Two Large Home Security Companies. Small Similarities

A head to head comparison between Vivint- One of the most popular security company in the United States and Canada and SimpliSafe, one of the best known DIY alarm providers in United states, Vivint is an alarm company well known for their provision of alarm systems with a focus on home automation and related service with full professional installation, rivaling SimpliSafe an alarm company focused on pre-activated DIY wireless alarm systems that’s easy to install.

This review intends to help users who are confused between choices of either of the two alarm providers, Professional installation vs DIY. Home Automation-eccentric alarm system versus basic-good-ol DIY alarm system setup.

Here’s a breakdown of the similarities and differences between both systems



Starting Costs: $250-900+ $99+
Monitoring and activation: $14.99+ / mo. and $0 activation $49.99 – 79.99 / mo. and $0 activation
Monitoring stations: Nationwide, 24/7 Nationwide, 2 main monitoring stations
C02, Fire & Police Yes Yes




BBB Rating: A+ A-
Reputation: Basic old system.  Marketed
towards senior citizens.
Good online and offline ratings.
System focused on smart home automation,
fair online reputation, good rating offline
Landline Option: Available but mainly cellular Not available
Available for Renters: No Yes; let them know you are renter.
Control Panel: Basic  key-pad Vivint Sky control panel
Security Cameras: Not available! Three different types of cameras
available as added purchases
Home Automation: 1 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Best for: Above 45, people looking for a
good security + Medical alert system
Perfect for Technology savvy individuals,
home automation lovers
Agreement: No contract Longest (42 to 60 months)
Promotion: 60 days money back guarantee $0 Activation fee
Call a Sales Rep: Contact local rep 855 298 7671
Review: SimpliSafe Review Vivint’s Review
Visit Site: Click Here Click Here


Their security systems- how they compare.

Comparing Vivint and SimpliSafe feels like comparing the two extreme ends of a straight line. Both companies offer the same home alarm service but with different approaches and few similarities and the choice on which to go for really depends on what you need.

(Vivint security system shown.  More modern, classy & nice)

(Simplisafe Security system shown.  Feels very 90’s & outdated)

SimpliSafe has done a full revamping of their website since we did our review of their service a while ago while Vivint has gradually become a home automation focused alarm systems. both companies are relatively new although Vivint has been around for longer compared to SimpliSafe.


Vivint offers advanced security gadgets such as a video door bell, smart thermostat, video cameras with two-way voice capability, smart garage doors etc., Services Which are not readily available on all the SimpliSafe package.

Mobile App

Both companies boast of a free mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms, but the distinguishing feature is SimpliSafe app is only available for subscribers of their Interactive alarm monitoring plan unlike Vivint where all packages have access to their Mobile app on all platforms.

Contracts / Agreements

In terms of monitoring contract plans, customers have to sign up for a 60 months’ contract on Vivint but on SimpliSafe, there’s no monitoring contract as you actually pay for your system while monitoring starts from $14.99 monthly. All SimpliSafe equipment comes with a 3 years’ warranty.


Installation is yet another field where both home Alarm system providers differs. Vivint’s system are wireless but are state of the art and requires Professional installation (typically $99-199) by their trained installers with. While SimpliSafe systems are are shipped to the user activated and are fully wireless, their systems are DIY and comes with a detailed manual which serves as a guide and you are the technician.

So, Who’s the Best?

Best all around security system = Vivint

Best in terms of flexibility = SimpliSafe

Best customer support = Vivint

Best smart device control = Vivint

Best prices and contract lengths = Vivint

These two companies couldn’t be more polar opposites from one another.  From equipment to costs and installation, everything is different.  One thing you can count on being the same from each is good 24/7 monitoring which is what you pay monthly for.


Both companies offer same alarm service but from different approach while Simplisafe takes the basic approach cutting away what they think are not necessary in the basic need for optimum home security, Vivint takes the all hands on deck approach providing state of the act equipment to make home security an easy and pleasurable one but at the cost of a long contract plan and a higher monitoring cost.

Which of these systems would you rather use for your home security needs?

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