Should you Trust Nest to Watch your Home?

As part of a family of smart home products, Nest cameras are designed to be simple, functional, and attractive. In a market full of home security cameras to choose from, Nest cameras stand out as powerful little devices that deliver exceptional clarity of video image and are designed to integrate with other smart home devices and work with voice control.

Nest indoor cameras are simple to set up and install.

Nest Indoor

For many people, security cameras are mostly added to deter crime and perhaps catch criminals later, if a burglary does occur. Because they run on your home’s power rather than a battery, Nest cameras are able to record continuously, not just when they sense motion in the area of their view.

People with pets in the house enjoy the ability to monitor the animals’ behavior when the humans of the home are away. Nest cameras have a built-in speaker, which the homeowner can use to remotely talk through. Many users report a look of surprise, and quick obedience, from a dog that hears a familiar human voice reminding them to get off the couch or stop chewing on shoes when the dog was sure no one was watching.

Households with kids report similar results. Being able to remind your teenager to get started on his homework while you are at work, for instance, is a surprising side-benefit for many parents who have installed Nest indoor cameras around the home.

Promising up to 1080 pixel HD video, Nest cameras are known for the exceptional clarity of image because they use glass lenses and covers, rather than plastic used on many other security cameras.

Monitor your home on the go, anywhere with the Nest App.

The Nest App allows you to monitor the camera and get alerts if it spots something unusual. Many of the most advanced features, such as facial recognition and multiple-day review of the video, are available only with the Nest Aware subscription.

Nest Outdoor Surveillance cameras

For surveillance of the exterior of your home, Nest Outdoor cameras bring the features and compatibility of Nest to the yard, garage, or front door area. Built with a weatherproof casing that is designed to withstand the elements and keep recording clear video images, Nest Outdoor cameras also feature the built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to communicate directly with people in the range of the camera.

Watch over your yard with Nest Outdoor cameras.


From giving directions to the delivery person about where to leave a package while you are away, to telling a stranger who is lurking on your property to leave, the remote speaker lets you talk to people at your house from wherever you are. Most importantly, the interactive talk feature lets those who shouldn’t be near your home know that you are watching.

  • Plugs directly into a power outlet for steady, reliable power supply
  • Glass lenses and covers for improved clarity of image recording
  • Known for a sleek modern appearance that many homeowners prefer (similar to Vivint & Scout equipment)


  • Some of the most desirable features available only with Nest Aware subscription
  • Power source requires cameras to be near a power outlet, or run an extension cord
  • More expensive than some cameras on the market with similar features


Nest Indoor vs Outdoor Camera Comparison

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Nest indoor camera “Nestcam” : $179.94

Nest outdoor camera: $165.77

Nest Aware subscription:

Are you forced to pay a monthly like most home security companiesNo.  But is their product practical without paying for cloud storage?  Not really.

Allows for 24/7 video recording stored in the cloud, accessible from your smartphone so you can scan through your entire video history for the exact moment you want to see. Includes algorithms to distinguish between people and things, and between sounds of a dog barking and a person talking, so you get alerts that are more specific to things you care about. Sends alerts if it detects unusual sounds, such as a window breaking.

– $5/month or $50/year for 5 day-video

– $10/month or $100/year for 10-day video

– $30/month or $300/year for 30-day video

Plug and play – Getting the Nest cameras up and running

Nest cameras plug into your home’s power for reliability.

The installation process for all Nest cameras, inside or out, is fairly simple and within the comfort level of most homeowners. While neither indoor nor outdoor cameras require hard-wiring into your home’s electrical system as some security cameras do, both cameras require a cable to the nearest indoor electrical outlet. Outdoor cameras come with cable for the outdoor section, and another, non-weatherproof cable that must be connected to the outside cable.

Plugin and put it nearly anywhere.  Can be discreet or mount in a corner. 

Nest cameras come with a choice of mounting options. Indoor cameras provide a choice of a leg for standing on a flat surface, a magnetic mount to hold onto metal surfaces or a wall mount. Set up to start using the cameras is designed to be very simple, using your smartphone to connect to the camera and set up the app very quickly.

What’s unique compared to other security cams?

Nest features a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way live audio communication through your camera. With Nest Aware subscription you get up to 30 days of video storage that you can scroll through to find the moment you are interested in.

Users can create Activity Zones around important areas, such as a child’s crib, a doorway, or other parts of your home that are especially critical for security and safety.

History of company

The Who, What, When, Where & Why of Nest

Nest started out as a smart home equipment company, with a smart thermostat as their first product in 2011. The company acquired a security camera company and adapted its technology to create Nest cameras in 2015. Among the products now offered in the Nest family of smart home products are doorbell cameras, door locks, carbon-dioxide detectors, and subscription monitoring services through your Nest cameras.  For the full review of Nest read this article.

Does Nest care about their customers?

Some reviews from Nest customers report complaints of difficulty in accessing customer service and solving problems with subscriptions or technical problems. Many customers describe long wait times, unhelpful support techs, and a company that seems very unresponsive to customer concerns.

Conclusion on Nest Security Cameras

While there are a lot of good choices for security cameras on the market, Nest cameras stand out for their clarity of image, unique features like two-way live communication through the app and integration with other Nest home products. It is true that you can find less expensive cameras for the security of your home, but the quality and functionality of Nest cameras deliver a lot of value for the price.

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