10 dumb criminals

Everything you do requires precision, planning, and proper mechanism. This probably rings true for every job and even more so when it comes to the art of burglary. These ten videos are hilarious and even downright stupid – you wonder if anyone can be this careless? They are a far cry from masters of the game like James Bond.


1. Trial and Error


You know how they say that you should try something on before you buy it? Well, this is a case where the burglar probably borrowed one or accidentally took his wingman’s one. He lost his ‘character’ for a few seconds to wear it on. It’s too bad that the cameras were already rolling to get a good capture of his face for ID.


2. Grab One on the Go

This guy probably thought that as the cop’s eyes were diverted away from him, he thought it will go unnoticed so much so that he assumed a large package would fit the rear of his jacket. He’d probably earn more time behind bars for attempting to steal while being called into the Police. It just goes to show that you need talent and skill for any job!


3. Guys in no Disguise

You need a certain amount of guts to rob a security camera store – knowing full well that they would have the technology for the job at the place that sells it. These guys show no concern as they casually don a cloth over their face and enter the premises boldly. A flash of the face gives away one of the geniuses and unfortunately, the camera captures a clear shot of them.


4. Lawn in

Imagine the conversation that took place here: “You’re under arrest for…for…for… stealing this – my own lawn mower?” Undoubtedly the most American thing that you would hear! You really need to hand it to this guy who would live to tell the tale of the stolen lawnmower from a Cop.


5. The Mousetrap

If you ever want to know what a mouse looks like when they are trapped, this would be it. The burglars shown in this video simply didn’t see it coming. Thankfully, these institutions have evolved to taking maximum security against assailants, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. It wouldn’t hurt to have a disguise – or at least a mask. We don’t live in the stone ages – everyone has security cameras.


6. IQ Fail

Freedom does strange things to people – this is a clear example of how badly it can turn out. Could it be that they were trying to break the chain? Why would they simply run straight into the pole if not? One can only imagine. Given how stupid the idea is, you might even think they were completely blind or just have zero IQ. Having miscalculated the impact, the two handcuffed men collide with one another. They would be lucky to get away with a concussion. Prisons should conduct a class on ‘How not to Escape from Jail 101’. Freedom is not something that should be taken for granted.


7. In or Out?

How ingenious of this burglar to make his great escape by breaking through the door and out of the shop with the item he had in mind. He narrowly missed the sharp ends of the broken glass. If he has missed, it could have resulted in deep cuts but the chap doesn’t seem to mind. He has one thing on his mind, and that’s to take whatever it is and run out. He forgets that large grocery shops and stores install cameras – even the smallest ones. If he imagines that this misdemeanour would go unnoticed, oh boy, was he wrong!

He even fails at the next element of getting dressed for the job. Shorts and a generic tee shirt can help the Authorities identify him faster but maybe he wasn’t prepared. Just like spontaneous purchases, he probably experienced spontaneous robbery.


8. Stupid Burglar

How far are you willing to go to secure what you need? This guy gets 10 points on bravery and perseverance. He simply doesn’t stop at any cost. He is out there to get it and win it. Makes you wonder what the big deal was? Did he go through all that trouble for a few grocery items? It looked like he was trying to hide a dead body at first.

Whatever he attempted to do caused him quite a bit of injury. He would have bumped his head a few times and that fall from the roof could have caused minor gashes. But, this is what passion looks like. This video could even suit a large company that’s trying to motivate its Sales team for ‘try hard or die trying’ (literally).


9. The Bouncers

The first thought that would come to your mind is, how is this not viral? How does this even happen? Don’t burglars do their homework anymore? It’s obvious that he is hitting a plexy glass where the object fires back. Hello, brain damage!

Now you understand why your Mom berated you for not studying saying that you had to learn something to do anything. Here’s video footage of this saying. You could only imagine how funny this would have looked like to the Police officer who had to charge them.


10. Stuntman Future

If this guy could volunteer to do just this bit for a movie as a stunt, he can legitimately earn a whole lot more money. Naturally, the adrenaline hit him strong before he was able to decide on his exit route. Did I take enough? Did I take too much? He probably had a lot of questions going on his mind. He may have had to visit the Emergency unit on his way home, too. Lucky for him he took enough to pay his bills.

These ten videos round up the worst failures at robbery; if there was a countdown all these ten men will be on it. Practice makes perfect, goes the adage, but wisdom seems to be the order of the day.

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