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Home automation ready.


  • Not Available nationwide
  • High monthly Monitoring cost.
  • 60 months’ contract length.


Quick Facts

Founded 2003
Headquarters Philadelphia, United States
Sales Line (877) 877-0345
Website Click Here
Standard sensors included free
Touchscreen Panel Yes
Key Remote (On/Off) Fob Yes
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors Available
Mobile & Tablet Control Available
Cameras Indoor, Pan, Tilt and zoom
Z-Wave Technology Available
Advanced Features Available
Monthly $50+
Installation Free
Activation Free
24/7 monitoring Yes
Customer Reviews 3.5 of 5
Support 3 of 5
Equipment 4 of 5


How much to get it up and running?

Select Security starts off with different cost across its different plans and packages, ranging from $99 to $299. All of Select Security plans come with a 60 months’ contract. Along with a Vivint alarm, this is among the highest in the industry.  If you want to see how it stacks up to the best in class, go to our home page.

Installation Cost:  Awarded best Installer in 2014, Installation is free on Select Security plans when an individual signs up for any of their packages.

Activation cost: Select charges an Activation fee on all its plans, ranging from the Essential smart home plan to the Ultimate Smart home plan. This fees spans from $99 for the essential plan to $299 for the ultimate plan.

Monitoring cost: Select Security charges one of the highest monitoring fee in the industry. They also offer lifetime warranty on labor and equipment on all their plans.

Maintenance cost:  Maintenance cost is free with Select Security.


A break down of their security system lineup:

2gig home security system used by Select

Select Security are installers of 2GIG security systems. 2GIG is a producer of durable and state of the art security equipment. On a basic plan, Select Security offers 1 2gig touch screen Control Panel with Keypad + Battery backup, 1 Motion Detector, 3 Door/Window sensors, 1 Indoor Siren and Multiple Window Decals + 1 Yard Sign. Additional advanced upgrades are available.

Home Automation:  Select Security offers home automation options on all its plans. Although more services are available with their higher packages. They also offer remote access feature via their mobile app powered by Alarm.com on both Android and IOS platforms.


It begins with a free quote. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact the customer service of Select Security prior to making their final decision. Their systems are installed by professional installers at your convenience. They do not offer DIY installation. To have a Select Security system installed, follow our three easy steps.

Decide: Make the decision to use Select Security after contacting their customer care.  Decide on an installation time that suits your schedule.

D-Day: Have the installer arrive and install the system at no extra cost. Usually within 1- 3 hours.

Done deal:  Discuss any thoughts you may have and ask to be instructed on how the various component of the security system operates including use of the mobile app for remote access. Now, you are Secured.

What makes them unique

What’s Different about Select Security.

A few things stand out with being protected by Select Security.

Warranty:  A lifetime warranty on their equipment. Both labor and Equipment

90 days Money-back Guarantee:  Select Security offer customers a 90 days’ money back guarantee on their packages. Not many security system offers this, the closes being Stanley (60 days) and Frontpoint home security who has a 30 day trial.

Do they really care about their customers?

Contacting Select is limited in Available options. They can either be reached on phone or via the contact form on their website.

Phone: (877) 877-0345

Chat support: Not Available.

Email support: via the contact form on their web page.

History of company

History of Select Security.

The Story: In 1972, Patrick Egan who would later become the founder of Select Security installed his first security system which gave rise to the birth of his first security company called Commonwealth security company. The company was sold to Republic industries in the late 20th century.  In 2003, Mr. Egan founded another Security company, by name Select Security which is ranked one of the fasted growing companies in recent years.

Headquarters: Lancaster, PA

Our final verdict on them as a company:

The story of Select Security makes a nice read but home security depends more than that. Although a young company which seems on the right path, the monitoring charges, and contract length is among the longest available in the industry. Other security companies exist which doesn’t charge as much and offers equivalent services with a shorter contract length.
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