What you get for their cheap monitoring costs

With lots of monitoring companies in the alarm security industry, you may wonder what makes The Monitoring Center different from the others. Founded in 1998, The Monitoring Center has been providing customers across Ontario, California, British Columbia and Florida monitoring services for their Alarm systems.

Priding itself as the first security company to separate alarm monitoring cost from alarm system cost, The Monitoring Center starts off its monitoring service at $9.99.

Let’s compare the good and bad of the company.

  • 6 months free monitoring service for new customers
  • Cheap monitoring cost @ $9.99
  • No long term contract
  • A+ BBB rating
  • ULC accredited


  • Monitoring service not available nationwide
  • $9.99 charge is only for landline monitoring, charges increase for Wi-Fi and cellular backup monitoring options
  • Cellular monitoring not available on the go.
  • Lots of Additional charges


Quick Facts

Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Oakville, Ontario
Standard Sensors: Yes
Touchscreen Panel : Yes
Key Remote (On/Off) Fob: No
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors: Yes
Mobile & Tablet Control: Yes
Cameras: No
Z-Wave: Yes
Advanced Features: No
Monthly: Starting from $9.99
Equipment: Basic
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Smoke, C02 & Flood: Yes
Customer Rating: 3 of 5
Support Rating: 3 of 5
Equipment Rating: 3 of 5


Price and packages

How much they are going to cost

The Monitoring Center offers mainly monitoring services via a phone line to the majority of its consumers who already own their own alarm systems. They can easily connect most universal alarm systems to work with their monitoring service.

Installation Fee: For users that already have their alarm systems, they are not required to pay any installation fee different from the activation fee of $99. Users who would opt to own their own alarm systems can either purchase and have it installed on their own or simply contact the monitoring center for their alarm system package manufactured by DSC and Honeywell

Activation fee: The Monitoring Center charges a one-time setup fee of $99 for installation as well as other charges.

Packages:  the basic monitoring package of The Monitoring Center cost $9.99 monthly at a contract length of 12 months using a phone line. Added charges applies for Wi-Fi and cellular backup monitoring.

Security Equipment review

A look into their security system:

As part of its services to customers. The monitoring company offers users who do not already have their own alarm systems, universal alarm systems made by Honeywell and DSC presented in four packages to suit different needs.

  1. The “Lynx Touch” Basic Alarm Package (Equipment cost $399/monitoring cost $17.9) Includes:
    • 1 Lynx Touch Control Center with built in siren
    • 1 “WiFi” Alarm Communicator
    • 2 Wireless Door/Window Contacts
    • 1 Wireless Motion Detector
    • 1 Backup Battery
    • 1 Power Transformer
    • All cabling and installation
    • A 2 years Parts Warranty


  1. Honeywell VISTA15P Basic Alarm Package (Equipment cost $299) Includes:
    • Main control panel
    • 2 wireless Door or window contacts
    • 1 LCD keypad
    • 1 Wireless Motion Detector
    • 1 Siren – 15 Watt – 95 DB
    • 1 Back up battery
    • 1 Power transformer
    • 1 Phone jack interface
    • All cabling and installation
    • 2 years Parts Warranty


  1. Hardwired Security System (equipment cost $499) includes:
    • 1 Main control panel
    • 3 Hard-Wired Door or window contacts
    • LCD keypad
    • 2 Hard Wired Motion detectors
    • 1 Siren – 15 Watt – 95 DB.
    • 1 Backup battery
    • 1 Power transformer
    • 1 Phone jack interface
    • All cabling and installation
    • On-site Parts and Labor Warranty


Customer Support

Do they really take care of their customers?

Available customer support by The Monitoring Center includes:

Phone: 866-247-4999

Website:  Click here

History of SLomins

A look into the time capsule..

The Monitoring Center was founded as an alarm company in 1998, closing up on 2 decades of existence, its headquarter is in Ontario.

Number of monitoring station: One central monitoring station.


At $9.99 monthly with 12 months contract and a free 6 months contract free period when you sign up as a new subscriber. The Monitoring Center makes a good choice for monitoring company if you live in the serviced areas. But it’s worth mentioning that landline monitoring is outdated and can easily be disconnected by just a wire cut by a burglar.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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