What can the Yellow & Blue Company do for You?

No, it’s not LIVE secure.  Also, not to be confused with LiveWatch, a similar and more popular home security company.  This is a quick look at the LivSecure company, security system and how they came to be a player in the home security industry.

It is still hard to forget how people in the past used to hire guards to protect their houses and other properties that are worthy. People actually hired security guards who are indeed same kind of human beings just like you and me. By paying them a monthly salary, these men used to stay outside day and night in the motive of safe guarding your property. We should not forget that these security guards are human beings too and that they too could be harmed the same way by any mortal attack.

Will you be putting a LivSecure yard sign deterrent at your residence today?

Thanks to technology and its development which has helped the present world in benefiting so many things in many different ways. We are proud to live in an era where we are able to use such advance devices as security alarms which could protect us in a better manner rather than hiring security guards and keeping watch dogs out side your home.

These security alarms are made with sensors to detect any unnecessary movement or under any other criteria. It also comes with an attached camera which gives you the opportunity to look who’s standing out without having to open your doors. Different security alarms come along with various different features and functions for your preference and safety.

Before we begin, let’s have a quick look at some of its Pros and Cons, listed below:

  • There are so many benefits in having a LivSecure home security systems to help you gain more safety and protection like never before. This great company has specially been established to bring more safety to people and their loved ones.
  • LivSecure have been producing so many types of security alarms along with different features and functions in the market over a long period of time and have managed to build up a very good reputation among customers and interested parties over the years of functioning in this field. This amazing product is also a product which you could put your trust on, as it is 100% reliable for customers to use with no fear at all.
  • The monitoring of this device happens over a large number of locations which gives you a great coverage of security. Installation is also done with a great responsibility by their team of staff.
  • This brand of security alarm is one of the best place where you could get the best product for the perfect price.


  • As we know every product or living thing has its good and bad and LivSecure home security systems too has its own way of dealing the bad with their customers. But the cons are not so bad and unfair. It is made to understand and indeed ethical cons. The company manages to offer you only a one year warranty where many people are not so satisfied by this plan.
  • You also got to wait until your package arrived but most probably it is promised to arrive within 2 days.
  • You also got to set it up by yourself.
  • Some prices are not shared publicly due to certain reasons too.


Quick Facts

Get to know more interesting facts about this great company which has been working hard to secure more and more lives. The device comes along with a touch screen panel and also standard sensors are being fitted free.

You get an easy to use key remote which comes with quick on and off and also has the ability to sense fire, flood and CO2. It could be controlled through a tablet or even a smart mobile device.  24/7 monitoring is being done right through out the day and night.

Pricing in LivSecure System Products

Want to know what LivSecure costs?  So do we.  It took some more in depth looking into to find out their prices.  Like Bay Alarm and Ackerman, they want to get you on the phone before disclosing this information.  We like it when companies aren’t afraid of their prices and list them accordingly.  You can expect to play between $39.99 and $69.99 per month with LivEssential to LivPremier plans.  Below is a table showing the differences (a matter of more features with home automation gadgets).

Not a fan of hidden fees?  These guys might not be your answer then as they hide even their monthly monitoring rates.  View this chart here

The cost depends on the specific device you need along with its special features and qualities. There are a number of plans offered by LivSecure for customers to choose from according to their needs and wants. Therefore depending on what you need, there would be a specific price for it.

There is a monitoring fee being added over a specific plan. Depending on each package plan which comes with specific features and functions the price of the product changes.

A better look into their security system

Equipment shown.  Sensors, touchscreen, wireless motion & camera

The equipment used by LivSecure home security systems comes with its best products. All these features make LivSecure home security systems one of the best brands for your to select from.

The security system could be monitored by smart mobile phone device which is a very convenient strategy for everyone.

How to get the LivSecure alarm system up and running

The welcome & how to setup guide shown

Installation is done to perfection by the team of technicians of LivSecure home security systems. It could be either done the same day or even installed the very next day. The process is indeed a simple one as all you have to do is schedule a specific time where the group of technicians could visit your premises to get it installed by making a phone call to the Hotline number.

The technicians would help you to inspect how many wireless security cameras and door sensors would actually be needed. The team would then help you organize the procedure to fit things up.

What makes LivSecure different?

Here is what this company stand out from others:

LivSecure home security systems is able to stand tall and be one of the best security alarm systems due to its special features and functions that come along with it.

The reliability and mobile phone control is also something great which makes it simple and easy for customers to operate and monitor. Enabling it to be controlled through a mobile phone or tablet is a great way to help people monitor things more closely where ever they go from any part of the world.

History of LivSecure

As every company starts small at the beginning, LivSecure too played it safe by starting off small with less technological help that did not have so many features and functions that we see now. Gradually the company started meeting success over the period of hard working efforts put to it.

Soon the LivSecure home security systems were being needed by many important areas to secure in the United States of America. Over the period of years functioning in the market, its reliability and perfect functions caught the attention of many people and until now LivSecure home security systems is known to be one of the best.

Final thoughts… 

There’s nothing great or grand that stands out to make it a top 10 security system.  The same can be said about negatives, that there is nothing too bad.  LivSecure is a solid company that has a gained trust with it’s customers and slowly reached thousands of homeowners to trust them to monitor it.
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