3 Things An ADT Smoke Detector Does That Yours Doesn’t

In the United States, the percentage of people who die from house fires is more than the number of people who die from other natural calamities. In most of the situations; the fire break happened in the middle of the night so that the people were unaware of the situation. Usually, when a fire breaks, people detect it by sensing the smell of smoke. If the fire breaks during the daytime, it is easy to sense and do something about it. But what if it breaks during the night and nobody is aware of it.  The use of ADT smoke detectors is crucial in such situation.

Here is a glance at the good and bad of using an ADT Smoke alarm system:


  • Connected through a monitoring station and local fire department
  • Mobile alerts directly to your phone or email
  • Great peace of mind for trips and at night
  • Higher quality equipment then standard OEM smoke detectors



  • Monitoring fee
  • Professional installation required typically
  • Not compatible with most other security systems


What is an ADT smoke detector?

ADT Fire safety kit

It is yet another innovative invention which is one of the highly used home security devices that senses smoke. Smoke usually can be an alarm of a nearby fire, and it is better if you can detect it early. Smoke detector senses smoke and alarm you with the help of a fire alarm system so that you get enough time to do what is required.  Finally, smoke detectors usually come in a small disk shape and have two basic parts: a smoke sensor and an alarm system with loud noise.

How does an ADT smoke detector work?

To study the working of ADT smoke detectors, you need to know about different types of smoke detectors. There are, mainly 2 types of detectors namely photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. Photoelectric detectors make use of photobeam detector, and when the light sensors in the detector get blocked by smoke, the alarm is triggered. Whereas the ionization detector is a less expensive version and it has an entirely different mechanism than the optical version. Ionization detectors use electric current to trigger the alarm. When smoke blocks the current, the alarm gets triggered. Ionization detectors provide better response to flaming fires, and photoelectric detectors provide quick response to smoldering fires. Smoke detectors are really inexpensive considering the cost due to fire damage, so you can install both types of detectors in your home to ensure maximum safety.

The ADT burglar system can be armed in either “Away” or “Stay” mode and once you activate the mode; each zone gets the ability to recognize a violation of the already set preference. If the area is violated, the system soon dials ADT monitoring service and transmits the message immediately through a telephone line. When the signal is received at ADT, the security system will wait to send another message if another zone is violated. If you want to enter the process, you can enter the code and turn off the device.

If you want to purchase a home security system from ADT, you can also opt for carbon monoxide detectors along with smoke detectors.

Installation and maintenance of ADT smoke detectors

Are easy to install, and they work with a different wireless protocol than your home Wi-Fi network. You cannot either use this network for your PC applications nor will ADT access your home Wi-Fi network.  Or you can also get ADT’S security services for two systems with a single account at the same time. You can easily monitor one or more locations even when you are away from both the locations with the same ADT login. The ADT security system is designed in such a way that it takes control of your telephone line whenever there is a fire alarm trigger to call the ADT customer service.

You need not disable the smoke detector installed in the kitchen while cooking even if a false alarm is triggered. Instead, you can let the smoke out of the window by opening it and can press hush button present on your detector.

It is recommended to test your ADT smoke detector every month to ensure they are working perfectly. You must change the batteries at least once in a year depending on the type of detector you have. Make sure that you read the instruction manual clearly to find out the expiry date of batteries and the right time to change them. When the battery goes weak; the system will show you low battery alerts on the keyboard display so that you will know when it needs replacing. Also, it will be clearly mentioned in the manufacture’s manual when to replace the detectors. You can easily order replacement batteries directly from ADT by consulting the customer service team.

Where to install smoke detector?

The position of installation of the ADT smoke detector is equally important to increase the security of your home. For effective protection, it is recommended installing smoke detectors on every level of your house including the basement. As most of the home fires start at night, it is safe to install detectors both indoor and outdoor. The crucial areas where the fire is about to start are kitchen and garages, so you should never leave out those areas. The best position to install smoke detectors is on the ceilings or somewhere near to the ceilings because smoke has a normal tendency to rise quickly and it is easier to detect.

3 Things that this does that your standard smoke alarm doesn’t do:

Although there are many different smoke detectors to choose from, choosing one form ADT can benefit you in many ways. Here are 3 things an ADT smoke detector does that yours doesn’t.

1. Help from ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers in case of emergency

In the case of normal smoke detectors; it triggers the smoke alarm system and alerts you in the case of any fore break. But this product will alert you and ADT’s Customer Monitoring Center at the same time about the emergency that happened in your house. Once the alert reaches the customer center, you will receive a call from the center to verify the alarm, and they will inform the local fire department, and you get immediate help.

2. Ensures constant protection even in your absence

The ADT fire monitoring unit will ensure continued protection for your home even when you are out of town. Even if you are out of town, when the self-installed fire detector triggers an alarm, customer service team will make sure that required emergency response is provided.

3. Email and text notification

ADT gives you many monetary benefits including receiving notification by email or s text messages in case of any emergency. If the ADT smoke sensor or carbon monoxide sensor triggers an alarm; ADT team will send you a text message to your smartphone or as an email notifying the situation. Users will also have the facility to control the alarm systems remotely either from a smartphone or PC via the Internet.

Our conclusion

Purchasing a monitored ADT smoke detector for improving your home security system will help you to keep your family safe from any kind of fire emergencies whenever you are at home or out of the home. Some of the useful features of the smoke detector are 24/7 monitoring; quick response, fully personalized version for your house, emergency buttons, specific zone activation and insurer discounts. It is also important to teach your children about basic fire safety principles and how to apply them in the case of emergencies. Make them aware of how to avoid fire and the measures to be taken in case of any fires.

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