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Two years short of a century of Alarm security provision, Doyle security is a family owned Security Company based in the upper New York region. A widely recognized name in Alarm systems and monitoring, Doyle security offers cutting-edge security equipment made by Honeywell which it monitors through its own UL-listed monitoring center in New York. A certified member of the NetOne body, Doyle offers both landline and cellular monitoring with quality maintenance and one of the best technical security training in the country.

A quick look at the pros and cons is available below.

  • Trusted track record
  • Quality equipment
  • UL-listed monitoring center
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Home automation available


  • Not Available nationwide
  • One time equipment cost payment
  • Local means you could have monitoring outtages, price hikes and cancellation fees
  • Could go out of business, get bought out and contract changes (happened to Brinks)


Quick facts

Founded: 1994
Headquarters: New York
Standard Sensors: Yes
Touchscreen Panel : Yes
Key Remote (On/Off) Fob: Yes
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors: Yes
Mobile & Tablet Control: Yes
Cameras: Yes
Z-Wave: Yes
Advanced Features: Yes
Monthly: Starts from 25
Equipment: Advanced
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Smoke, C02 & Flood: Yes
Customer Rating: 4 of 5
Support Rating: 4 of 5
Equipment Rating: 4 of 5


Security Equipment review

Look into what Security system equipment they use

Doyle security equipment is manufactured by Honeywell. The system utilizes the Lynx as its control panel. The Lynx security system is compatible with its mobile app (the total control app) from which customers can easily control various home automation equipment. It also has remote control access from anywhere in the world. In all packages, Doyle security offers a lynx touchscreen panel, 2  door/window contact, 1 motion detector and live two-way voice monitoring.

Home automation brings mobile control via any mobile app and remote door lock and unlock control, lighting control etc.

Price and packages

What it’s going to cost you

With Doyle Security, there’s nothing like free security equipment. Consumers are supposed to pay the full cost of the equipment before signing a monitoring contract of 36 months, unlike other providers who offer “free” security equipment with a contract or paid security equipment with no contract or a maximum of 12 months monitoring contract.

Doyle offers 5 different packages each offering what the previous offers with extra features and of course a higher monitoring cost. Here is an outline of the plans as obtained from their website.

doyle security packages

The total home package is the most elaborate of the packages and it comes with a $39 monthly monitoring charge.


Doyle security offers only professional Installation by well-trained technicians. Once payment has been made for the system, Doyle sends a professional installer to your home at your convenience who easily install the system and teaches how it’s operated. They would also answer any question you may have regarding the system.

History of company

A better look into Doyle Security

Doyle security a family owned business was established in 1919 by John A. Doyle who started off providing security services for the Rochester.  Doyle security today cuts across both residential and business alarm monitoring. Medical monitoring, CCTV as well as others services.

Customer Support

Support for Doyle security is available via the following portals:

Phone: 866-463-6953


Online chat support: Available 8:45 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday


Doyle security is one of the trusted alarm companies in the country. Particular popular in the New York region, its long track record makes it worth considering if you live in its area of coverage and if the one-time equipment cost is affordable. Other choices abound which offer same equipment at a cheaper monitoring cost and contract length.

Other local companies that users have a hard time getting out of contracts with include Bay Alarm, Central Security Group and DSC.  Please leave any feedback below about Doyle security whether positive or negative.
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