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We have reviewed numerous security companies in a bid to help you in making an informed choice in your decision for your home security provider.  Cannon Security is one more alarm company in the lineup of our list.  Based in Canada, they offer a number of home security solutions including video monitoring, home automation, energy management etc.

Headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick and fully enabled, Cannon Security is a popular alarm company in Canada that offers cutting edge home security packages with the latest interactive technology.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons

  • Short contract length of 36 months
  • 24 hours monitoring
  • Quality equipment
  • Home automation
  • Fast customer service
  • Free mobile app
  • Two Way voice


  • Regionally available
  • Relatively young company
  • Upfront fee


Quick facts

Founded 2004
Headquarters Saint John, New Brunswick
Sales Line 506.672.2526
Z-Wave Technology Yes
Monthly Unavailable
Installation Unavailable
Activation Unavailable
24/7 monitoring
Smoke, C02 & Flood           Yes
Customer Reviews 4 of 5
Support 4 of 5
Smart app control Available
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What their security system is going to cost you

Cannon Security takes home security to a new height by offering customized security system based on personal need that is not depended on a landline or cellular monitoring. Cannon offers a security system that utilizes specialized signaling system that still connects even while the control panel is damaged or in the case of power outage.

There are no clear-cut pricing or packages as each alarm system is customized based on a point system. Each additional gadget outside the allocated point incurs an added payment.

Cannon charges an upfront fee of $150 and above which is cheaper than most Alarm companies that require an upfront payment. There’s no clear cut package classification on their website.

Installation cost: Cannon security is not explicit about what they charge as an installation cost. What is known however is that their systems are not do-it-yourself and requires a professional installer.

Activation Cost: While there is no mention of an activation cost on the cannon security website cannon charges an upfront fee which includes installation and activation costs of $150 and above depending on package

Monitoring cost: Cannon Security doesn’t mention its monitoring cost but what is known is opting in for cannon security involves signing a monitoring contract of 36 months. They run their own monitoring central station that is UL-certified. As earlier mentioned monitoring isn’t via landline or cellular network.

What kind of a Security System do they offer?

Cannon Security supports alarms systems produced specially by They also support security cameras, thermostats,garage doors, carbon monoxide monitoring and easily integrate with home automation solutions.

Ad shown for Cannon ‘Smart Homes’ with mobile app displayed

How to get ‘er up and running

Opting in for the services of Cannon Security is relatively easy.

  1. Get contacted by a professional security personnel when you make a selection of what you require in your home security system.
  2. Set up a time that’s convenient for you and meets up with the professional technician who would set up the systems. All Cannon Security System are wireless so setup should be quick.
  3. Having issues? – Call their customer care service and sort it out. They easily respond and are extremely helpful.


What makes them unique

What’s Unique and not so special about Cannon Security

Some of the main qualities that make Cannon Security stand out amusing other competitors include;

  1. A wide range of services and functionality to choose from.
  2. Point system of pricing (meaning each piece of equipment = a certain amount of points)
  3. UL listed monitoring center
  4. High-quality Alarm systems by


What isn’t unique about them?  Some of the same pointers.  Other providers using the same system that are available in Canada as a DIY (do it yourself) setup include:  Frontpoint and Protect America.  There are also several authorized dealers of ADT that can install a system in Canada.

Do they care about you after you sign up?

Contacting Cannon Security customer care support is easy while the channels are nor much, the available ones are reliable.  Their continued support is very limited but you can get through to them if and when needed.

Chat support:  Not Available

Tech support:  Not Available

Online videos:  Not Available

Web Contact form: Available

Support line: 506.672.2526.

Support hours: They can be reached on phone on a 24 hours Emergency basis.

Our Exploding Conclusion

Alright, well it might not be that exciting…

Cannon Security offers security solutions with a different approach.  Third party provider for the equipment and software and then they do all their own monitoring service. While users may benefit from such quality systems, a little more online transparency would be appreciated on the part of the company so users are aware of what they are subscribing for before opting in.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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