Reviews of the Giant Business Security Provider

Kent Security parades innovation and protection. From Kent Camera and Surveillance to Facial Recognition, Kent Security can secure your property and keep a close eye on the goings and comings of your front door. Kent Security has a set of core values that each employee abides by. The values spell out SERVICE: Sincerity, Efficiency, Respect, Value, Integrity, Courtesy, Enthusiasm.

Notice: If you are researching Kent Security, you are most likely looking for business security and not home security.  They are primarily a B2B company and don’t offer typical home alarm systems like the majority we review on Alarm Reviews.  Be ready to pay a premium for some of their services rendered.

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All Kent products are installed, serviced, and guaranteed by Kent Security. They do not source out to a third party company, so you will reach a real Kent employee if you call in for help. They boast a, “full arsenal,” of cutting edge equipment, new, and improved technologies.

Kent Camera and Surveillance

Do you sometimes get that feeling that someone is watching you? If you are using Kent Security you can be assured that someone IS watching you, and that someone is a highly trained Kent Officer ready to dispatch local officers if something were to go wrong.

Smart cameras allow remote officers to watch in real-time as events unfold. The smart cameras will alert an officer when there is movement, heat signatures, or noise. Officers can then use speakers to communicate on the scene, alert authorities, or dispatch local officers.

Facial Recognition

Is Facial Recognition taking technology over?  Image Source

Kent Security sells their facial recognition as the most unique way to secure your property. By using, “space age biometrics,” a fancy word for really complicated tech, the Kent Facial Recognition system can read the unique angles of a person’s face.

Authorized members will be instantly recognized and allowed entrance. No fumbling with keys, no getting locked out. It’s like the iPhone X, but for a door. Visitors have a relatively easy procedure as well. They can either speak the name of the person they are visiting, or receive a virtual key on their smartphone to allow them entry.

Remote Officers

Sometimes, you need a second set of eyes. Kent Security offers highly trained remote officers to be your second set of eyes using the smart cameras. Smart cameras detect any change in motion, heat, noise, or light. When a change is detected, remote officers will watch the live video feed and determine the best course of action.

Remote officers can dispatch local officers, alert authorities, and even scare off intruders using loud speakers installed on your property. Nothing will happen on the property without a remote officer knowing about it, which is so much better than you camping out on the grounds all night.

Janitorial and Maintenance

Kent Security really does it all. If you are looking for janitorial or maintenance services along with your security systems, stop here. Kent Security offers day or night janitorial services, handymen, and even post-construction clean up. Most of Kent Security’s cleaning products are green and sustainable, which gives them a point for being environmentally concerned.  


Kent Security boasts customization. It appears that the process begins with identifying your business operation needs and moving forward from there using blueprints, security concerns, and your future plans. Certified technicians can spot security risks and higher threat areas that may need more security than others. You can rest assured that the area is given strict attention to detail.

Once Kent has determined the best course of action for your security, they will present you with a plan and allow you to choose from a menu of items. Your installed security system should last many years without false alarms

Should You Choose Kent Security?

Need someone to watch your premises?  These guys can cover you at a high cost.

If you are looking for a wide range of services for your business needs with a responsive customer service, you could choose Kent Security. With high tech solutions and hands on officers, you can rest assured that someone is watching over the important things while you take a break.

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