Long history equal a good company?

Over 2 decade of existence, Westec has been providing security services for customers across the Nation. They are a recognized provider of interactive video and audio monitoring service for both private and corporate brands. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Westec was recently acquired by Interface, a leading provider of cloud-based managed network services and security systems for commercial clients in 2012.  A look at Westec Security company shows a security company that makes use of 2GIG  equipment to offer both home security and Home automation services. Monitoring Begins at $31 with no upfront Installation fee.

Let’s take a look at the ups and the downs:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Own monitoring system
  • Professional installation




Quick facts of Westec

Founded: 1994
Standard Sensors: Yes
Touchscreen Panel : Yes
Key Remote (On/Off) Fob: No
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors: Yes
Mobile & Tablet Control: Yes
Cameras: Yes
Z-Wave: No
Advanced Features: No
Monthly: Undisclosed
Equipment: Undisclosed
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Smoke, C02 & Flood: Yes
Customer Rating: 4 of 5
Support Rating: 3 of 5
Equipment Rating: 4 of 5


Price and packages

How much will it be costing you?

There is no pre-set alarm packages but basic monitoring starts at $31.99. Their services are mainly tailored for commercial customers. They include video Surveillance, Environmental, CO2 and Motion Sensors. There are no installation or activation cost.

All in all you should expect $300-500 in start up costs.  They charge you primarily for the equipment and the more advanced you want the higher it gets.

Security Equipment review

A look into what Westec uses for their security system

2GIG are the producers of the security equipment installed by Westec security. They are generally regarded as extremely advanced security gadgets fully compatible with home automation.  The durability of 2GIG systems makes it a great choice. Westec offers lifetime warranty on both parts and labor on all its security equipment.

Installation Process

How to get their alarm system up and running

Westec offers Professional Installation on all its equipment. The process follows setting up an appointment after getting contacting their customer service. They do not offer DIY installations. A professional installer would have your system duly installed and running and would also answer any questions regarding the installed system.

History of company

Smooth, rocky or great history?

Westec before its acquisition by Interface was founded in 1996.  This was the same time that APEX (now Vivint) and Protect America were founded.  However, both of these companies have surpassed hundreds of thousands of clients whereas Westec seems to be holding on by the end of the string.  The parent company acquired Digital Witness in 2007, a recognized leader in the video surveillance industry.  Westec runs multiple CSAA certified monitoring centers nationwide.

Customer Support

How well do they treat their customers?

Their customer support can be reached via their phone line or online form available on their support page.

Phone: 909-795-1234

Available: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Our verdict on this company

Westec is a renowned Alarm service provider. They make use of 2GIG equipment with zero installation and activation fee/. Although their webpage doesn’t offer much in terms of information. They are worth considering as an alarm service provider.  Careful when getting this system though, if you move you can expect a very high cancellation fee.

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