First You have to get over their Bad Name

Is it just us or does the 4 in their domain name make this company unprofessional?  Also, their home screen is loaded with generic stock photos.  Keeping in mind they are a small town dealer operating off of software, they aren’t so bad once you get to know them.  But really guys, time to drop the ‘4’…

Global4Security is a security company that provides highest security levels using the latest technologies. The company works in partnership with other companies to ensure their customers get the most cutting-edge technology for their alarm security systems to facilitate monitoring and protection of their premises.

Screenshot of their site (global4security) taken April 2018

Let’s dive more into the pros and cons of Global4

The Good
  • Fair pricing packages that are affordable
  • The company has a team of experts and technicians that deliver credible services.
  • Offer diverse systems such as wireless systems, phone systems and Wi-Fi systems.
  • Collaborate with other credible companies like GE & Alarm dot com to facilitate home automation controls.
  • Offer 24/7 security surveillance
  • They have excellent customer car


The Bad
  • The only major issues with the company were some faulty products reported sometimes back but the company resolved the issues and the customers gave positive feedback.
  • Generic
  • Higher costs getting started
  • Available in Canada
  • Long term contracts


Global4Security offers security for both residential and commercial premises.

Home security

  • Global’s smoke alarm system and heat communicators. This system is monitored and alerts fire fighters automatically.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Communicators for detecting small smoldering fires before fire breaks out.
  • 24 hour monitored emergency response facility fitted with experts.
  • Video surveillance that works together with the home alarm systems. The video surveillance supports Pan-and-tilt Wireless Cameras, Standard Wireless Cameras and Infrared Outdoor Cameras.
  • Advanced Interactive Cellular alarm system that supports remote control and monitoring of the lighting system, locks and even thermostat. The EmPower feature enables a person to control the home heating system remotely.


Commercial Security

Equipment offered to commercial companies

Global4Security uses the GE Security Concord to secure residential and commercial systems. The Concord 4 is a comprehensive security system for intrusion and fire detection.

The company also offers video surveillance that enables clients to monitor and view what is going in their premises from any place in the world at the touch of a button.

Packages features

global 4 security packages

global 4 security packages.  Looks like a table created on Windows 95 right?


Our ‘4closing’

Global for security is a company that strives to fulfill customer’s expectations. Its security services are top notch. The company collaborates with other companies to ensure reliable products are availed to its customers.

Global for Security is reliable fit for those in need of professional security installation services.
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