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Parenting is not a walk in the park. Success in raising kids and starting a family is dependent to a large extent on the location in which you live. Often times, the need arises to relocate or move to a community which contains the necessary amenities a budding family would need and that is devoid of too much noise. Low crime waves and a fair amount of friendly neighbors who share the same goal as you while catering.

It is safe to assume that an environment that is conducive for growing children is one that is not too fast paced and crowded like a full-fledged city with lots of traffic but rather one with lots of kids to play with and social amenities like parks and other recreational facilities for the family.

Here’s our idea of the Top 10 Best Places to Raise a family in no particular order.

  1. Rockville, MD

Population: 66,568

The City of Rockville is located in Maryland in Montgomery county. One of the biggest retail hub in Montgomery County, the median income of families’ average about $100,000. 5.6% of families live below the poverty line. There are numerous schools in Rockville, its home to the university of Maryland University College, The John Hopkins University Montgomery Campus etc.


  1. Chandler, AZ

Population: 261,007

The City of chandler was named after the founder, Dr. Alexander John Chandler. With an evenly distributed age group and an Average population of over 260,000. Chandler is a nice place to raise a family. About 6% of the population lives below the poverty line. Chandler is the 2016 playful city; an award it has sustained for 10 years in a row. The major employer of labor are tech firms like Intel and Verizon.


  1. Newton, MA

Population: 88,549

A City with lots of scenic roads and points of Interest. Newton bears close proximity to Boston. A safe city with low crime rate and safe neighborhoods. Newton is well served by various means of transportation and is home to seven colleges and universities with numerous high schools. About 2.1 % of Families live below the poverty line.

  1. Holland, MI

Population: 33,852

The least populated city in our list Holland has lots of local amenities and a relatively low cost of living. Holland is a nice little town to live and raise a family in Michigan.


  1. Chula Vista, CA

Population: 258,167

Chula Vista means beautiful view. A big city with lots of beautiful scenery and popular tourist destinations include Mattress Firm Amphitheatre. There is currently no university in Chula Vista but the city is home to 4 private colleges. The economy is mainly small business driven.


  1. St. George, UT

Population: 83,067

The city of St George once ranked as the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in America now fifth. It’s regarded as one of the most secured places to live in the United states. Its home to many parks and recreational places. Dixie university is found in St George.  About 7.6% of families live below the poverty line.  Is is also very close to Las Vegas so there is plenty to do only a 90 minute drive southwest of you.


  1. Madison, WS


The capital of Wisconsin is a perfect haven for families with beautiful scenery and museums such as the Madison Children Museum and the UW-Madison Geology Museum and a relatively low unemployment rate of less than 5 percent. Madison makes a perfect place to raise a family.


  1. Plano, TX


Plana is the seventh most populous city in Texas. Its headquarter to a lot of cooperate organizations such as Ericsson, HP enterprise etc. Plano has been ranked one of the best places to live in America. It boasts of lots of Amenities and a low crime rate.

  1. Lincoln, NB

Population:277, 000

Lincoln, Nebraska offers relatively cheap housing for families. A city with a low crime rate and the second most populous city in Nebraska. The economy and lifestyle of Lincoln is similar to the average midsize American city. The unemployment rate of Lincoln seats at 2.6%. there are over 125 individual parks in Lincoln making it a nice place to raise a family.


  1. Fremont, CA

Population: 230,482

With an Approximate population of over two hundred and thirty thousand people. Fremont makes a nice settlement for families especially as it has one of the lowest rate of crime per capita including a relatively low divorce rate. An Average paced city Fremont is home to any family that desire a cool city to grow.

Tips for Those Looking for Security

If you live in a crime ridden area and can’t afford to make the move or job doesn’t permit it, consider these alternatives.

1 – Start a neighborhood watch.  Read our in depth article on how you can combine the forces of social media and really make an active neighborhood defense program.

2 – Get a home security system.  This is what we specialize in reviewing.  While they vary in equipment and cost from company to company, an alarm system is the greatest way to get instant peace of mind.

3 – Consider other alternatives such as deterrent stickers, a guard dog or gun.  Remember that the family is the most important thing in your life and a couple extra hundred dollars to protect them and the home is worth every bit.
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